Side Effects Of Prone Masturbation

Prone masturbation is safe and normal, but you might experience physical discomfort. Here are some side effects of prone masturbation.

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side effects of prone masturbation

Masturbation is a natural and typical element of human sexuality. It is generally a personal choice that can offer relaxation and stress relief. Among all the techniques, prone masturbation is one of the most common techniques people explore. Prone masturbation is all about rubbing or pressing the genital area against a surface like a mattress or a pillow to achieve sexual stimulation.

Besides orgasm, no doubt masturbation, like prone masturbation, is generally considered safe, and it is normal. Still, you need to explore the potential side effects of prone masturbation To make the right decisions about your sexual well-being and health.

Everything To Know About Prone Masturbation

Before you learn about the side effects of prone masturbation, you need to know what it is all about. This technique includes lying face down and moving the genital area against any surface to achieve optimum sexual pleasure.

You need to know that masturbation techniques can vary among people, and what works for you might not be as pleasurable for another. But prone masturbation might include pressure on your clitorial region and female or penile region in males.

Potential Side Effects of Prone Masturbation

1. Physical Discomfort

One of the significant side effects of prone masturbation that you should know is physical discomfort. The pressure applied to the genital area against a hard surface leads to irritation or soreness. With time, repeated stress can impact the sensitivity of your genital skin.

2. Delayed Orgasm During Partnered Sex

If you frequently practice prone masturbation, then you find it challenging to achieve orgasm through partnered sexual activities. It is because the sensations experienced during prone masturbation can be different from those experienced during your sexual intercourse with your partner. So this is one of the side effects of prone masturbation.

3. Leads To Desensitization 

Frequent or aggressively prone masturbation might lead to desensitization of your genital area. Stimulation can also decrease your sensitivity, making it challenging for you to experience pleasure from gentle touch or during sexual activities with your partner. So you must know about the side effects of prone masturbation.

4. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Excessive prone masturbation can lead to difficulties achieving or maintaining your erection during sex with your partner. This can happen because of specific pressure and friction that you apply during prone masturbation, which can differ from sensations you experience during sexual intercourse.

5. Difficulty Transitioning to Other Techniques

If you exclusively practice prone masturbation, then you might have challenges transitioning to other masturbation techniques or partnered sexual activities. This can limit your sexual adaptability, so you should know it. It would be best if you learned about the best way to increase sperm count.

7. Psychological Factors

In some cases, masturbation might lead to psychological effects like feelings of guilt, shame, or anxiety. These feelings can arise from negative self-perception, or you might also have some societal norms around masturbation. So you can learn about how to stop masturbating while watching porn.

8. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Frequent or prone masturbation might impact your pelvic floor muscles also. Overstimulation can lead to muscle tension or imbalance, discomfort, or even urinary issues.

9. Impact on Your Mental Health

Your Mental Health

Prone masturbation can lead to adverse psychological effects, or it can have an impact on your mental health. Also, this might include feelings of isolation or anxiety even if you perceive your chosen technique as unusual. So this is one of the significant disadvantages of prone masturbation.

10. Relationship Dynamics

One of the significant reasons why prone masturbation is harmful is that it has some relationship dynamics. Excessive reliance on prone masturbation can impact your partner's sexual experiences. If you focus on prone masturbation only, then your intimate interactions with your partner might be overshadowed, and it might lead to dissatisfaction or even emotional distance in the relationship.

11. Impact on Your Body Image

When you engage in prone masturbation exclusively, it might influence how you perceive your body. So you might be wondering why prone masturbation is harmful. You need to know that it can potentially shape unrealistic expectations about sexual interactions or even lead to a limited understanding of sexual pleasure.

12. Risk of Injury

Risk of Injury

Aggressive or forceful masturbation can lead to injuries, so it is essential for you to learn how to avoid prone masturbation. You can go through strained muscles or discomfort in the genital region. The risk enhances when pressure is applied to your genital area against a hard surface.

13. Habit Formation

Prone masturbation, if you practice it excessively, can become a habit that is challenging to break. This can limit your exploration of other sexual techniques and can also hinder your ability to adapt to changing preferences or circumstances. So you must check out how to avoid prone masturbation.

14. Effect on Your Sensory Perception

With time prone masturbation might impact how you perceive sensory cues related to your sexual pleasure. This can affect your ability to respond to different types of touch or stimulation.

