Ten Tips for New Relation | Sexology

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Dr Prem Munjal Sexology 09 Jan 2021
Ten Tips for New Relation | Sexology

We all know that humans are social animals. We live in a society, where we are gifted with some relationships since birth like our parents, siblings, and so on but there are some that we choose in the journey of life, like our neighbours, friends,  and of course life partners. As soon as we come to terms with this word,  we start building an image of the perfect one.

That image is usually influenced by the good and bad people around us. In case, this is a second or third relationship, our past experiences influence consciously or unconsciously. In case you are looking forward to starting a new relationship, you need to keep in mind a few points. All these would help you in building a strong beautiful relationship in the Long Term. 

 As humans, we all believe in making lifelong Relationships. So here are a few tips from an experienced psychologist at My Fit Brain on how to build a New Relationship.

1. Give Time

Give Time - Tips for New Relationship

All good things take time to happen”, is a famous saying. Every relationship needs time to build and nurture. Be it your first, second or third relationship, time is important. Pushing yourself or the other person too fast is a bad idea. Be slow and steady.  Don’t rush into the relationship.

2. Communication

Communication is essitial for new realtionship

 It is very important to communicate and express yourself in a new relationship. After all, communication is the key to building a strong bond with the person you are looking forward to making a new relationship with. Going on dates, spending quality time.

3. Be Yourself


Be it any relationship, be yourself, you can’t pretend for too long. Considering the fact that you are looking for a long-term relationship, you mustn’t have to put on a mask all the time.

4. Balance Between Family & Parents

balance time between family and partner

You are starting a new relationship doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice other relations in your life. Every person who is a part of your life needs to be given its due importance and time. A new relationship comes in with new happiness and responsibility. But keep in mind that, because of the new relations, you spoil your old ones.

5. The Expectation From The New Relationship

You need to express freely to your partner what you are looking forward to in your new relationship. Discuss freely, in terms of finances, family, ambition, goals, dreams in the long and short term.

6. Freedom in Relationship
This is one perspective that is often not thought upon or worked upon in any relationship. But according to a marriage counsellor at My Fit Brain, “ Space is often the cause of major relationship issues between a person and his Partner.” Initially, as we look forward to going into a new relationship, everything seems beautiful and perfect but gradually things that look attractive turn into a burden.

7. Learn From The Past

learnm from the past

We all learn from our past experiences. Every person and relation changes us, for the good. We learn and grow. We should learn from our past experiences and keep in mind the lesson it has taught us. Repeating the same mistake would hurt you and the other person equally.

8. Move On

move on in any relationship womean stanfding in the picture

According to a Life Coach at My Fit Brain, “ Living in the moment is the key to happiness”. Make sure that the bitter experiences of your past relationship did not become a hurdle in building your new relationship. As humans, we learn at every stage but stereotyping, making standards for the person you are looking forward to making a relationship with can be very harmful.

9. Gap

If you have just broken off from a bad relationship, give yourself time, heal up and move out of it. Immediately jumping into a new relationship just for the sake of it is a bad idea. We are all humans, bound by love, we tend to get attached to the people around us.

10. Forgive and Forget

When starting a new relationship, be openminded, you and your partner might make mistakes. Forgive and forget, is the base in building long term relationship.


Relationships are the backbone of any society.  If you have loving and caring people around, life becomes child play. So a beautiful love relationship is a key to happiness and content life. If you have a supporting and loving partner, the journey of life becomes easy. So if you are looking forward to building a new relationship, take time, analyze and move step by step. It’s not a race to be won or a Castle to captured. It is the process that should be enjoyed at every point. 

So breathe in, and breathe out. Although the above points are very important while building a new relationship, it is your choice how to lay and build a strong bond with your partner.  And if you still looking for tips or help on how to  build a new relationship, you can consult the Relationship or marriage counsellors at My Fit Brain


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