Struggle Of Child Who Has Learning Difficulties

Sejal Davey
Special Education

23 Jan 2021
Struggle Of A Child

I being a special educator; have been working with children for more than 6 years starting from the age of 3 years till 16; have met countless children with different difficulties they have been facing. Each child is unique also faces different challenges.  There might be many common symptoms but still, there will be one small issue that will be different in each of them. If their issues differ so their lesson plan for remediation will differ. But before all these things I would like to highlight in this article how the child feels while facing such issues and situations? Also being a child counselor I have closely observed every child. From the moment they are separated by their teachers in school or by their parents as being different or being problematic till they walk through this entire phase of transition; they live a challenging life.

"I might not learn the way you teach me, but I may learn in the way I can perceive it!!"

The very such moment when the child is called out in class by the teacher for repeatedly scoring low marks he or she starts feeling shameful. They see themselves as if they are from another planet. This is because the child is made to feel guilty of not studying well; up to the expectations of the teachers in school and also parents in many cases. The child loses their self-confidence and self-esteem. They feel so low. Slowly they either become very silent or they become very aggressive and naughty. They choose either path to show their feelings. And again at that time instead of being understood they are mocked. So what the child is supposed to do?  Where are they supposed to go? Is it only their fault for not scoring high?

I would say no. It's not anyone's fault. The child needs proper help from trained professional and at the same time parents and teachers needs proper guidance and counseling and awareness regarding their children and available help outside. Things need to be connected properly so that child is led to the proper person for help and bringing the best out of him or her. All these are possible only when the child is understood by their parents or teachers. A child expects to be understood by everyone instead of being scolded or mocked always. They look with hope towards their parents and their teachers. They expect care and love and not hate for getting low marks. They need an ear to listen to them patiently.  They need the heart to feel their pain. They need a shoulder to hold their head. They need the brain to calculate how their brain works. They need empathy to feel what they're going through at the moment.  They need assurance from their parents and teachers that they will be ok soon. They need that tap on their backs saying it is ok if you have scored low; it is more important that you have learned the concept well.

The children who are weak in studies have always had very good intelligence and are blessed with other powers of doing things.

They might be good at arts; dance; music; sports; creativity; gadgets; humor and so many other things. They only need the proper chance to show their hidden talent and to be respected for what they know or talented. They don't want to be laughed at or scolded. They just want to be helped and guided to overcome their difficulties and rise high in their lives. Every child has their own dream of being someone. Work for it along with your child and support them. Reach out to them when they most need you. Stay and walk with them in their new journey of overcoming their difficulties. Give them what they deserve don't change their lifestyle based on their scores; they are just numbers after all. If parents and teachers decide on helping the child they can be the child's strength and the child will never feel low or depressed. And the changes can be soon noticed.

So work with the child but not for a child. Give them hope; give them ray and see how the child rises from their own difficulties with smile and confidence. Don't block their paths instead help to lay smooth passage for their journey.

Parents and teachers should be proud of these children rather than being ashamed because there is as such nothing to be of. It's just being a child to understand the concept the way you are teaching or the way they are taught. The words and numbers might just be symbols. They couldn't relate sounds to letters and so they forget what symbols they have just learned or seen. For some children, they can read and spell words but they are not able to comprehend them and thus they forget what they were taught. These are just 2 examples I have mentioned here. But there are so many other kinds of difficulties they have and face while learning or studying their subjects. How many of you as teachers and parents have ever taken any initiative for your child? To find out the causes behind their lagging instead of blaming them. If you have sincerely started working on your child then it's very appreciable and if you haven't yet started then please do as soon as possible because time is like sand it will just fly away and you might be left with regrets.

It's never too late to start with something that is needed for their betterment.

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