15. Social Isolation

Social Isolation

If you exclusively rely on prone masturbation, it might limit your engagement with other elements of your social and romantic life. This isolation can impact your overall well-being and mental health. So the sexual impact of prone masturbation is a lot, so you should avoid it.

16. Sleep Disruption

Besides the social impact of prone masturbation, there is also an impact on your sleep cycle. The excitement and physical extension linked with the activity can interfere with your relaxation and restfulness.

Healthy Masturbation Habits and Alternatives

1. Different Variety Techniques

Besides learning mistakes to avoid during sex, you should also explore different masturbation techniques as it can help you prevent over-reliance on a single method, and this can help you reduce the risk of desensitization. Also, you can switch between techniques and also make sexual experiences more different and enjoyable for you.

2. Moderation Is The Key

Just like other things in life, moderation is essential. Practicing prone masturbation or any other technique in moderation can make it very easy for you to prevent potential side effects.

3. Communication and Education

Communication and Education

You need to communicate openly with your healthcare experts or sexual health experts. This can provide you with valuable insights into your individual health. You should stay informed about safe and healthy sexual practices.

4. Mindful Self-exploration

There are several disadvantages of being prone to masturbation, so you need to understand your body and sexual preferences. It is a gradual journey, so you must practice mindful self-exploration, as it can help you identify what feels pleasurable and comfortable.

5. Seeking Professional Guidance

If you experience discomfort, pain, or any other negative psychological impacts related to masturbation, you should seek advice from healthcare experts or go for sex therapy.

6. Self-Compassion


Cultivating a healthy attitude towards your sexual experiences is very important. It would be best if you approached self-exploration and pleasure with self-compassion, and you should avoid judgment to a great extent.

When Does Prone Masturbation Start?

Prone masturbation can start at different ages for people; generally, it coincides with the onset of puberty and the exploration of your body and sexuality. But you need to know that every person is different, so everyone's sexual development and exploration will be unique, and there is no specific age at which masturbation starts.

1. Puberty and Sexual Awakening

Prone masturbation generally starts when you hit puberty, and major hormonal changes happen in your body during this time. Puberty usually begins between the ages of 10 and 14, marking sexual development and the emergence of feelings and desires.

2. Exploration of Your Body

As you go through puberty, you become more aware of your changing bodies. This curiosity, apart from physical changes, might lead you to explore different ways of touching and stimulating yourself, like prone masturbation.

3. Discovery of Pleasure

Discovery of Pleasure

During puberty, you might start experiencing sexual pleasure because of the activation of erogenous zones and the release of hormones. Prone masturbation might be discovered as a technique that provides you with pleasurable sensations.

4. Cultural and Environmental Influences

Cultural factors can also play a vital role for you when masturbation starts. When you are exposed to sexual content conversations in the media, you can instantly get some curiosity about exploration. You must also learn about how to improve power in sex.

5. Body Awareness

As a young adult, you are more likely to tune in with your physical sensations. You can experiment with your private parts and different techniques to improve your sexual experiences.

6. Peer Influence

Peer Influence

Conversations and discussions among your friends can also create curiosity and encourage you to explore different techniques of masturbation, like prone masturbation.

7. Online information

In the digital age, access to information about sexual health and practices is available readily. Online resources might introduce you to different masturbation techniques like prone masturbation. So it is very important for you to learn sexual hygiene tips when you reach puberty to make the most of your sexual life.


In terms of sexual health, it is very important to actually be very careful about it, and it is essential to stay informed and have proper communication with the expert. It is the online counseling with the experts, which helps with

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1 What is prone to masturbation, and how is it different from other techniques?


    Prone masturbation is about rubbing or pressing genital areas against a surface like a mattress or a pillow. This one makes it easy for you to achieve sexual stimulation steps. It is different from techniques like using your hand.


    Teens and adults generally practice prone masturbation. If you are a teenager, you would be exploring your body during puberty, and you might discover the technique. You might also continue using it in adulthood while others would explore different methods.

    Prone masturbation is safe and normal, but you might experience physical discomfort or challenges with partnered sexual activities if you excessively practice prone masturbation.

    Excessive masturbation can lead to physical discomfort or challenges in partnered sexual activities. However, practicing different techniques, maintaining moderation, seeking the power of personal advice, and experiencing discomfort can help you get rid of these issues.

    The process basically starts when you are hitting puberty or during your adolescence. But hormonal changes in the exploration of your body and sexuality contribute to the discovery of various masturbation techniques like prone masturbation.

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