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Tips to work on Aggression

Aggression is a response that we have when something doesn't go our way. Most of the time, we get aggressive when some expectation that's not being met.

Anshul Dubey Personality 15 May 2022
Tips to work on Aggression
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Aggression is a response that we have when something doesn't go our way. Most of the time, we get aggressive when some expectation that's not being met. It has ruined many relationships. People lose control over their ideas, behavior, and feelings. We say such hurtful things which we should never say. It often leads to a heated conversation and even a violent fight. 

Aggression can cloud your Judgement, damage your relationships, and destroy the trust you have with others. When you're aggressive, your heart rate rises and you breathe faster. Be on the lookout for these symptoms so you can address them before they worsen. So, we have mentioned a few tips that will teach you how to control aggressive behavior. 

You can follow these tips to work on your aggression control:-

1. Be Quiet

Staying silent is one of the best tips to work on aggression habits easily. If you don't say anything at that moment, you will always avoid any kind of regret later and you will not give the other person a reason to continue to fight. If you have to give a response then make sure you think a little bit about what you have to say and then open your mouth. Don't go off tangent, only make your points clear. When your mind is settled, it is important to clear any misunderstandings.

2. Don't Dwell on The Past Argument


If aggressive thoughts begin in your mind it can lead to a bigger argument. Before they overwhelm you, try to let go of your negative ideas and emotions. Don't get affected by someone's rude remarks. The remarks don't define you. Choose to be indifferent to people in such a situation and learn how to be happy in life and walk away from unnecessary arguments. This will prevent you from overreacting in a situation and is one of the best tips to work on aggression at work.

3. Maintain a Relaxed Mindset

Do not take life too seriously, do not take a few words of people too seriously, and learn how to manage stress as a stressed mindset can cause a lot of mental turmoil and add to the passive-aggressive behavior. Only a few people think before speaking. People just speak and you react. Don't do that. Follow a healthy morning routine and go out to get some fresh air. Love yourself and spend some time with nature. Try slow breathing, this will help you to think clearly and maintain a relaxed mindset and help you understand how to stop being angry and aggressive.

4. Avoid Spicy And Hot Food


Food has a significant impact on our bodies as well as our minds. As the food so your body and as the food so your mind. So, the type of food you eat, the type of mind you have. Food can make us excited which can lead to anger or aggression in an unpleasant situation. Follow a good and healthy lifestyle.

5. Share With Your Loved Ones

Don't try to keep your emotions in your heart, until you can't handle them. Instead, talk to your friends or family members about your feelings. When situations are not conducive and not so cohesive, you do get angry naturally but now keeping anger within you for a longer time is going to create a problem. You have to understand how to control aggressive behavior. You can't speak out when you are angry, you have to settle your aggression down first. However, choose someone who is more glad to engage with you and is your loved one, With whom you can tell and share What you are feeling about the situation? This makes you feel lighter and provides you with tips to work on aggression and how you should deal with such problems.

6. Avoid Thinking Unnecessarily


You should avoid unnecessary thinking when you find that you are getting aggressive. You should calm yourself down by doing something like you should get into some hobby or should go out for a walk, you should sit near the sea and count the waves from the mind down and one's mind calms down then, you will be able to handle any situation with these tips to work on aggression at work very correctly. 

7. Try to Understand Your Mind

Try to become more alert and aware of your mind and what type of thoughts you are getting? If they are thoughts of anger and aggression you should immediately do something to remove them by walking or doing asanas or by doing Pranayamas and utilize tips to work on aggression habits. Through all this, the mind calms down and then, you should think of solving all the problems. You can follow this formula to stay happy and healthy.

8. Count to Ten

This is one of the easiest tips to work on aggression and there is a science behind this simple trick of counting from 1 to10. In this extra time, your body does not react immediately but allows for the logical response of the prefrontal cortex to kick in, which takes about a few seconds longer to activate. Whenever you get aggressive, Start counting. You can also practice relaxation techniques like mindfulness or meditation can help you.

9. Drink Water


Drink a few drops of water whenever you feel like getting aggressive. Tips to work on aggression control like these will give you some time to calm yourself down and avoid unnecessary arguments or responses. You can also isolate yourself for some time and go for a walk. This will allow you to reflect for some time on the situation rather than reacting to arguments.

10. Distract Yourself

Put your thoughts to rest, Stop thinking, and put your fingers to work to understand how to stop being angry and aggressive. Start doing something, I mean here you need any object like a rubber band. Are you also thinking I am talking strange? No, I am not. You can get aggressive anytime. If you are a very aggressive person keep such objects handy and whenever you get such a feeling, Just snap it. Through this, You have got to confuse your mind, Which means you have to fool yourself to keep yourself away from being aggressive. One of these tips to work on aggression habits is to snap the rubber band will help you to stay calm and to avoid thoughts that make you aggressive. So, instead of focusing on your anger, you need to distract yourself and focus on something else. 


Sometimes, we have no choice but to let an issue go, even if we think it's unfair. But, following these tips to work on aggression will allow you to move past bitterness, and toward peace. Additionally, you can also take the help of anger management counseling to get professional help and deal with your problems more effectively. Usually, people slip into aggression or anger, frustration destroys themselves, destroys their calmness, destroys their peace, destroys their health. Instead of that, they are supposed to maintain that calmness and healthy thinking. Being angry or aggressive is like poisoning our system. So, we generate poisons in our bodies by getting aggressive.

From a Quote

Shri Krishna says, "If you can make aggression and desire your slave, then you are truly happy." I hope you will implement all these formulas of calming down your mind and your aggressive nature. I hope you found this useful.

Stay happy, and Spread kindness and Love!!
Thank you for reading !!

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