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Toxic & Abusive Relationship

Toxic and abusive relationships are unhealthy and damaging relationships. The difference between the two is often ambiguous, even to the people involved.

Kanakadurga Kalidindi Marriage & Relationship 25 May 2020
Toxic And Abusive Relationship
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Toxic relationships are those in which the partner constantly feels drained or unhappy after spending time with each other. Abuse can weaken the connection, trust, and bond that is necessary for a relationship to be successful and it can occur mentally, psychologically, and verbally.

Let's talk about the signs of toxicity in a relationship.

What does it look like?

toxicity in a relationship

The following are the signs that can be recognized in a relationship if they are in a toxic relationship.

1. Jealousy

Although it is normal to experience jealousy from time to time, yet it can become an issue if you or your partner can't think or feel positively about each other's success. If you feel jealous of your partner then it can be a sign of toxic relationships and it can create problems in your relationship.

2. Controlling behaviors

You don't respond immediately when your partner asks something from you and you answer in a way that contributes to toxicity in the relationship. Sometimes you control your behaviour and the attempts to control these can be a sign of toxicity in a relationship.

3. Constant stress

A normal amount of stress runs through every relationship, but constant stress can lead to toxicity in a relationship. This ongoing stress can not only impact your physical but also your emotional health. This constant stress is an indicator that there is something abusive in a relationship.

4. Dishonesty

If you find that your partner constantly remains dishonest in the relationship and avoid spending time with you. Your partner's constant dishonest behaviour is a sign of toxicity in a relationship.

5. Ignoring your needs

When it goes against your wishes or level of comfort by whatever your partner wants to do, is a sign of toxicity. For example, you can agree to the tours they have planned, either intentionally or unintentionally to dates that are not convenient for you.

6. Hoping for change

You can remain in the relationship with the thinking that your partner will also change if you change yourself and your actions. Sometimes you stop spending time with friends and family, neglect your health, withdraw from your hobbies, and sacrifice your free time and want to spend it with your partner.

5 Toxic Habits Of Emotionally Abusive Partners 

Emotional abuse is not so easy to recognize while physical abuse is easy to recognize. It includes abusing, threatening, insulting, withholding affection, threatening, criticizing, and blaming to maintain control in the relationship. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions and blame you for anything that goes wrong instead. They refuse to accept or acknowledge your ideas and make fun of them with comments. in this way, they try to undermine your strengths and minimize your achievements.

They can't tolerate disagreement from their partner and shout loudly when you disagree with them. They think it is a personal attack when they hear the opposing idea from their partner.  They separate you from your family and friends to make you completely dependent on them. And for their destructive behaviour, they make excuses that they were tired, overwhelmed, stressed. They put unrealistic expectations on their partners, insisting that they spend all their time with them, and also they expect to set everything aside to meet their needs.

Difference Between Toxic Relationships & Abusive Relationships

Difference Between Toxic & Abusive Relationships

It is necessary to understand the difference between toxic and abusive relationships so that you can try to make changes in your life. If you realize the common signs of both relationships, it will become easier for you to find that you need the treatment or not that you are receiving.

Let’s talk about some common signs of these relationships:

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

In many cases, the signs can be subtle and can't be understood by the people, and can cause major problems in the future. The following are the common signs of a toxic relationship

  1. Patterns of disrespect
  2. Jealousy
  3. Dishonesty
  4. Resentment
  5. Ignoring your needs
  6. Controlling behaviours
  7. A lack of support
  8. Signs of an Abusive Relationship

It is very easy to recognize the abusive relationship symptoms and in this, your partner can beat you, knock you down, and can touch you in a way that will be painful for you.

Some common signs of this relationship are the following:

  1. Physical or sexual violence
  2. Explosions of anger
  3. Threats
  4. Controlling behaviour
  5. Forced decision-making
  6. Possessiveness
  7. Jealousy
  8. Constant put-downs


Finally, I can say that to know about a toxic relationship, you must know how a healthy relationship looks like. A healthy relationship involves understanding and respect and your partner cares about how you feel.

If you don't find these things in your relationship and your partner doesn't care about your feelings then it can be a toxic or abusive relationship. As a result, their emotions and behaviours can cause you long-term mental, physical,  and emotional damage.

Your partner needs respect if you want to make your relationship healthy and abusive behaviour is not acceptable.

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