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Struggles of a Psychologist - Questions Asked to a Psychologists

Here we see the struggles of a psychologist. There are many problems a psychologist face. Here are some of the problems of psychologists.

Neha Mehta Psychotherapy 29 Jul 2022
Struggles of a Psychologist
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Ever wondered what the struggles of a psychologist are? What does a psychology student have to face? What are the common questions that are asked to psychologists or what are the common myths that they hear every day? Many people think about becoming a psychologist but do they know how to become a psychologist? Well, these are some questions that often run into the minds of many people.

Here in this article, we will know what is Psychology and what are the problems of psychologists, what are the struggles they have to face. But first, let's know what psychology is.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is a science. It is the study of the human brain and human behavior. It deals with the thought process of the human mind, their feeling, behavior, and also the study of the conscious and unconscious mind. The people who study psychology are known as psychologists. They study the mental process and how it functions to influence human behavior, feelings and thoughts.

What is Psychology

Career in psychology is very vast. One can go with clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, research in psychology, and many more. The work upon understanding the thought process and also cognitive development. Psychologists work toward helping with their mental health and emotional well-being.

What do Psychologists do?

The importance of psychology lies in what psychologists can do. Psychologists work with the human brain and its related functions. There are many different fields like psychological testing and assessment, cognitive development, and many more. Here are some things that a psychologist does. 

1. Helps in Cognitive Development

Psychologists work towards understanding the cognitive skills of a person, especially it is seen in the case of child counseling where they work towards developing the cognitive skills of the child. It also deals with the problem-solving, and decision-making skills of the person. Further, they also do research in this field.

2. Assist in Overcoming Abuse or Trauma

Overcoming Abuse or Trauma

A psychologist also works towards assisting a person to overcome abuse or trauma. Some people have undergone in the past through horrific situations and have also been the target of abuse be it mental, emotional, or physical. Psychologists work towards helping such people overcome it and fight.

3. Helps in Depression And Anxiety

Another area where a psychologist works is in helping people who have depression, anxiety, or stress. They help people with depression overcome it. This all comes under clinical psychology. There are also other fields or areas where a psychologist works like rehabilitation centers, and psychiatric hospitals to treat patients.

Struggles in The Life of a Psychologist

People think that the life of a psychologist is very easy. They have a good future with a handsome salary and have to put in less effort, however, it is not as easy as it seems. Here we see the struggles of a psychologist. There are many problems a psychologist face. Here are some of the problems of psychologists.

1. They Are Often Asked to Read Minds

Often Asked to Read Minds

One of the common misconception about psychology is that psychologists can easily read minds. Many people come and ask a psychologist to read their minds however a psychologist cannot read their minds. They study body language and try to understand the mindset of a person to help them and solve their issues. No one can read minds and what you are thinking. They can understand how your thought pattern may run but not what you are thinking.

2. People Ask How Psychologists Are Always so Positive

People always think that psychologists can be so positive. It is one of the questions asked to a psychologist. It is not that a psychologist is always positive. The two are humans and have emotions and even have troubles in their own life. In such cases, they see the help of a senior therapist or another psychologist because they can only cure someone else when they are happy themselves. Therefore a psychologist is not always positive.

3. People Think Their Job is Easy

Job is Easy

Another set of Problems a psychologist face is that their job is very easy. They just have to sit and listen to the other person for around 30 to 45 minutes. However, it is not as easy as people think it to be. Psychologists' job is not easy; they have to be very attentive listeners while listening to the problems and then help the amount by giving the most apt solutions. They help the person and guide them to overcome their problems on their own.

4. Psychologists Are Expensive, They Charge High

Yes, psychologists charge high. Many people come in to ask psychologists why they charge so much. Psychologists charge for their time. A psychologist gives you that time and listens to your problem and then provides you with some solutions to help you overcome it. They put a lot of time and effort into studying psychology and hence they charge for the time and effort. While studying psychology a lot of time, effort and money are put into it. Therefore, psychologists are expensive.

5. Psychology is an Easy Subject

Psychology is an Easy Subject

This is another common thing regarding psychology. Many people think that psychology comes under arts and humanities and all you have to do is mug up. But it is not arts or humanities. Psychology is a science. It is the science of the brain and human behavior. A psychologist has to study the human brain, its thought process, and how it connects to human behavior. So, it is not an easy subject.

6. Therapies Are Not Useful

Many people say that when a psychologist uses medicine what is the use of therapy. Here, one has to understand that when the problem is very big people have to take the help of medicines and see a psychiatrist. But when the problem is small then therapy can help you recover from it. Therapy is very useful when the issue is in the beginning stage but later it is treated along with medicines.

7. Can't 15 Mins Session be Enough

This is another questions asked to a psychologist why can't a 15 mins session be enough. A psychologist can take a 15 mins session. They also at times don't feel like taking a 30 to 45 mins session and talking but a 15 mins session won't do you any help. It won't be able to solve your problem. The session would be so short that even the problems can't be discussed properly. Therefore, a 15 mins session is not enough. At least a 30 to 45 min session is very important.


Psychology is a field where psychologists help people who are suffering emotionally or mentally. The importance of psychology lies in helping people overcome their problems and become self-reliant so that they can handle their situations. But many people don't know the struggles in the life of a psychologist or psychology student. There are many things a psychologist has to undergo to excel in their fields which include, giving a lot of time, effort, and money. Further after becoming a psychologist, they have to face a lot of myths and questions that they hear every day. So, psychology is not easy, and studying it is also not easy.


1. How to become a psychologist?

To make a career in psychology you have to do 3 years of bachelor's and then 2 years of master's in psychology and then a year of internship. Then you can register for clinical psychology. Psychology internship is very important. Further for a Ph.D., you have to do 6 to 7 years of extensive practice.

2. What does a psychologist treat?

There are many benefits of seeing a psychologist treats like they help you overcome depression, stress, addiction, past traumas, help you in cognitive development, and many more.

3. Is it easy to become a psychologist?

It is not at all easy to become a psychologist. It takes a lot of time and effort to become a well-known psychologist. You have to extensively practice psychotherapy to be able to pursue Ph.D. You have to understand the human brain and how it functions and influences behavior.

4. Can psychologists read minds?

No, psychologists cannot read minds. It is a common misconception about them. They study your past life, actions, and body language to understand you and your behavior pattern but they can't tell what you are thinking right now

5. Career available after becoming a psychologist?

There are many career options in psychology like clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, working in rehabilitation centers, forensic psychology where you understand the criminal mindset, and research psychology.

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