Ways How Women Can Feel Orgasm

Female orgasm is a generic term for all types of orgasms related to female genitalia. Here are some points on ways how women can feel orgasm.

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Ways how women can feel orgasm

Do you want to learn everything about how women can feel orgasm? If yes, you need to look no further, as you can get all the details here. As everybody is different, even every orgasm is different. Whether from partnered sex or masturbation, several things hit the spot, just like achieving orgasm. If you feel that you can get an orgasm only after seeing porn, then you must learn how to overcome porn addiction. Under this guide, you can learn how women can feel orgasm and what it is all about.

Ways How Women Can Feel Orgasm

It can be challenging to define orgasm in one single sentence. It is a feeling which is entirely different for every person. The brain and the central nervous system are responsible for sexual responses like an orgasm. In simple terms, orgasms are good hormones that wave through the body leaving behind several sensations like relaxation, sleepiness, or joy. Some women get orgasms only after watching porn, and there are also different ways where you can learn how to overcome porn addiction. There are other ways women can feel orgasm, and some of them are mentioned here.

1. Clitoral Orgasm

Weakness of a girl every guy should know is clitoral orgasm. Clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of women's anatomy. It features millions of nerve endings, similar to the penis. The sex organ looks like an erect tissue present on the exterior of the vulva. It extends in the Vagina internally to stimulate the clitoris directly, or touching the labia surrounding the clitoris leads to an increased blood flow to the area, putting the clitoris in need of orgasmic release.

A Clitoral orgasm can be achieved through masturbation, and many women are addicted to it. So if you are addicted to masturbation, you must learn how to overcome masturbation.

2. G Spot Orgasm

Another weakness of a girl every guy should know is that a girl can quickly get an orgasm by stimulating her g spot. It is a part of the clitoris wondering how to find a g spot. You have to insert a finger into the Vagina and press forward. When you do so, you can detect a bumpy or rigid area. It feels spongy for women.

Many women also learn how to overcome masturbation as they get an orgasm by masturbating.

3. Vaginal Orgasm

Vaginal Orgasm

An orgasm that a woman gets through penetrative vaginal sex that does not stimulate the clitoris and G spot is known as a vaginal orgasm. It is one of the most common types of female orgasm. The Vagina has several erogenous zones besides the clitoris, and an anterior fornix is on a high front wall of the Vagina.

Some women may find it difficult to achieve vaginal orgasm, while others may find it more pleasurable than clitoral orgasm. Vaginal orgasm can be achieved through penetration or stimulation of the G-spot. This is one of the best Ways how women can feel orgasm.

4. Anal Orgasm

Anal play can also help people with a vagina reach climax by stimulating the erogenous regions indirectly. It is because the anus and the rectum are entirely close to the vagina and clitoris as they are connected through a thin tissue stretch known as the perineum.

During anal sex, you can easily stimulate the same nerves and muscles. It is also one of the most common types of female orgasms. Don't forget anal orgasm when you are learning about how do women have orgasm.

5. Nipple Orgasm

Nipple Orgasm

Nipples and breasts are one of the significant erogenous areas of the body. Some people also find that having their nipples caressed and kissed can result in a powerful orgasm. If you are wondering how do women have orgasm, then you must know that women can have an orgasm through nipples also.

Nipple play can involve licking, sucking, or gentle caressing of the nipples. Some women may be able to achieve orgasm solely through nipple stimulation, while others may require additional stimulation of the clitoris or vagina. Nipple play can be a fun and exciting addition to sexual play.

Tips to Give Woman Orgasm

Thinking about what does orgasm feel like is one thing, but planning to give your woman a successful orgasm is undoubtedly a deep thought. You can learn everything about how to give a woman an orgasm here. Bringing a woman orgasm has nothing to do with pornographic skills.

1. Spend More Time And Focus on Foreplay

Women need a lot of physical and emotional stimulation to become stimulated and primed to get an orgasm. It is the only reason why foreplay plays a crucial role. If you are wondering what does orgasm feel like, then you must try giving your female partner a more extended foreplay. Foreplay should not be rushed or treated like a mandatory task.

Foreplay can start hours before sex actually happens, and every minute of it will prepare your female partner for an orgasm. It would be best if you stimulated her mentally by using a tender touch caressing her mentally.

