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There is Always A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

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Neha Mehta General 01 Feb 2021
A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Human relationships pass through various stages in their lifetime. Love and hate are two essential stages of any relationship. One of the most intriguing things about these two emotions is that there is always a thin line between love and hate. A gush of emotions always pulls humankind. Love and Hate are two different emotions. If we give a second thought to the same, then we shall understand that Love and Hate stand on the same plane.

We are often in conflict, whether we love or hate a person. We usually have come across this feeling that we may either like the person while hating him or her or vice versa. This essay shall try to enumerate the fact that there is always a thin line between love and hate.

Why is it important to understand the fine line between love and hate?

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While interacting with the society we are driven by some drives. These drives are some emotional interactions or gameplay of hormones that help us to make relations with the larger society. There are basically seven drives:

1. Basic needs like thirst, hunger, etc.
2. Love or affiliation
3. Dependence or association
4. Sexual urge
5. Hatred or dissociation
6. Aggression or attack
7. Ego or defense

Basically, these are the seven drives with which we interact with the larger society. Heraclitus, living in Ephesus, Greece, around 530 to 470 BC, had once said that our existence is continuously flowing in the flux, and it is dynamic and fluid. He had remarked that there is a stream of consciousness flowing all around us. We are part and parcel of the larger conscious. Stimuli respond to this large consciousness, and that is emotions, which means emotions are the gateway to interact with the world.

According to Sigmund Freud, the reasons behind the flight or fight of human beings are the same. Love and Hate, the number (2), and number (5) of the list are most important to understand as we need these two emotions primarily to interact with the world, as per Sigmund Freud. He had also said that as the emotions of Love and Hate are objective, quick, and instinctive, the person usually does not have the time to think about the exact response in a given situation.

Bretherton, the philosopher, had said that the interactions might also differ from person to person as that depends on life experiences. Thus understanding the fine line between hate and love is very important to access the external world in modern times.

Is there a thin line between love and hate?

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The famous essay by Paul Maclean begins with this line: a thin line between love and hate. Well, what is love? Love can be defined as a gush of emotions that a person feels when he or she is in response to another person, place, or thing. The gush of emotions is feverish sometimes. The fervor of emotions creates palpitations. Increased heartbeats accompanied by a pleasure principle within the person.

When we discuss Hate, we shall succumb to similar feelings. The only difference is that hate more and more relates to the pain principle rather than the pleasant ones.
There are conflicting situations when we hate and love the person at the same time. Thomas Jefferson had once remarked that inside love, there is a pool of hatred. And inside hatred, there is a sea of love.

Maclean's observations implied recording the variety of events in the visceral patterns. He recorded the bioelectrical actions and activities at the hypothalamus. And that is the base of the brain. These actions were the results of emotional expressions.

It was seen that the outcome of love and hate were almost the same bereft the pleasure and pain principle. The reasons and the stimuli that guided the hate had also been overseeing the love! The famous Hippocampus processes also ascertain that the physical symptoms and the physical manifestations of love and hate are almost the same.

Difference between love and hate:

Love, as per the Oxford English Dictionary, is a disposition of in-depth affection and feeling that one person caters to. John Allen Lee had pointed out the different patterns of love as:

1. Mania or jealous love
2. Eros Love of physical love
3. Ludus or playful love
4. Storge love or sibling love
5. Agape or unconditional love
6. Pragma or practical love

The thing is that this Love can be equated similarly to hatred as hatred also has the divisions mentioned above.

Suppose we see the famous work of art named Daphne! I love you made by Francesco Albani, the celebrated artist, we shall find a thin line between love and hate. The painter makes a visible description of this hypothesis. The transition of love to hate and vice versa is very well depicted in his paintings.

Why should we understand the Fine line between Love and Hate quotes?

The famous German Philosopher Franz Brentano had said that we must understand both the theories of love and hate in order to lead a perfect life. He said that our thoughts guide our mental state. Thus if we do not know the thin line between love and hate, we shall not be able to judge and lead a perfect life.

There are situations and persons in our life for whom we may experience the conflicting emotions of love and hate at the same time. We must know that both of them are like the two sides of the same coin. Love and Hate reside on the same platform. These are the same physical phenomena.

D.W Hamlyn had remarked it is imperative to understand that there is a thin line between love and hate. While we live in this society, this awareness shall enable us not to be washed away by any one of the emotions. We can be more stolid in our approach. If we are aware of the fact that love and hate are emanated from the same bastion of feeling, then we can understand that today's love can be tomorrow's hate. This thought can help us lead a better and more tranquil life.

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