Sexual Hygiene Tips For Newly Married Couple

Couples should maintain good personal hygiene by showering regularly. Here are some points on sexual hygiene tips for newly married couple.

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Sexual hygiene tips for newly married couple

Are you looking for some tips for new relation? If yes, you need to look no further, as you can get all the tips here. One of the most fabulous things about marrying your soulmate is that you can experience a unique connection and familiarity level. But when things are entirely comfortable in the bedroom, it can even lead to problems. Your sex life has a little competition in the relationship before you are married. But once you are married, sex has to compete with conflicting schedules, in-laws eventually, kids. It takes a toll on your sex life, especially compounded by increased sexual familiarity. If you are thinking about sexual hygiene tips for newly married couple, you should first consider understanding each other's likes and dislikes.

If you are having sex for the very first time after your marriage, then you need to learn sexual hygiene tips for newly married couple.

Hygiene Tips For Newly Married Couple

There are some tremendous sexual hygiene tips for newly married couple that you should follow if you are just married.

1. Wash Up Properly Every Time

The most important reason why a girl refuses to get physical with you is that you do not wash up. Nobody likes to stay ugly. You don't need to hop out of your bed and get into the shower instantly. But gently cleaning yourself after sex can protect you as a couple from all the infections like urinary tracts. Wash the area around the genitals with plain water. You can also try some mild soaps, but if you have sensitive skin or already have an infection, you must dry out the area irritated. If you have a foreskin, gently pull it back and wash it underneath.

2. Keep Your Clean-up Simple

Besides douches, drug stores offer a lot of wipes, creams, and sprays which claim to freshen you up in time. These creams and products are for your area. Some of them are made with harsh elements and detergents or lotions, which can make your skin break out, so you should rinse with warm water after sex. You should avoid scented tampons, powders, and sprays, especially if you are likely to get infectious. So it is one of the most crucial sexual hygiene sex tips for newly married couples. 

Using some new products might just upset the natural balance of the bacteria that protects your vagina. The best way to care for the vagina is to leave it alone. When you keep your clean-up simple, you can also learn about sex without protection and how to avoid pregnancy. So your hunt for sexual hygiene advice for newly married couples gets over here.

3. Empty Your Bladder Right Before And After Sex

Empty Your Bladder

Bacteria can get into your urethra, the tube which carries urine out of your body during sex. You just flush out those germs when you pee. So, enjoy some cuddle time with your better half, then visit the bathroom when you wipe as the women do it from front to back to stop the spread of bacteria. Hence emptying your bladder is one of the best sexual hygiene sex tips for newly married couples.

4. Consider Wearing Loose-fitting Clothes

One of the best sexual hygiene advice for newly married couples is always to wear loose-fitting clothes. Hot, sweaty places are the best places for bacteria and yeast to thrive. So, where are underwear and clothes that allow air in? Women should avoid girdles and panties which are entirely tight. Cotton underwear works well for both men and women as they are breathable and absorb moisture. You can also skip underwear altogether whenever you hit the bed.

So besides, you learn how to be a good kisser for first time, ensure that you wear comfortable clothes so that you can kiss well to your partner and start your sex night in the best possible way.Remember to go to the bathroom.

5. Remember to go to The Bathroom

The Bathroom

The best sex advice for newlyweds is to visit the bathroom before you start six because it's the worst thing to be in the middle of sex and feeling bloated or needing the toilet. So it would be best if you took care of your bathroom business before hitting the bedroom.

What Should Newly Married Couples Not do When Having Sex?

When it comes to sexual intimacy, newly married couples often find themselves exploring new boundaries and experimenting with their desires. While this can be a thrilling experience, it is important for couples to be aware of what they should not do during sex.

1. Do Not Neglect Your Breath

Your Breath

You should not focus only on your lower body so much that you forget about the mouth. You have to brush your teeth before your love-making session to kiss your better half in the best possible way. If you're looking for first-night sex tips for newly married, then this is your first tip. When you smell nice, your partner will not mind kissing you till the end of time.

