Signs of A Toxic Relationship

Megha Panwar
Marriage & Relationship

28 Nov 2020
Toxic Relationship

A Toxic relationship is a relation where two individual are stuck in their emotions that they are not able to see the reality of their relation which is slowly killing their peace, giving them mental stress and they keep on fighting and struggling but are ready not to leave each other for their betterment so it’s a kind of abusive relation for both of them.

If you are in a relationship where you are not feeling secure and always have doubt how your partner will think about you or judge you. Because of that you're not able to do things which you enjoy that means you're not only scared of your partner but so that means you're hurting yourself and losing your confidence .

You know fights and arguments are common in healthy relationships but when you are losing your self respect that means you are giving power to someone to dominate you or insult you then it’s become toxic. You know, to make a healthy relation or strong relation you need 3 c’s which is like soul for any relation and these are :


When you are able to talk about your feelings as well as ready to listen to what your partner wants to say without judgement and you are ready to become his support in ups and downs. But that does not mean to use each other for selfishness.


When two people start their relationship it’s mutual that both have to compromise to build a strong relationship because in a relationship you cannot think about your desire, wishes or what you expected. Always remember that you have to think about your partner’s happiness as well as what he/she expects from the relationship but that does not mean that you have to totally lose yourself or ignore yourself just try to understand unsaid words or feelings. A relation is not what I want but what we want .


When your partner and relationship become your priority, you're ready for the commitment. But you should always remember commitment is a huge responsibility for which you have to give your best ,it's a relationship where you support your partner mentally and emotionally and you face new challenges and grow together to build trust and intimacy. Relationships can be challenging but with understanding and support of your partner you fully enjoy the journey of life by making beautiful memories and overcoming your fear and insecurity.

Sign of a unhealthy relationship

Every relation faces ups and downs and no relationship is perfect but the ways we deal make them interesting . All the relationships have some unique characteristics. But unhealthy relationships will show their weak characteristics in a regular interval and give more stress because of which they start destroying happiness.

These characteristics are:

* When unknowingly you start changing yourself according to the person by forgetting yourself.
* You stop considering yourself by keeping him above you.
* Your partner starts deciding everything for you.
* Physical violence during an argument.
* Start feeling that you are losing your friends or isolated from everyone.
* Your partner starts manipulating you even for small things.

How to deal with toxic relationships?

If you are facing a toxic relationship first of all, accept the reality of the relationship in place of thinking excuses for your partner's misdeeds and accept that your relationship is on the wrong path . And stop believing that this relationship is best for you because trust me it will bring the worst out of you. You may feel that leaving the relationship will hurt you in the present but in the future you will be happy and satisfied .

Sometimes it’s hard to leave your partner still you find there is hope in your relationship then I suggest you should go for a relationship counselling where a psychologist can help you to save your relation with different type of therapies and discussions and make you realise if your relation really deserves a second chance. But it will surely take time and you have to deal with patience. Make sure your partner is ready for the process. There is no magic in the real world; you can only solve your problem with determination.

Counsellor will identify with different ways, different types of test, meeting can be an individual or a group meeting for discussion of the present condition of your relationship and you may have to perform some activities to understand your bonding so if you really want to save your relationship opt for counselling because it’s worth to fight for the right.

Sometimes we need a third person to make us realise our mistake which we ignore or don't understand.

MY FIT BRAIN with the team of relationship counselors, is providing online counseling services, making it easier for their client, to seek a solution to the problem they are facing in their life.

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