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20 Success Mantra for Schools | Child Psychologist

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Archika Jain Child Behaviour 06 Feb 2021
20 Success Mantra for Schools | Child Psychologist

After results, every year parents and children determine that this coming year will be good for their children. They will not repeat this year the habits they had last year such as getting up late, not completing homework on time, and also going to school late. It is considered that there are more chances for the success of children who get a stress-free environment at home. Except for these, there are some tiny Principles of daily routine that help to manage work.

Some Tips to Follow for Success in School

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  • Make sure that children’s breakfast is full of nutrition and they never go to school without breakfast.
  • Wake up children early in the morning so that they can reach on Time, wake them before 15 to 30 minutes of their regular wake-up time.
  • Make sure that they sleep on time so that it will be easier to wake up early in the morning.
  • Cultivate a habit in children that school books, dresses, and other things are ready at night before going to school the next day.
  • Books should maintain in a predefine place so that it can found whenever needs.
  • Appreciate children and realize these changes will be beneficial for their bright future.
  • Sit along with children while doing homework.
  • Always check homework given by their teachers that all subjects work is completed or not.
  • Make a fixed time for study and try this so that children should complete their homework after coming to school.
  • Cultivate the habit of eating a nutritious diet full of fruits and vegetables.
  • Know about the assignments given by teachers.
  • Inspire children to ask questions because the more they will ask, the more they will learn.
  • For children, parents, school administrators, and staff are their role models. So always work with a positive attitude.
  • Children remain happy in a stress-free environment and those children perform well also in schools.
  • In school tests, help children to prepare three days ago. It should not happen that they are preparing last night.
  • Motivate children beyond school subjects that will increase their general knowledge.
  • Manage the child room before coming to school, it will help them to remain in the discipline.
  • Provide information to children that they should read carefully all the guidelines before examinations.
  • Keep children away from cheating and laziness.
  • Take them to a morning walk daily which will make them more energetic and perform well in school.
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