Symptoms Of Menopause And Its Relief

There are many symptoms of menopause but understanding the causes of the same is also essential.

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symptoms of menopause

Are you facing problems with your periods or is your wife going through certain changes in her body signaling towards menopause? Periods are a natural phenomenon in a woman's life and just like it starts after a certain age, there is an end to it as well. Women after reaching a certain age start experiencing symptoms of menopause.

In this article, we will be talking about what is menopause, what conditions lead to menopause, how you know you are reaching menopause and also what to do during menopause to ease the difficulties faced during the phase of menopause. So, if you are looking for answers to these, here we are to help you.

What Is Menopause?

Menopause is the period when women's reproductive system, hormones, and periods come to a halt. The usual method of recognizing menopause is no occurrence of periods for the entire 12 months or a year and women start experiencing the symptoms of menopause. Do you know up to what age females can get pregnant?

It is until they hit menopause. Though the chances of conceiving decrease after 40, if they even get irregular periods they can still conceive. A full menopause is the end of reproduction. But, what to do during menopause? We will be later on looking at the treatment for menopause as well but let's look at the causes.

What Causes Menopause?

There are many symptoms of menopause but understanding the causes of the same is also essential. So, here's a list of what causes menopause.

1. Due To Premature Ovarian Failure

Premature ovarian failure is one of the causes of menopause. Usually, menopause comes by age but there are times when the ovaries fail to deliver their function before the age when menopause starts, that is, 40. This leads to immediate Menopause in women causing disturbance in the physical and sexual life.

The ovaries fail to produce eggs and release hormones like estrogen and other hormones causing infertility, irregular periods, hot flashes and some other symptoms of menopause and it can happen due to various reasons. There are treatments available for premature ovarian failure which can help women conceive.

2. Decline In The Reproductive Function And Hormones

A natural decline in the reproductive function of women and the hormonal levels are some of the other causes of menopause. This is the natural process the body goes through and usually occurs after the age of 40 to 45. The average age for women to experience this is between 45 to 50 and gradually they achieve menopause.

In such cases gradually there is the release of fewer eggs, a decrease in female hormones like estrogen, irregular periods and the different symptoms of menopause. This usually occurs in the manner of different stages of menopause. During this period women can follow certain precautions and take care of themselves to experience less difficulty.

3. Removal Of Ovaries Due To Surgery

Removal Of Ovaries

Removal of ovaries due to surgery is among the other causes of menopause. Many times due to problems caused by ovaries, due to some infection or any other reasons, women get their ovaries removed from their body will result in menopause in women. Females usually go through this surgery because of ovarian cancer.

The ovary removal surgery means that there is no way for the hormones to be released, eggs released and periods which cause menopause in women. This surgery can take place any time women the ovaries can no longer function or are causing difficulty in women's lives like bleeding, pain and other issues.

4. Certain Treatments And Other Causes

One of the causes of menopause is certain treatments or other causes like radiation or chemotherapy. When certain cancer treatment and chemotherapy sessions are undertaken one of the side effects can be menopause in women however, this is not permanent and after the sessions are over there are chances of getting back to normal ovarian function.

Even in radiation treatment, the radiation that targets ovaries brings about changes in its function. There are certain treatments you can go for to have your ovaries healthy and functional again. The changes due to the treatment can be temporary so it is suggested that you go consult your doctor and work on it.

Symptoms Of Menopause

Let's now uncover how menopause affects women, that is, how can you know that you are nearing menopause?

1. Feeling Weak And Mood Swings

Mood Swings

One of the most prominent symptoms of menopause is feeling weak and having mood swings. With the onset of menopause and aging the body starts to lose its strength which can make you feel weak and cause fatigue. Further, the decrease in hormones leads to mood swings therefore knowing how to manage mood swings naturally can help.

2. Experiencing Vaginal Dryness

One of the ways of how menopause affects women is vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness refers to the lack of moisture and lubrication in the vagina which can cause itching, burning sensation and painful sexual experience. It is usually caused by the decrease in hormone levels in females during menopause and can be treated with HT or self-care.

3. Getting Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes

Experiencing hot flashes after menopause is another of the symptoms of menopause. Hot flashes are the feeling of extreme heat suddenly at any time of the day and may even cause sweat. It can even lead to feverish feelings later on. It usually happens after menopause is confirmed and due to the decrease in estrogen level.

4. Insomnia Or Poor Sleep Pattern

Insomnia or poor sleep pattern is another of the symptoms of menopause. Females often complain about difficulty sleeping during and after menopause. Going for sleep disorder counseling can help you return to your normal sleep schedule. It is essentially associated with the hot flashes experienced during the night.

5. Issues In Controlling Bladder

Problems in controlling your bladder are one of the symptoms of menopause. As you reach the age when menopause begins the skin in your body starts to slag including that around your genitals. The pelvic floor muscles weaken and you might face the problem of controlling your bladder and have the urgent urge to use the washroom.

