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6 Ways to be in Competition at Workplace | Feeling Stressed

6 Ways to be in Competition at Workplace
3 Years Ago 64 Reads 6 min read
Pooja Aggarwal General 29 Nov 2017

A little healthy competition in the workplace has never harmed anyone, but you face many problems when it turns into a complete war. Workplace competition is now rising because managers are encouraging colleagues to perform their best to get the promotion.

Healthy competition helps to motivate the employees to reach their goals and everyone gets a chance to win in a healthy work environment. It increases fun and promotes the employees to give higher performance.

13 Ways to Deal with Competition in the Workplace

Ways to Deal with Competition in the Workplace

There is always some annoying coworker that only sabotages you but also tries to take credit for the work that you have done. So the following are the ways to be deal with the competition at the workplace:

1. Assess the Situation

Firstly, there is a need for assessing the situation and to make sure that there are no misunderstandings. If you try to know about your coworker, it will help you to figure out the personality and how they will work and you can find out the ways if they are really opposite. 

2. Don’t Lose Focus

You should only focus on the work that means what they are employed to do and it requires fighting the temptation. By focusing on the work can help to let a competitive coworker become the existence of your work life and makes it easy to win for them.

3. Talk to Them

It is a good way that you should not feel jealous of your colleague because if they are highly competitive it drops the team's morale so you should talk calmly to them. You should provide some examples of when their actions become immoral and this will help to curb competitiveness and create a more friendly and healthy environment.

4. Be Competitive with Yourself

You should be competitive with yourself to improve your skills and focus on improving the weakness and strengths in the workplace. When people become competitive with themselves they have a lot of self-discipline and try to become the best at whatever they do. Competitive people become very motivated and not only perform at a high level but also inspire others to perform to the best of their ability. 

5. Talk to Your Boss

Talk to Your Boss

It is also a solution to the unhealthy environment that you should have an open dialogue with your manager. When you cause conflicts in the office, it is important to treat carefully to approach this situation. And also when someone's attitude">attitude is negative and the productivity and morale of the team are affected by him then you should find ways to handle it.

6. Don’t Bite Back

It is very important that you should not bite back and respond back even when the contestant tries so much to provoke you. They feel a threat to your success and this results in insecurity in their behavior and they try to leave you in a bad light. So you should be always respectful and decent to everyone in the workplace even if you dislike them.

7. Be Likeable

In the workplace, some hyper-competitive coworkers working with you can think of you as an enemy, and also think you will try to sabotage their success. So you should try your best to show them that you are not only showing to be the best but you are really friendly with them.

8. Keep Your Distance

If you keep a distance from the employees and stay out of their way will help you to be happier in the workplace. You should try to not engage in any conversations with them and avoid them to remain calm as much as possible.

9. Act with Integrity

Even if your competitive allies choose to act, avoid getting involved in any small competition, and you should always use the means in all your efforts that are morally good. You should believe that honesty is the most important attribute, act with integrity, and let your jealous coworker dig yourself a big hole.

10. Know Your Rights

If your coworker is using deceptive and inappropriate methods to compete with you then it is very important that you should know your rights. For example, if your competitor tries to win the bonus at the end of the month by taking your good leads at the top, then you should complain to your HR department to investigate the matter further.

11. Try Working with Them

You should try to work with your colleague because it is said that when you can't beat anyone then you should join them. When you get advice on something from them, this will make them see that you are not their opponent and so there is no need for enmity.

12. Stay in the Loop

There is no doubt that you want to know about the gossip that is spreading in the office by your contestant. Although, I advise you not to engage in office politics, yet you should keep your ear open if you hear any unfounded and tragic rumors about you.

13. Team-Based Activities

Team-Based Activities

Team-based activities is a great way to increase healthy competition in the workplace because it increases excitement and allows employees to know about the competition that will be beneficial. If anyone in the office tries to make everyone fall in many ways then you should make it team-based and join forces to remove the troubleshooter. 

For example, if you notice that someone is approaching a deadline and still have a lot of work to do, you should offer them your help when you can push your own workload for another day.

Final Words:

Finally, I can say that the negative competition increases jealousy in employees and they try to sabotage each other. So there should be a healthy competitive environment that helps to bring people together and think more creatively. It also helps to establish new ideas, the power of team-based activities, and also increases the ability to win by taking help from others.

So there are many ways such as assess the situation, be competitive with yourself, know about the rights, team-based activities to increase the healthy environment.

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