Types Of Sex Energy

To know how to find the sex energy you must first understand yourself. Here you will know different types of sex energy.

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types of sex energy

Have you ever wondered what is the driving force behind your sexual desires, fantasies, or the urge to get intimate? Our bodies have different sexual energies which shape our sexual pattern and our fantasy. We will tell you about the types of sex energy and how it plays an important role in improving your sexual life. It will also give a brief insight into the ways to find sexual energy.

What is Sex Energy?

It is confusing to understand what is sex energy. However, we will tell you about it in the easiest way possible. Sex Energy is the driving force that comes from within you and makes you have the urge to have sex, make certain fantasies, or prefer certain sexual patterns or behaviors. It is the alignment of your sexual fantasies, likings, and dislikes. After a particular age, your sexual pleasure aligns with your personality which gives rise to sexual energies. For many people who don't get sexual powers by age, their energy goes in a negative direction that either develops hatred or blocks body parts. You can go for sex therapy to recognize your type among different types of sex energy. Here, we will now tell you what are different sex energies.

Types of Sex Energy

Many different types of sex energy dominate a person. It is after a deep understanding of oneself that they can recognize which sex personality they belong to. Here we will tell you about what are different sex energies. It will help you recognize your sex energy.

1. Decompressor Type

Among the different sexual personalities one of the types is decompressor type. People with this type of personality are those who do sex for relief like sex for getting sleep, relief, satisfaction, and for feeling pleasure. If you know that feeling of pleasure when you get an orgasm this is what the decomposer seeks from sex. Many people question does age matter in sexual relationship. Many people get pleasure when they have sex with an individual elder. The different sex energy types help individuals to realize their pleasures but their partner often gets the feeling that the decomposers are not involved as they have pleasure towards the end.


2. Explorer Type

Understanding what is sex energy is important to understand what is your sexual personality. These are the people who want to explore sex and their partner. They want to try different experiments in sex and cannot stick to one single routine of life. They even experiment with their partner's sexual preferences or arousal techniques. They might want to increase the size of their genitals to gain more pleasure. You can use the size up combo by Nature Mania to increase your genital size and practice new sex methods. It also becomes one of the ways to find sexual energy.

3. Equaler Type

Equaler Type

If you want to know about what are different sex energies and find your sexual personality then it is important to understand your preferences. If you are someone who wants to give equal energy as your partner is giving and wants to do things on an equal and similar basis then you are the equalizer sexual type of person. This sexual energy is found mainly in females. It can also be one of the ways how women can feel orgasm. However, among all different sexual personalities, this sexual energy can be found in males as well but this does not happen.

4. Energy Giver Type

If you want to know what are different types of sex personality and which one you are then it is to be done by understanding your sexual behavior. One such sexual personality is being submissive in sex. These are energy-giver types of people who want to give in sex. Among all the sex energy types, these people prefer their partner over them and keep aside their desires or fantasies and want their partner to achieve pleasure and their fantasies. They usually submit themselves to their partner and forget that they are also in the act and don't express their wants and needs.

5. Seekers


Among all the ways to find sexual energy one of the ways is to understand what exactly you want when you go for sex. Are you someone who seeks things and wants to be dominant? These are the seeker type of people who want to take charge of sex and want things they want. They look for their passion. They want partners who would let them take charge. It can also be one of the things that attract a man to a woman. The different sexual personalities at times clash because of these prejudices because the seeker wants things to go their way and this can cause conflicts in certain cases.

6. Playboy Type of Energy

Playboy Type

If you are looking for the answer to how to find the sex energy then it is by knowing about different sexual personalities. One such personality is a playboy type of energy. These are people who are pleasure seekers. These seek pleasure in their desires, and fulfillment but are not much concerned about the female orgasm or their emotions are not important. It can be vice-versa as well. For them, it is only important that their pleasure is looked after. Many people find it difficult to name their sexual energy because they don't know what are different types of sex personality. Their sexual nature is similar to a playboy who is self-concerned.

