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Spending Quality Time with the Family on Weekends or Holidays

Research has found that family time is an important part of the human developmental process and an important force in developing healthy relationships between spouses and parents and children.

Dr. Neha Mehta Happiness 20 Jul 2020
Weekend with family
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The concept of family has been changing day by day and now there are various forms of families and different styles of parenting.  However, one thing is certain that whatever the term 'family' may mean to you,  it has immense importance in your child's life. The family in which your child grows up has a major impact on how he deals with relationships, coping with situations, and learning how to live life. This is possible only when you are part of the family.

Research has found that family time is an important part of the human developmental process and an important force in developing healthy relationships between spouses and parents and children.

Why should you spend time with your family?

You need to spend time with your family to make the relationship stronger because this will help your children to show affection for one another. Research suggests that the higher the frequency of shared time, the better the family stability and happiness. Families who spend more time together have a stronger bond and also enhance children's educational performance and well-being.

This allows children to learn parenting skills and reduces the likelihood of violence, behavioral issues, aggression, which is currently very common among children. 

10 Ideas to maximize family time

Spending time with family is the best way to create memorable experiences and it can't be replaced with anything. You should encourage your family to spend time together by finding out the activities that everyone would be interested in. The following are the activities that one can choose to have some fun with families and spend quality time with them.

1. Have at least one meal together

A family having dinnner
You should make it a rule to have at least one meal together with your family. You should have breakfast or dinner together because lunch together every day is not possible because of your jobs. You should enjoy a meal together and share your thoughts and feelings, and spend quality time. This helps you to be a part of their daily conversations and helps to answer any questions that they may have come across during the day when you were apart.
2. Playing together

childern having water fun with the daddy

You should organize a cricket match, tennis match or any kind of activity that all the family members can enjoy. These sport events help all the family to spend quality time with each other because these involve each family member. Children may be asked to arrange a game for both adults and youth that not only creates an opportunity to have fun but also keeps the body healthy. 

3. Barbecue

Barbecue is an outdoor activity that can bring the whole family together. It is worth investing in a small barbecue kit when family members come together, prepare, and enjoy a barbecue party. Each family member may take some specific responsibilities, arranging to host a party with the most important location or garden. Such activities are excellent for developing a strong family bond while enjoying a sweet treat.

4. Celebrate special occasions together

You should make it a point to spend special days such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc. with your family. This helps not only to double happiness but also brings the family together. On these occasions, all the family members come and it gives your children a chance to get to know them.

5. After-dinner walks

If you have already made time to have dinner with your family, then you should also give them 30 minutes to go for a walk with them after dinner. This helps your children to observe the things around them while going on walks and it makes it for children to bring up difficult topics.

6. Visiting zoo and park

meerket family in a zoo

Children enjoy watching wild animals at the zoo and go to the park, and also this type of trip is liked by all age groups. Going to a park or zoo provides a short break from the daily routine and helps to connect with nature and it also makes the trip enjoyable.

7. Read together

Reading books together or even teaching to your children for half an hour every night is a great way to spend time together. You can share ideas and values with your children by choosing books to read and discuss that will be helpful for them.

8. Share stories

It is a fun way to bond with children and gathers your children to tell the story instead of giving them smartphones. You can tell the story from the storybook or you can tell them examples from your childhood. You can also take an old photo album and watch it with your children to make it a regular activity.

9. Inculcate help and worship

You should go to the place of worship together, and you should tell your children about the importance of prayer and the positive energy of prayer. You can also go to a local animal shelter or nursing home to spend time. These activities will help your children to think and feel for others and they will also learn to value and show gratitude for the privileges they receive.

10. Celebrate family traditions 

family traditions -  2  beautiful bells hanging in christmas eve

Some traditions help to keep the families connected. Our older family members have more knowledge about the traditions and the meaning behind them. So the older family members should share these family traditions with the younger generation and set a time to follow these traditions to create lasting memories.


Finally, I can say that if anyone is not in a situation to spend much time with their family due to some obligations, then they should try to be with family as often as possible. It is not a chore to spend time with your family, but it is a privilege. Many people in your life love you very much and you should spend time with them and make memories.

By spending more time together, you will build a strong family and your family will also remain together through rough times.

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