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Tips for Self Growth - Mistakes you Should Avoid In Self-Growth

Self growth is very important as it helps in changing both our outer and inner life. So, here are some tips for self growth that will help to achieve success.

Satyapal Aggarwal Personality 29 Jul 2022
Tips for Self Growth
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In this Era, many people want to become self-reliant and work towards improving themselves. In such cases, self growth is the method to change yourself both from the inside and outside. Do you want yourself to achieve success? Self growth is a factor that has a huge role to play in your success. It makes you a more confident, grateful, and positive person. 

In this article we will learn about how to achieve self growth, what is self growth, what should one avoid while working towards achieving self growth, and many other things. First, let's begin with what is self growth and how it is helpful.

What is Self-Growth?

Self growth, also known as personality, is the method or process of developing a personality, your capability, your potential, and work towards changing your life and its quality. It helps you develop your behavior, your actions, your skills, and most importantly your attitude which works towards changing your life and your future.

What is Self-Growth

It helps in your overall development and also contributes to your success. In this process first, you realize who you are and then make progressive changes in yourself to make yourself what you desire to be and achieve your full potential. It is like a challenge you accept to make yourself better. It helps you to be a better human being and contribute to making this world a better place to live in as changes begin from one person. 

3 Tips to Achieve Self-Growth?

For practicing self growth 3 skills form the basic requirement. The skills will help you achieve self growth easily. The basic requirements will help you change yourself and your personality. Apart from practicing gratefulness and meditation, these factors play a very important role in self-growth. So, here are some tips for self growth that will help to achieve success.

1. You Should be Able to do Self-reflection

One of the most basic requirements to achieve self growth is the ability to do self-reflection. Unless and until you are not able to reflect on your deeds and your mistakes you cannot move a step forward. Self-reflection is the first step toward self growth. The ability to self-reflect that you are honest to yourself and the people around you. It shows that you are responsible and can correct your mistakes.

2. You Should Have The Ability of Self-motivation

You Should Have The Ability of Self-motivation

There are often some moments when we lose our motivation to do something in life. Our focus and concentration get disturbed due to distractions. To be able to achieve self growth one should have the ability of self-motivation. You should be able to motivate yourself without relying on others. When you can motivate yourself you often stay focused and concentrated on your work. This factor helps you in building yourself. 

3. You Should Have Self-discipline

Self-discipline is a factor that is not only important for self-growth but also plays a very major role in all aspects of life. Many people ask how self growth helps in personality development? The answer is it introduces self-discipline in the person which is a very important factor contributing to self-discipline. When you are self-disciplined you try to follow your plan without losing your motivation and getting distracted. Therefore, you must learn to be self-disciplined if you want self-growth.

Mistakes You Should Avoid in Self-Growth

Many people try to practice self growth. However, there are many challenges in self growth like negative thoughts, fear of taking risks, unwillingness to take responsibility, etc. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid in self growth.

1. We Live in What Others Decide for Us

We Live in What Others Decide for Us

Some people live a life based on what others decide for them. This living does not promote self growth. When people start living on other people's narration they do not have a choice of their own. Yes, people can give directions. For example, in the case of choosing a career, people can suggest different careers related to your subject but it should be your choice which one you chose. It shouldn't happen that people are choosing a career for you like you should become a doctor only. This shows that you are living on others' narration and don't have your own choice.

2. Not Willing to Take Risk

If a person is not willing to take risk then it shows that you are ready enough to take big steps in life. Taking risks is one of the tips for self growth. One should come out of their comfort zone and take risks to move forward in your life. Taking risks will help you to build confidence. There are self confidence counselling sessions that help in building confidence and help you gather the courage to take risks. Remaining in your comfort zone neither builds your personality nor will it make you successful. Hence learn to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.

3. Not Willing to Take Responsibility for Your Deeds

Take Responsibility for Your Deeds

Self-growth is not possible until and unless you learn to take responsibility for your deeds. Some people blame others and put the responsibility on others' heads to save themselves. However, it won't help you but make you a coward. You should learn how to handle criticism in life. It will help you to take criticisms and scoldings positively. You should understand that your boss gives you a task because you are capable of it. And hence, sometimes criticism comes to make you more active and focused so that you complete your work perfectly.

4. You Are Not Honest to Yourself

One of the other challenges in self growth is that you are not honest with yourself. You know that you are not doing what you ought to do while working towards achieving self growth. You should not lie to yourself when you are aware of the fact that you are not doing things that are necessary for self growth. For example, you know you are not taking responsibility for what you have done yet you tell yourself that it is alright. This shows the mistake you are making while trying to achieve self growth.

5. You Give a Long Time to Change Others

Give a Long Time to Change Others

Another mistake you come at while trying to achieve self growth is that you give a long time to change others. There are times when you feel that some habits are not good in others and you devote yourself to changing those habits. It is good to advise others when you find something which should be changed but before advising others you should see yourself and change your shortcomings. This is one of the tips to achieve self growth. Instead of giving long hours to think about how to change others, you should work on yourself. Self growth needs patience and consistency and when you give your patience and consistency to work over yourself you rise a step towards self growth.


Self growth has become very important especially when you wish to achieve success in your life. It helps you in a variety of ways and guides you towards spiritual and emotional growth as well. There are many benefits of self growth. But to achieve self growth you should know how to fight negativity, keep your mind positive and practice gratitude along with other things like working out of your comfort zone, being honest with yourself and others, and changing yourself in a better way. You can take mindfulness therapy and counselling to work towards making yourself positive.


1. Why is Self-Growth important?

Self growth is very important as it helps in changing both our outer and inner life. It changes us completely into more mature and grateful people.

2. Can self growth help in being successful?

Yes, self growth helps in being successful. It is one of the keys to success as it lets us come out of our comfort zone and work towards improving ourselves.

3. How self growth helps in personality development?

Yes, it helps in personality development as it makes us honest with others and ourselves. Also, it changes us positively in all senses.

4. What are the benefits of self growth?

There are many benefits of self growth like it makes us love ourselves, show gratitude, take risks in life, and teaches us to be responsible for our deeds.

5. How to improve my self growth?

There are many tips to achieve self growth. You should set your daily targets, avoid negative thoughts, achieve small goals, and practice meditation. There are many benefits of morning meditation.

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