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Stop Being Harsh to Yourself

This statement refers to self criticisms; not giving any credit to yourself. You keep blaming yourself you could have done better when you did the best you could. You are constantly pushing yourself off the limits and never let yourself being over by too satisfied.

Surabhi Setiya Happiness 26 Dec 2017
Stop Being Harsh to Yourself! What Does Being Harsh to Yourself?
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Do You feel that you are more strict with yourself, then it may be true, because more than half of the people believe that if something is going wrong in their life, then they start blaming themselves. You need to be positive rather than negative in life. By negative I meant, when you blame yourself for every little thing, it is not right for your future.

Now I am Going to tell You that “What does being harsh to Yourself means?”

What does being harsh to yourself means?

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Being harsh to yourself means criticizing yourself. Like you are doing a startup in your life or it's your first job on the field then you are justified in making mistakes, due to this you may take time to adjust. It is better to blame yourself for those small mistakes every time, you need to focus on improving yourself. Some people see insecurities in their body appearance, way of talking, color complexion, etc. And they become very Judgemental to themselves.

I am going to tell You about Some Signs which will tell you that you are being harsh to yourself.

Signs That You are Being Harsh to Yourself:

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It is possible that you are too harsh with yourself and you do not even know about it, then you will see some signs through which you can control yourself.

Here are some key points you may be fighting with:

  1. No matter who praises you, whenever you examine yourself, you will always see flaws.
  2. If you get harsh yourself, then you can not celebrate your success, because you will always feel that you have not achieved anything till.
  3. Anything bad will happen in your life, you will also blame yourself for that.
  4. You will never feel kind to yourself, nor will you worry about yourself.
  5. You will not miss any chance that someone will make you Criticize because you do self- criticized a lot more than them.
  6. You always feel that if people recognize the real you, then they will start hating you, so you prefer to keep quiet in front of everyone.

How to Stop Being Harsh to Yourself?

If you get angry sometimes then the situation is different, if you harm yourself only on every small thing, then it also comes on your self-respect. So, it will be right for you to control yourself on time. Because it can affect you in the future. It is possible that If you harsh or harm yourself in front of someone, then the person in front of you thinks that there is no value in life itself.

If You want to stop being harsh by following these points:

  1. First of all, you should know that you are a human, then it is permissible to make mistakes, so you do not need to think much because of your small mistakes.
  2. You have to accept that the person learns from mistakes, You should learn something from every mistake, if they're anything bad happens in life, then you have to wait for the best thing.
  3. Positiveness is always there in your life, so if you feel that you are being hard with yourself then you will always have to focus on positivity. Positivity in your life matters a lot.
  4. In such a situation you have to become your own best friend because no one knows us better than ourselves.
  5. Instead of spending time with others, give yourself time and love yourself.
  6. Most of your words matter in your life, if you are not positive about yourself, then how will someone else respect you? Criticizing yourself every time is not the solution to the problem.

Say Positive Statements to Yourself:

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If you want to avoid such things in life, then you always have to be positive, in order to remain positive, you always have to keep your mind fresh. Like if you think we'll do all day, your mind will remain positive, then You have to stay positive always by saying these lines all the time, these lines are the following:

  1. I always love myself.
  2. I am different and unique from Everyone.
  3. Every problem has a solution and I will definitely solve it.
  4. I always look smart.
  5. I have a smile which will make me better every time.
  6. I always stay happy with who I am.
  7. I am a very strong person in all aspects, i.e. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  8. I am improving according to time And Every day I become a better person from tomorrow.
  9. My past will not decide my future, I will change it.
  10. I will not change for any other person because I am very special to me.

If you follow these lines daily then It will change your life, because by saying these lines every day your mind will become very positive in every situation. You will find even the biggest problem of your life to be small. By blaming yourself, you will not be able to solve the problems in your life. You must love yourself. There are so many qualities that you have and others don't have and vice-versa. If your expectations have made you feel pressured then there you must start working on your thinking process. 

Enjoy your life! This is useless to always think about the future. Focus on your positive points and try to improve the faults which you think you have. At last, I am going to say that, Stop being too harsh on yourself and Do whatever you want to succeed in your life. I hope by reading this article, You will not be harsh to yourself in every type of situation whether it is big or small.

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