So if you want to learn how to be a good kisser for the first time, you should also give importance to your breath. You can consider using good mouthwash before hitting the bed so that you smell great.

2. Do Not Overwear Your Favorite Lotion or Perfume

There is no doubt to seduce the partners as a couple of people love wearing their favorite lotions or perfumes. You can use perfume or cream to the point where your skin is just as smooth as silk and l very lovely and sweet. It is one of the most amazing first wedding night tips for newlyweds. But it would be best if you did not do something that will completely ruin your first night.

The best first-night sex tip for newly married is to keep everything within the limit, as anything in excess does more harm than good. You do not want your perfume to enter the room before you do, so ensure that you do not overwear it.

3. Avoid Being Nervous

Avoid Being Nervous

The most impressive first wedding night tips for newlyweds is to be as confident as possible. You should get yourself as relaxed as you can possibly be. If it just means having a glass of wine or a hot bath, then you should do it. You should relax as much as possible so that the body can feel the sex and be as sensual as possible. One thing that you must know about what should newly married couples not do when having sex is be nervous.

You have to be confident. Even if it is your first time, you must be open to your partner to communicate your weaknesses and strengths. Let your partner know about your feelings.

4. Avoid Taking Extra Sex Toys With You

Sex toys can be a home for bacteria, viruses, and fungi as they just hang around them if you do not clean them well. It means that your toys could also spread STDs and other infections. If you are not cleaning the toys in time and are not able to take care of them, it is better not to share your toys with others. Experts offering online counseling suggest you should not take extra sex toys with you on your first night because it will indicate that you are not interested in them.

You are just interested in playing with those toys, and They will not be able to satisfy you well. So it is always good to stay within your limits. Even if you like sex toys, you should tell your partner in time so that they know what you are expecting.

5. Avoid Unsafe Sex Practices

Avoid Unsafe Sex

It is essential to prioritize safe sex practices and use protection to prevent the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. As adults it is very important to understand that using condom always a better idea.

To know more about it in detail, you can go for sex counseling as the professionals can help teach you why unprotected sex is very dangerous.


So indeed, your hunt for sex advice for newlyweds gets over here; if you're newly married, you need to keep these tips at the back of your mind. Once you understand your partner's needs, you will surely satisfy them in the best possible way.

These essential tips will make it very easy for you to learn about your partner's needs. But the bottom line is cleanliness. Every partner loves to get dirty, but cleanliness is fundamental. You cannot miss out on being clean, especially on your first night. Sometimes we have many questions like is it ok to have sex before marriage, what are the sexual hygiene tips one must follow, and for the same getting professional help is a must.  


1. How often should a newly married couple engage in sexual activity?

There is no specific frequency that applies to all couples, as sexual desire and needs can vary. However, it is important to maintain open communication and mutual consent, and to prioritize quality over quantity. It is also advisable to practice safe sex and use appropriate contraception if needed.

2. What are some common sexual hygiene practices that couples should follow?

Couples should maintain good personal hygiene by showering regularly, washing hands before and after sexual activity, and trimming or shaving pubic hair as desired. It is also important to use clean and lubricated sex toys, and to wash them before and after use. Additionally, couples should avoid sharing personal items such as towels, underwear, or razors, which can spread infections.

3. How can couples enhance their sexual experience and intimacy?

Couples can enhance their sexual experience and intimacy by exploring each other's desires and fantasies, trying new positions or techniques, and expressing affection and appreciation. It is also important to establish boundaries and respect each other's comfort levels and preferences.

4. How can couples prevent or manage sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?

Couples can prevent STIs by using condoms or other barrier methods during sexual activity, getting tested regularly, and avoiding sexual contact with multiple partners or people who have an active infection. If one partner has an STI, it is important to inform the other partner and seek appropriate medical treatment.

5. What should couples do if they experience sexual problems or discomfort?

If couples experience sexual problems or discomfort, such as pain, anxiety, or low libido, they should seek professional help from a doctor or therapist who specializes in sexual health. The professional can diagnose the problem, provide appropriate treatment or counseling, and suggest lifestyle changes or techniques that can improve sexual wellness.

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