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What are Temper Tantrums and How to prevent them ?

Does your child throw things, show anger or start screaming, crying or hitting something by harming his/her body? When his/her wishes do not get fulfilled, this behaviour is known as Tantrums.

Dr. Mitika Dhingra Child Behaviour 16 Dec 2020
Handling Temper Tantrums of Childs.
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Does your child throw things, show anger or start screaming, crying or hitting something by harming his/her body? When his/her wishes do not get fulfilled, this behaviour is known as Tantrums. These actions of your children somewhat make you frustrated, moreover, sometimes you lose your anger and later on feel guilty for what you did.

Yes, they are perfectly normal for children of age 1 to 3 years, although this behaviour shows child development But exceeding the limit is quite harmful.

What are Temper Tantrums?

A kid sitting in a angry mood - temper tantrums in childs

I hope you too have seen such children, who express their anger randomly if they do not listen to them, and sometimes even start lying on the ground. In such a situation it becomes very difficult for the parents to handle them. At times, this attitude also causes parents to be embarrassed. If you too are going through this dilemma, then definitely read our article because after reading this you will understand how to deal with the tantrums of young children.

When your child starts to show a lot of anger at small things randomly, you assume that he is going to bother you a lot later. But trust me, there is nothing like that. Like us adults, young children also have mood changes that affect their nature. Before knowing how to deal with the anger of young children, you have to understand the reasons for their anger. Let us first talk about the reasons for these.

Causes of Temper tantrums:

1. When they are hungry:

I have personally experienced this reason for expressing anger in children. Sometimes due to household chores, I forget to give food to my child on time or I am told that I lie down. Although this does not happen often, whenever it happens, my baby's screams are going to be heard. Like other children, my baby doesn't cry, but screams with full force to express anger. That is why I can say that when children are hungry and you do not pay attention to them, then they express their anger by screaming.

2. When they Fear:

Like us adults, young children also have a tendency to express different emotions on different occasions. However, young children express those feelings differently. Like when they are afraid, they either run towards you or they start shouting and crying. My baby also starts screaming and crying in a state of fear. Many times he tries to creep towards me quickly. However, he also has an eagerness to see what will happen next, but he does not forget to express his anger by screaming.

3. When they want Something: 

We do not understand children right and wrong as compared to adults, that is why they express their anger in a haphazard manner. They do not understand that it is not right to express anger in a public place. Many times when nothing is found on demand, you can expect that the child will express his anger randomly.

4. When they are tired and Unable to sleep:

Now this reason is a bit strange because if you are tired, then you should be sleepy. But the opposite is true in the case of infants. When his fatigue goes beyond his tolerable limits and he cannot sleep, he expresses his annoyance with anger.

How can we prevent Tantrums?

parents playing with their kids

As a parent, you have to first understand the main reason behind the child's anger. You have to understand whether your baby is hungry, or he is not sleeping. Sometimes you have to ignore this behavior of the child. But before doing this, check that it is not hungry or tired. If no such possibility is seen, then ignore his anger because after a while he will become normal himself.


Empathy simply means acknowledging what your children express or wish, reassurance can help to diffuse and divert their attention towards that need or want. For example: say to your child with empathy “I can see you are upset” what can mamma do for you. Try to cheer their mood by diverting. Remember that expressing empathy doesn’t mean that you are giving in to their demands.


You can use this tip when you cannot afford or think that giving what they want is good for them. Still if your child continues to complain and starts argument with you, Calm down with sympathetic statement and say “I heard you and I know that you really want that toy, but it’s not going to be possible.


Your child has the right to know why you are saying no to their needs. This will make them more subtle in future.


Offer choices whenever possible, like if they wish to buy some clothes, chocolates, or biscuits, want to watch cartoons or hear stories.


Before using these tips you must make sure that his demand is something which is important in nature and  must be fulfilled, secondly first time using these tools might increase their anger but in later ages, you will feel a difference. Feel free to consult Counsellor.

In case you need any kind of help for your child, you can consult a Child Psychologist online or you can visit  your nearest clinic by booking an appointment with a Doctor or you can contact us on +919050232637 (India) for online child counselling in India.

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