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Tips for good sleep

If you will not get a night of proper sleep then you will face different types of health problems. So here we will suggest some homemade solutions for you.

Neha Mehta General 14 May 2022
Tips for good sleep
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The quote 'Early to bed, early to rise to make your health healthy, wealthy and wise' says about how important your sleep is. Sufficient sleep is also necessary to run your body like eating and drinking are. It doesn't mean you sleep the whole day, some people need more time to relax and some people need less time which depends on their daily activities and also on age. Our average sleep is 8 hours a day but as I earlier said it depends on the age of the person like children and older people need more hours to sleep while young people don't need to sleep more. If you will not get a night of proper sleep then you will face different types of health problems like headache, gastric, body pain,etc which is the beginning of a big illness i.e insomnia as insomnia improve sleep habits. So here we will suggest some homemade solutions which will help you to sleep well.

Tips For Better Sleep

For better sleep, you have to follow some tips which not only help you in sleeping but also help you in your health. The tips for better sleep are categorized in two parts as Do's and Don't which help you to understand the ways to sleep better easily and help you cope up with problems depression and insomnia.


1. Do Physical Activity


If you are facing problems in sleeping then maybe you are not doing any physical activity. Physical activity means you can do exercise, yoga, running, walking, or any other activities which include your bodywork. It's a simple rule of sleeping, that if you are tired then you will automatically get good sleep. If you sleep during the day then it will reduce your chance to get good sleep at night as your body already gets the desired rest. Older people always suggest you do yoga and exercise because from this you get relaxation and you will automatically get better sleep. So we can say that this is the best way to sleep better.

2. Wash Mouth, Hands, and Feet Before Going to Bed

You should feel fresh before going to bed for sleep. Making this a daily routine of washing your hands, mouth, and feet before going to sleep like this will help you not get distracted by negativity. This is the base of getting good sleep as if you feel fresh then your mind and body also feel good and you will feel lighter which will help you to sleep well. Making a habit to wear nightclothes means you have to wear a separate dress for sleep from which you will feel neat and clean. These are some things to do to help you sleep.

3. Relax Your Mind and Body

In our daily life, we are too busy thinking about others like a father cares about his son or daughter's health, and also a son or daughter worries about their father's health but no one has time to think about themselves. People say that your loved ones are responsible for your health and they care about you more but did you think about it? My point is what our body is facing, only we will be able to know not our loved ones will know about our body problems. We always try to not share our problems with our loved ones as they will worry about us so how do you accept that they will understand your problems. Think about your body rather than waste your mind thinking about others. It will benefit all of us as we all know about ourselves and we all can take care of our bodies too. By doing this, you will be tense free and it also helps you to sleep better as you will take care of your health. Many old people give these tips to help you sleep.

4. Sleep in a Suitable Environment


It is necessary to sleep in a suitable environment to get better sleep. Many people are addicted to sleeping in the dark while some people also like to sleep in low light. Yes, also some people are there whose sleep doesn't affect any light. Here the light is not an issue, the issue is to sleep well. Some people need a soft pillow, some want a tight pillow to get better sleep. Noise is a major issue in sleeping because it will break your sleep. To sleep well you have to sleep in a quiet room where the outside noise isn't able to disturb you. If you are not able to sleep in another bed then don't use another bed. If you do not like any food then you will not eat it so if you do not like the room condition then you will not be able to sleep too. You have such things to do to help you sleep before going to bed. I want to say that take care of your sleep as you care about your food because both are equally necessary for us. 

5. The Gap Between Work End and Sleep Time

Always try to follow a routine life as it will benefit your sleep and most importantly your health. Like working hours you don't want to sleep, so during sleeping hours don't try to work, it will badly affect your sleep as well as your work. If you are able to manage your work time and personal time then it will help you to improve sleep quality.The main motive of routine life is you will give time to all your activities according to their needs. Always try to finish your work in time and not do work just before sleep. After completing your work, do some other activities which will help you to distract from work pressure and help you to sleep better.

6. Be Positive With Your Sleep Partner

No one gives enough time to think about this point as it is equally helpful in better sleep. If you fight with your partner then it will ruin your sleep as your mind will not be in relaxation mode. It's normal to fight with a partner but for better sleep, you have to talk openly about your issue and do your best to solve it. Before going to sleep, positive talk with your partner will help you a lot to free your stress which will give you a better sleep. If you get better sleep then it will be better for you as Insomnia improves sleep habits. Go for a sleep disorder counselling  if you are not able to cope up with your sleep disorders.


1. Avoid The Use of Gadgets Before Going to Bed


The most difficult and most important thing to do is to avoid electronic gadgets as it is the main reason for many sleep-related problems. If you use a mobile phone in bed then you will not be able to relax your mind which affects your sleep badly. For proper sleep, you have to keep away from distracting things. Continuous use of mobile phones in bed will also create a problem in your head so it's normal you will not be able to sleep well. 

2. Don't Think About The Things Which Worry You

It is necessary to keep all tension away from your bed because you will not be able to do anything about that at bedtime but the tension will do its best to keep you away from your sweet sleep. Many issues are running in our day-to-day life but you have to keep them all aside before going to bed for a night of better sleep. Tension always plays a major role to harm you and its first stage is not being able to get a good sleep so always try to avoid thinking about negativity as it can lead to severe problems like anxiety disorder. If you are suffering from it, get your anxiety disorder counselling done as soon as possible to avoid any consequences later on. 

Natural Ways to Fall Asleep

The best way to improve sleep quality is naturally, I mean don't use medicine to sleep, try to avoid it as much as you can. The natural ways to fall asleep are - 


- Take a walk before going to bed
- Exercise 
- Drink milk before an hour 
- Avoid coffee or tea before sleep
- Keep yourself relaxed before going to sleep.


Here we provide you with the best tips to help you sleep well. If you have any sleeping problems or you want to enhance your sleep quality then this article will surely help you. You can also follow this step to improve your health quality too as better sleep or you can even consult a psychologist if you are unable to resolve your sleeping disorders.

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