6. Excessive Weight Gain

Weight Gain

When it comes to how menopause affects women, one of the ways is an increase in body weight in females. The decrease in hormones like estrogen and progesterone with the other changes in the body leads to increased body weight after the age of 45 to 50. Body weight can be managed by regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.

7. Decrease In Sexual Activities And Urge

Another of the most prominent symptoms of menopause is a decrease in sexual activity and sexual urges. The decrease in testosterone and estrogen hormone leads to a decrease in libido along with vaginal dryness which reduces sexual acts. You can consult a female psychologist in case you want to remain sexually active.

8. Noticing Dryness In The Skin

The gradual dryness in the skin is also how menopause affects women. You may be able to witness rashes, acne, wrinkles, slack skin, itching, reduced facial hair and many other issues related to skin during menopause because of the changes in hormone levels like estrogen. Taking care of your skin is one of the ways to reduce the symptoms.

Treatment For Menopause

Menopause is a biological process that every woman must go through, however going for some natural menopause relief, or treatment can help you ease or reduce the symptoms.

1. Include Regular Exercises

Exercising regularly is another natural menopause relief method you can go for. The onset of menopause and the decrease in hormone levels cause the body to become weak and also lead to an increase in weight in women. Including regular exercise like kegel exercises and others helps in reducing the symptoms of menopause.

It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles which help in controlling your bladder, helping in vaginal tightening and providing you other benefits. Menopause also leads to insomnia and thus one of the tips for good sleep is going for regular exercises. The key is to be consistent with changes made in your lifestyle and observe the changes in your body.

2. Going For Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal Therapy

Another treatment for menopause can be hormonal therapy. During menopause the hormone level in the body of a female decreases. Hormones like estrogen, and testosterone all decrease in the body leading to a decline in the reproductive functions of women, and also sexual desires. Hormonal therapy is a treatment undertaken to deal with it.

When it comes to what to do during menopause, many women prefer taking this therapy because the decrease in hormones leads to the other different symptoms of menopause, taking the treatment helps the body regain the hormones and thus get relief from the symptoms of menopause and also recovers the bone loss.

3. Eating a Balanced And Healthy Diet

Maintaining healthy and balanced eating habits is another natural menopause relief. What we eat has a great effect on our body, especially its physical and sexual health. Maintaining and eating good food not only helps in reducing the symptoms of menopause but also makes the phase easy to go through for women.

Do you know how food affects mood? Women go through a lot of mood swings when they reach the period of Menopause therefore including whole wheat grains like millet, brown rice, nuts and seeds, fruits, dry fruits, green vegetables, fish, dairy products, other vegetables etc helps in not only keeping the body fit but also gives menopause relief.

4. Staying in Cool Places And Practicing Deep Breathing

Another self-care method to deal with menopause is trying to stay in a cool environment as much as possible and going for deep breathing. This practice is especially helpful in case of hot flashes after menopause. Staying at a cool temperature helps keep the hot flashes at bay and reduces its chances.

Further, there are numerous benefits of morning meditation and deep breathing. It allows you to relax and calm you down. Deep breathing and meditation further enhance the blood flow in the body and help in improving the sexual function of the body. Thus, including this regularly in your lifestyle will help you to easily cross menopause.


Wrapping up, by now you must have very well understood what menopause is and what are the symptoms of menopause. You must acquire full information about it so that there is no place for doubts and myths. Just like there are myths about girls periods, similarly, there are many doubts that revolve around menopause.

Knowing about the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes after menopause, mood swings, body aches, irregular periods, insomnia, and poor bladder control must be recognized especially if you are nearing the 45 or 50. Knowing what to do during menopause helps in easing the difficulties and issues faced by females during menopause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1 How does menopause affect the skin of women?

    Some of the menopause, post menopause and early menopause symptoms surrounding the changes in women's skin are acne, wrinkles, rashes, reduced facial hair, slagging of the skin, dryness, itching, and more. This all begins with the onset of menopause and must be taken care of after to reduce or delay the symptoms.


    Some of the perimenopause or early menopause symptoms are irregular periods, sleep issues, weakening of pelvic floor muscles, decrease in sexual desires, gradual increase in weight, vaginal dryness, changes in the skin, and many more. These symptoms signal towards the near of menopause.


    To have natural menopause relief it is essential to make some lifestyle changes including regular exercises, going for a healthy and balanced diet, practicing meditation, doing kegel exercises, staying physically active, and many more. With these changes, you can reduce the symptoms of menopause.

    Some of the best treatment for menopause are going for hormonal therapy, consulting gynaecologists or other specialists, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, going for a healthy diet, doing exercise and deep breathing, reducing stress and anxiety, avoiding alcohol and smoking, etc.


    There are three stages of menopause: first perimenopause, menopause and then postmenopause. During the three stages, the ovaries go through changes and the reproductive functions and periods in women completely stop. Some of the menopause and early menopause symptoms include hot flashes, insomnia, irregular periods, etc.


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