7. Guardian Type

Guardian Type

Among different sexual personalities, yet another one is the guardian type of sexual energy. These are people who want their partner to feel safe during sex and prefer to perform not often. It is one of the forms of love expressed by them. The people with guardian type of sexual energy are the ones who want intercourse to be felt safe and secure by their partner. They give importance to trust, security, and safety rather than sex. They are also not aware that they have the guardian sexual energy because they cannot recognize and understand the reason why they prefer less sex. They might have had a bad sexual experience or have this feeling of protecting people around them that they wish their partner would not feel unsafe.

8. Spiritual Type

Spiritual Type

There is also a spiritual type among other sex energy types. The people who have a spiritual type relate sex with spirituality. For them, sex is more than love and that is it is divine. It is also at times referred to as Tantric sex. People often ask about what are different types of sex personality. Among them, the spiritual type is the one who considers sex heavenly. Sex is a way to reach God and attain unification with god. It is not for pleasure. Sex is connected with spirituality for them and hence it is not something normal. For them, it means the exchange of energies between the bodies and the arousal of energy within themselves.

9. Teasing Type

To look about how to find the sex energy it is important first to realize your own natural behavior and instincts. One of the sexual energy is the teasing type of sexual energy where you want naughtiness in the sex. It is also one of the ways how to satisfy your woman in bed. Among all the sex energy types, in this sexual energy type, the person seeks to bring teasingness into their sexual life and wants to play with their partner. They do things that are prohibited in sex and want to extend beyond normal sex and explore all new and unique sexual activities to spark and fulfill their desires. This can be or cannot be enjoyed by both of the partners.



Thus knowing about the different types of sex energy helps in identifying yourself with your sexual personality and working on implementing it in your sexual life. You can use lift up oil massage by nature mania to improve your sexual performance and identify your sexual energy. Knowing about what are different sex energies helps you in understanding your partner's desires and energy as well which helps in strengthening the relationship. Thus you must understand your sexual energy and work on finding it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1 How to find Sexual Energy?

    To know how to find the sex energy you must first understand yourself, understand where your pleasure lies, and what your desires or fantasies are. How you want your sexual life to be and how to implement it. One of the ways to find sexual energy or your sexual personality is to try self-pleasure, touching various parts of your body to understand your body dynamics. You can also try experimenting with new methods or forms to understand your choice. This will help you recognize what your sexual preference is and find your sexual energy.

    Sexual energy increases your pleasure while having sex and also gives you delight. It helps you establish a good sexual life and live your life free of stress. But if you don't find your sexual energy on time then by growing old you will not find yourself much interested in sex and it will contradict your personality and preference and you won't find much pleasure in having sex. Finding sexual energy also helps in gaining sexual gratification. It can cause sexual interest/arousal disorder which leads to a lack of interest in sex.

    Often it is debated about who talks more about sex girls or boys. However, in today's generation, both genders talk about sex. The sexual energies exhibited by both genders influence each other as it is the driving force that you engage with each other physically. Conversing about your sexual energies helps you understand each other's fantasies and desires and hence becomes a gateway for new pleasures, and excitement and also strengthens your relationship. It develops understanding between the couple.

    If you know and can identify what are different types of sex personality and realize and implement them in your sexual life it increases your gratification and improves your sexual life. You can fulfill your inner desires and live your fantasies. You can connect with yourself as you recognize your sexual life and work on improving your inner state. You can easily communicate about what you want in your sexual life.

    When there are different or conflicting sexual energies between partners it usually happens that there come certain issues in your sexual life and even in your relationship as you are not able to communicate what you need. You can go for couple counseling, try communicating with your partners about your sexual personality, and also listen to them about their sexual personality. This helps you create balance in your sexual life and along with it fulfill each other's sexual desires and fantasies. Talking it out with your partner also helps a lot.

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