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The Importance of Supporting Mothers

In this article, we discuss the importance of supporting a mother. A mother gives her child all she has just for a little bit of support.

Payal Chahal Parenting 29 Jul 2022
The Importance of Supporting Mothers
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The role of a mother is not easy. It is the most challenging part of the life of a woman when she gives life to another life. It requires a lot of encouragement and support to bring a child into the world and nurture him to make him successful in life. In all these where a mother needs help is support. The importance of supporting a mother is the main topic that we will be discussing in the article. However, many people judge her, and even her children judge and give her advice which can demotivate her to play her role well. We will also tell you why you should never judge your mother or someone else who is a mother.

What is The Importance of Support in Life?

Support is a very small word, only a 7 letters word but the meaning it holds lies very deep. Supporting someone when they are right or even when they are in need of it is equal to helping someone. Everyone in their life needs support at some point or the other. There are instances when people are really in need of it. Just one word of support like I am with you or I believe you can help them to get back on their feet. The words of encouragement can change lives and make people do things out of their comfort zone without the shadow of fear.

Why Should You Not Judge And Advise a Mother

Just lending your ears when someone needs you, staying by the side of a person, and holding their hands is a form of support you give to them even when you are not speaking anything. A few words of encouragement are also a form of support you can give to people. It helps them to gain confidence, stay motivated and work harder. The same is the case with a mother. Therefore, always support your mother. Your small words of encouragement can help her stay positive and deal with all the troubles of her life. Always love your mother.

Why Should You Not Judge And Advise a Mother? Giving Advice to a Mother, Think Before!

There are many reasons why you should not judge and give advice to a mother. It is not that giving advice is wrong but it can sometimes be demotivating. Share your experience but let the mother have her technique. Many people have advice for new parents, but here are reasons you should avoid doing so.

1. You Don't Know The Background Story or Her Situation

Many people are quick to judge a mother. However, you should never be quick to judge a mother especially when you don't know the background story or her situation. If they are being strict parents let them be. Maybe there is a reason why a mother is being strict. If a mother is too liberal or like friends to her child, let her be. Maybe she wants to have a good relationship with her child using this method. If she is angry over her child, maybe she is angry because of the child behavior.

2. A Mother Knows The Best For Her Child

Mother Knows The Best For Her Child

Every mother knows the best for a child. No one else can understand the child more than his/her mother can. She knows what a child needs and when. Therefore, one should never try to advise on what a mother should do for the child. If a mother wants to take her child for child counseling let her go because it may be best for her child. Judging her too quickly will only hurt her.

3. She Wants You to Understand Her Situation And Not Judge Her

There are cases when people have advice for pregnant women and they come and pour them all to a pregnant lady like you should live after a child comes, how she should treat her child, etc. These are things that a pregnant lady has already thought of. She needs your support to share her pain. She wants you to not judge her but understand her. Encouragement and support help more than advice.

4. Every Mother Has Her Parenting Methods

Mother Has Her Parenting Methods

Every mother has her parenting methods. It differs according to different environments and people. Let a mother use her techniques instead of trying to change her methods. Do not enforce your tips on her. If she wants to pamper her child, let her do it. She knows what she is doing. Even if you have advice for pregnant women or mothers, don't give it, let the mother use her techniques. 

What is the Importance of Supporting a Mother?

In this section, we discuss the importance of supporting a mother. A mother gives her child all she has just for a little bit of support. Here are some ways with the help of which you can support a mother.

1. Appreciation Gives Better Results

Appreciation always yields better results than advice. When you are a pretty mother you are supporting her and motivating her to do better and make her believe in herself. Things like, you are a good mother, you are doing great, you have done good so far and will do good later as well as helps her to do her task more nicely. She should also be appreciated by her husband and her children. For a child a mother's love is life and when you appreciate her she does more for her child without any fear. Here, if a mother is discouraged she thinks of herself as a failure.

2. Be a Listener or Lend Her Your Ears

Be a Listener

You can also support a mother by being a listener and lending her your ears. She needs you to hear her out, the pains she is going through or the difficulties she has to face. When you sit by her side and listen to her without questioning her it makes her feel light and thinks that she has a supporting hand by her side. As a child also you should always support your mother. By staying by her side and helping her you can make her feel that you care for her and love her.

3. It Encourages Them

By supporting a mother you give her encouragement and motivation to work more hard. She becomes more active and happy and doubles up her efforts in nurturing her child. It is not that she doesn't nurture her child if not encouraged. At that time as well she gives her 100% but little encouragement levels up her energy and confidence. She becomes confident that she is doing and thinking right for her child. 


Judging a person too quickly is not something you should do. It makes you look mean and judgemental. You should also not judge and advise a mother as it can hurt her feelings and make her doubt herself. As a child as well you should not judge your mother. Understanding mother's love is life and that it is her love and care that has made you what you are so always stay by her side and appreciate her efforts. 

Support has a very important role to play in everyone's life. Supporting a mother in what she is doing helps her to become the best mother. At the end think twice before advising a mother and also before judging her.


1. How can I support a mother?

You can support a mother by appreciating her, listening to her, and encouraging her. Never pull her down and let her doubt herself. 

2. Is advising a mother from experience wrong?

If you are a mother you can share your experience with her but don't enforce your methods on her. Every mother knows what is best for her child and she knows how to do things. Let her use her parenting method.

3. As a child, how can one support their mother?

As a child, you should never judge your mother. You can support her by showing her your love, appreciating her, and helping her in her work. You should always love your mother.

4. Should one not advise new parents?

Advice for new parents should not feel like you're judging her. Let her use her parenting methods. Don't make her feel that she is not doing well. If she is new to something or doesn't know how to do it, she will ask about it. Let her learn how to raise the kid.

5. What do you say to a new mother?

If you are a mother you know the pain a mother has to undergo hence you can tell her that you are already doing very well. Even if you are not a mother you can say this. You can also say, you will be a good mother, and words that can encourage her.

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