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Depression in men often gets overlooked as many of us find it difficult to talk about our feelings. Symptoms of depression in men varies from women

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Signs & Symptoms of Depression in Men

Depression is the last stage of anxiety and stress. Millions of people all over the world are facing this problem. According to research by the expert team of psychologists, 5 million people are depressed every year worldwide. Depression is a mental disease that affects our physical as well as mental activity in day to day lifestyle.

Men or Women both can be suffered from depression, but the symptoms in both are quite different. According to a Myth in our society, a man is strong and has great control over his emotions. We need to understand that depression can hit any of us; it shouldn't be misunderstood with the emotional weakness of an individual. People think men must stay strong. But we need to understand that depression is not a sign of weakness. A child, teenager, adult..anyone can be affected by depression, irrespective of gender. As we know, depression always interferes with productivity.

Signs and symptoms of depression in men

Signs and symptoms of depression in men

Depression in men often gets overlooked as many of us find it difficult to talk about our feelings. Men are always tending to an expert at recognizing symptoms of depression than women. They are more likely to deny their feelings, hide them from him and others, or try to mask them with other behaviors. Because they hide their feelings with others, this is one of the causes of depression in men. Here are some most commonly overlooked symptoms you can notice in a man suffering from depression.


During the depression, men feel or get more tired than women. Depressed men undergo severe mental and physical changes. They always feel a bit tired. His physical activity is also getting limited. Their speed of speech and ideological process also gets affected negatively.

Change in sleep:

Depression has always had a great impact on our sleep. A person suffering from depression tends to affect his or her sleep negatively. They sleep too much or too little. As fatigue, change in sleeping patterns is also a common symptom of depression in men.


Depressed men tend to get irritable. If they are talking emotionally, then a combination of sorrow and anxiety can come out. Irritation in men brings constant negative thoughts in their brains.

Head and back pain:

Healthy symptoms like constipation or diarrhea, headache, and back pain are common in depressed people. But often men don't understand that severe pain and irregular indigestion can also be related to depression. According to the Depression Counselors, a person who is undergoing depression faces several health issues.

The decrease in concentration:

Psychometric radiation reduces the ability to process information in men. This makes it the person difficult to concentrate on work. Depression fills a person with negative thoughts. It is difficult for him to concentrate on any other work. When you are in depression, the brain is not able to concentrate on a particular work properly.

Needless anger:

Many people adopt a hostile attitude due to depression. They get unnecessarily angry and their nature also becomes aggressive. Such a person tries to prove himself strong and in front of him. Anger and hostile attitude differ from irritability. An angry person tries to make himself look more effective. In such a situation, the person needs special help from family and friends as well as an expert psychologist.


Stress can be a symptom of depression in men. Although stress does not cause depression every time, it does not happen. Sometimes stress can be caused by any other reason and the person becomes normal as soon as that reason goes away. Research has proved that long-term stress can cause mental and physical changes, which can lead to some mental health disorders in the future.



There is a direct relationship between anxiety disorder and depression. Although men have less nervousness than women. In women, anxiety is twice that of men. But it is relatively easier for men to talk about anxiety or anxiety. You can discuss such problems with expert mental health professionals.

Physical inactivity:

Depression is a major cause of physical inactivity. Erectile dysfunction (not being able to stimulate the sexual part during sexual intercourse) due to depression is normal and most men are afraid to talk about it. They start cursing themselves, due to which their level of depression increases. However, this disease can also be caused by any other medical reasons. Erectile dysfunction alone does not cause depression.

Difficulty in making decisions:

If you continue to have difficulty making decisions, this can be a sign of depression. Some people are naturally in a dilemma. They may have trouble making decisions. If you already have this problem, then you do not need to worry too much, but this habit has become new, then you need to think. Knowing that depression slows your ability to take over.

Suicidal thoughts:

The tendency of suicides is seen more in women, but if men attempt suicide, then they are four times more likely to die than women. One reason for this is that men choose more dangerous methods for suicide. Therefore, if you found any symptoms like sadness, guilt, feeling tearful or empty. If you are losing enjoyment in the pleasurable activities you loved earlier, your weight has increased or decreased, you feel tired all the time, or you have trouble feeling concentrated on one thing, then these might be the symptoms of depression. We should understand this thing that symptoms of depression are more likely to affect men than women. The reason can be anything like hormonal imbalance, genetic disorder, biochemical factors, etc.

When men are in depression, we can easily notice the changes in them

When men are in depression

  1. They started drinking more.
  2. Some men suffering from depression started taking drugs.
  3. Anger issues
  4. They become abusive.
  5. They find it difficult to attend a family function.
  6. Some start smoking.
  7. Some men make themselves so busy with their work so that they don't have any time to think about the issues, which are worrying them.

One must not feel ashamed if one is suffering from depression. Mental illness is treatable. With proper medications and therapy, you can cure your depression.

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