Triple Suicide Case in Fatehabad Haryana

Triple Suicide Case in Fatehabad Haryana

3 youngsters, Kanheri Village, Fatehabad, Haryana took their life by lying down the railway track this morning police suspected of suicide as according to the investigation. Three friends were really disturbed from past week, can judge from their facebook  status and whatsapp profile pic. It was also came in limelight that they are best friends.

Being a Mental Health Professional, this incidence shocked by head with bang. Why?

May be its an internal conflict, may be due to financial burden, love relationship problems, studies fluctuations, interpersonal misunderstandings or substance abuse.

There are many things that come in mind, whenever we think about reason. It can be one I listed or not!

Police is investigating. My purpose is to aware and prevent such losses of life and happiness.

Suggestions for Parents:   As a parent you should give shoulders to your kid every time he/she feels disturbed. Give them trust and space to share things. Your sudden behaviour sometimes disturbs them. Try to be calm, help them and maintain positive relationship.

Adolescence is a age where child can decide what is good and bad, he is being enough to decide. You just need to be a good advisor, not a judge. Advice is given on request, judgment is embedded forcefully. Know what you need to do?

Secondly, I want every parent to look upon the child social media updates and ask explanations calmly. Sometimes the person in problem just needs somebody around to be heard. Be their Support!

Suggestions for Youngsters:   Friendship is important is always imparts being together, but if togetherness demand life or any antisocial act then its big NO!

There were many situations when you feel helpless, but taking permanent decision for temporary things is catastrophic.

May be you can’t handle but if you hear! Nothing will go right!

Moreover, try to convince your friends to give chance to life, be supportive in handling rather than taking decisions advice them to involve elders. As an adult, we should always look for signs among our colleagues. We should never ignore and laughing someone saying continuously about suicide and being fed up.

Suicide victims never decides in moment! It always a planned one!

Listen to their feelings and help !!

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