2. Understand Her Sweet Spots

Sweet Spots

While you learn how to give a woman an orgasm, you must also learn her sweet spots. One of the major sweet spots of women is the clitoris. The tiny organ features a high concentration of nerve endings that can be found near the vulva top.

The clitoris is covered by a bit of skin known as the clitoral hood that keeps it from being constantly stimulated. Once she's aroused, the hood will draw back. This is one of the primary methods of how a woman can have an orgasm, and you must know her sweet spots well.

3. Try Female Friendly Sexual Position

One of the significant tips to give a woman orgasm is to try female-friendly positions. You can try women in the top position as it is one of the best stimulation of the g spot given at the penis angle. She can also move her body quickly in a way that stimulates the clitoris.

You can also allow your partner to sit in your lap for deep penetration and great clitoral stimulation; it is one of the best ways a woman can have an orgasm.

Myths About Female Orgasm

There are several myths about female orgasm, and some of the most common ones are mentioned here. Female Orgasm is not challenging once you understand them, but some misconceptions have to be cleared. Orgasm is an intense pleasure that happens during sexual activity, and rhythmic contractions of the genital muscles generally accompany the feeling. The heart rate increases, and the brain releases hormones that make you happy during the orgasm.

1. There is Only One Type of Female Orgasm

Type of Female Orgasm

One of the biggest myths surrounding female orgasm is that there is only one type of orgasm. Different parts of your body are sensitive to stimulation as they have a lot of nerve endings. Stimulating areas like the vagina, cervix, nipples, and clitoris can lead to orgasm. The combination of the different regions being stimulated generally leads to orgasm.

2. Good Sex Means You And Your Partner Had An Incredible Orgasm

Having an orgasm is a great sensation. But the common myths about female orgasm is that good sex leads to fantastic orgasm. Having sex can be satisfying and relaxing, whether it results in orgasms or not. Sex is just about pleasure and connection between you and your better half.

3. It Would be Best if You Had An Orgasm to Get Pregnant

Yes, you need an orgasm to get pregnant, but it is not for females but just for males. There are several good reasons to have an orgasm, as it is fun, pleasurable, and tremendously stressful, Buster.

4. Everyone Gets an Orgasm

Gets an Orgasm

You would have a query at the back of your mind about what to do when your partner does not value you, and this would come after you not getting the right orgasm after sex. Well, there are people who are unable to achieve orgasm because of trauma history medications like antidepressant changes that occur at different life stages like weight loss or weight gain for unknown reasons also. The best part here is that you must know that everyone is different, and it is OK not to get an orgasm.

5. Orgasm Feels The Same to Everyone

As there are several myths on girls periods, there is also one major myth regarding orgasm: that orgasm feels the same to everybody. The psychological experience is different for every individual, whether there are distractions or how much pressure you feel to reach the orgasm. Even though the same thing is happening to your body physically, the way it feels will be different.


Whether you are getting orgasms at the right time, there is no shame in discussing female sexual Wellness. You can go for online counseling also and ask the counselor how to get an orgasm on what your partner can do to help you with orgasm. Experts also offer relationship counseling that will help you learn how to give your female partner an orgasm. If you are a man and you like having sex with women, then irrespective of your relationship status, you must know how to make a girl cum.

As mentioned, there are multiple ways how women can feel orgasm but every woman’s body is different and they react in a certain different way.


1. Is there any certain type of orgasm?

No female orgasm is a generic term for all types of orgasms related to female genitalia. It can be vaginal clitoral or even a mix of all orgasms.

2. What happens in the body when you orgasm?

Each individual's body is different, and so are their orgasms. Some are more intense, while others are not intense. The vagina and the uterus contract during the orgasm, and women experience involuntary muscle contractions in other parts like the abdomen and feet.

3. Should you go for counseling if you do not get an orgasm?

You should go for counseling if you do not get orgasms in time. You can also go for couple counseling if your partner cannot help you with the orgasm while having sex.

4. Can longer sex help you with the proper orgasm?

No longer sex does not mean that you will have an orgasm immediately. It is a myth that should be debunked in time. To learn more about having an orgasm after sex, you must go for sex therapy.

5. Can women achieve orgasm through mental stimulation alone?

Yes, some women can achieve orgasm through mental or emotional stimulation alone, such as through erotic fantasies or sexual daydreams. However, this is not as common as achieving orgasm through physical stimulation.

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