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Sex Without Protection How to Avoid Pregnancy ? - 8 Important Tips

Want tips on sex without protection how to avoid pregnancy? If you have by any chance done unprotected sex then refer these tips to avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex.

Eshaa Pitty Marriage & Relationship 15 Jan 2022
How To Avoid Pregnancy After Unprotected Sex
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Are you worried about getting pregnant after unprotected or unplanned sex or sex without protection how to avoid pregnancy? Did you encounter condom failure or are not sure about sperm transmission during intercourse? There are many cases when a couple hasn't planned to increase the family yet they end up doing so or couple who haven't thought of getting married yet they end up being sexually engaged. How can you avoid such situations or avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex? It is not that hard nowadays but still, you should consult a doctor for better understanding. Here, we are providing some of the tips that can help you in avoiding pregnancy after unprotected sex which will help you to enjoy your marriage life as well as relationship life.

pregnancy after unprotected sex

8 Tips to avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex

The human urge to get sexually engaged with their partner can lead to trouble situations at times, especially when you haven't planned it or taken the necessary steps. Unprotected sex can cause many emotional changes. Do you know what to do after unprotected sex and how to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex?The best way to manage distress and worry is to talk to a family member or you can even consult a counselor to deal with the emotional changes and take sex counselling and therapy if needed. We will tell you about sex without protection how to avoid pregnancy also here are some tips you can adopt to avoid unplanned pregnancy and after unprotected sex how to avoid pregnancy.

1. Taking emergency contraception

One of the most basic ways for sex without protection how to avoid pregnancy is to take emergency contraception pills. Using emergency contraception pills can highly reduce the risk of pregnancy. Different emergency contraceptive pills are taken like a 24 hours pill or a 3 days pill or a 5 days pill to avoid pregnancy. The pills should be taken during a limited time frame, then only they work. The earlier you take the pill, the better results it shows. These are easily available in medical stores or drug stores. There is a one-month pill as well but it can only be taken after a doctor's prescription as they are risky.

2. Using contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy

These contraceptive pills are different from emergency contraceptive pills. They are also known as birth control pills and it is another very common contraceptive pill taken to avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex or condom failure. There are many contraceptive pills available and all are highly effective in avoiding pregnancy. Mostly two types of pills have been used that lead to hormonal changes in the body leading to a failed pregnancy. They should be taken as the instructions are given and should be consumed daily without any break. The difference between both pills is that one gave both estrogen and progestin and the other only had progestin. Another difference lies in the coming period. While the former will not cause any changes in periods, the latter can cause certain changes but it is not serious.

3. Use of patches 

There are contraceptive patches as well that help in avoiding pregnancy and answer to your question i.e What to do after unprotected intercourse? It is also as effective as any other method like pills but only if it is used effectively. Contraceptive patches can be worn on different body parts like the back, stomach, buttocks, or upper arm. Further, if a person is wearing it, they should wear every patch for 3 weeks, the letter 1 week is for a menstrual period. Moreover, it can lead to slight irritation in the skin.

4. Using bathroom immediately after intercourse 

If while intercourse, there is a condom failure or if you are not using any barrier, move away from your partner and use the bathroom. Remove any liquid from the sensitive parts like the vagina, or penis. This will help you in removing any bacteria that can lead to UTI, that is, urinary tract infection. You can pee and pour out any liquid that remains. But one thing you should keep in mind is if the sperm has already been ejaculated then this may not help as the sperm would have already traveled. You can now only look for other methods.

5. Using a vaginal ring

One example of a vaginal ring is NuvaRing. It is another birth control ring that can give you effective results if it is used accurately and correctly. Most of the time it becomes ineffective as it is not used effectively. The vaginal ring is a kind of plastic ring that is small and is placed in the vagina for 3 weeks. It brings about hormonal changes in the body that help in preventing pregnancy. After 3 weeks you can remove the ring and must not wear it for 1 week so that the menstruation period can occur then you can insert a new ring.

6. With the help of IUDs 

IUDs are also known as intrauterine devices. It is a contraceptive device that is for the long term and it is highly effective in preventing pregnancy as it clears away your tension of what to do after unprotected intercourse because there is no chance of human mistake but it cannot prevent any sexually transmitted disease. There are two types of IUDs, one is hormonal and one is copper-based. The hormonal one works up to at least five years and the other one works up to at least 10 years. Once placed, they are highly effective in destroying sperm and preventing any pregnancy. It can lead to irregular periods or cramps during menstruation

7. Using Implants

People generally ask after unprotected sex how to avoid pregnancy? Implants is another birth control contraceptive method that is also used as a long-term contraceptive device. Similar to IUD it also does not prevent any sexually transmitted disease. It is a kind of rod that is as small as a matchstick. It is intuited by the doctor into the arm to avoid pregnancy. It also deletes hormones into the body which stops ovulation. It is highly effective in contraception. It was replaced after 3 years. It can only be inserted by a nurse or doctor so you should consult a gynecologist for this.

8. Consult a doctor to check whether you have contracted an STD

Consult a doctor

Another thing you must care about is contracting any STD (Sexually transmitted disease). All the above-mentioned tips can help you avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex but they cannot help you in avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. You should consult a doctor to check whether you have contracted any such disease and take further steps. Both the partners should consult a doctor about the issue and get themselves checked. Seeing a therapist at such times to deal with emotional distress can also help you a lot and stay calm. They will help in managing your emotions and family planning as well.

At what time you should take up a pregnancy test after unprotected sex?

Are you also thinking of after unprotected sex how to avoid prenancy? First of all you should know the date of your missed period and note it somewhere, at first if your period is missed then you can take a pregnancy test on an immediate basis. But if you have got delayed periods after doing sexual intercourse then you should take up pregnancy test atleast  after three weeks i.e 21 days of making sexual intercourse, but doctors always recommend as soon as you miss your period after having unprotected sex then you should immidiately take up a pregnancy test if you think you might be pregnant and speak to your doctor immediately and discuss about sex without condom pregnancy chances in you.

pregnancy test after unprotected sex

Note - Sometimes hormone levels of different people may vary and the test depends on detecting the hormone level in your urine and test may vary from person to person

Things to remember when you do sex next time

Whenever you are in a relationship you should be very careful about the things you do and actions you make. It is very important for you to make your partner feel comfortable in every manner, be it physical, emotional or mental. So here are some sexual tips for a new relation, let us know which one you think is the important to take care of.

1. Using barrier i.e Condoms

Safe sex is important and using condoms should be the most important thing while having sex. Condoms are important to save yourself from unwanted pregnancy and high risk diseases. If you are doing sex with a stranger for the first time, you should use protection before having intercourse.

2. Avoiding sex before ovulation i.e Towards End of your cycle -

One must make sure that if you are doing intercourse at the end of your period i.e  before ovulation then there are high chances of getting pregnant. For eg Eg. First period is on 1 Jan and the second period date is 1feb then ovulation time is around 14-15-16 jan. Getting pregnant at this time is high. Hence avoid doing sex at this time to avoid pregnancy. On the other hand if you are doing sex right before your period then chances of getting pregnant is very low.

3. Using Pills -

Using Pills

Whenever you had done unprotected sex then the next thing you can do is taking morning-after pill which is also known as the emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs). Many people get worried and often think about How to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex? These pills can be taken to avoid pregnancy. But make sure this pill should be taken within 3 days after the intercourse, the sooner you take the pill the higher it increases the chances of you to not get pregnant.

4. Avoid vaginal cleaning products and douches - 

Worried about How to prevent pregnancy after sex? Many people take wrong decisions as they are not aware of what to do or not and vaginal douching is one of the things that alot of people do. Never douche or clean your vagina and use other vaginal cleaning products. Doctors say that vagina has a naturally self cleaning property and using outside/foreign products disrupts its balance and can cause infection as well in some cases.


Sex without protection how to avoid pregnancy? This question is asked by alot of couples these days from their doctors and friends these days.First of all do not panic if you did unprotected sex because stress is the worst thing to take while you are in such situation. Whether you did sex with condom or without condom here in this article we have shared methods to avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex and how to prevent pregnancy after sex. You must be aware that not all methods may work for you because different methods work for different people and no can predict what method can work and show effective results. Just in case of any further complications you must contact your doctor and speak to them about the best options to avoid pregnancy. Also if you feel that you have been addicted to sex and want to consult a specialist to know the right things to do while engaging yourself in a sexual activity then you can also go for addiction issues counselling.

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