What To Wear For A Family Picture To Make It Fabulous

Neha Mehta

27 Nov 2020
Wear For A Family Picture

Photos are the vibrant moments captured in a candid frame.  In our Indian society, when we recall our precious moments, it’s challenging to choose one that doesn't encompass our families. Recalling those memories and feeling the joy of that particular moment is always unique to a person. Family photos give you the chance to cherish moments preserved in a frame forever.

So whenever you get an opportunity to be a part of the family picture, or to plan a family photoshoot, make an elegant plan in terms of dresses and other aspects. If you are looking forward to taking family photos for some festivals such as Diwali, or Durgapuja, or Christmas, or Pongal? Or planning to capture some beautiful picture for a family celebration( like a family wedding, or holiday or get together), you must have a precise idea about how to look best as a family.

What to wear for a family picture?

Well, there are several elements to remember while deciding the proper dress and other things for family pictures. You need not be confused about harmonizing the outfits for family photos. Keep confidence in yourself at the time of selecting the colors and textures of clothing items.
At the same time, consider the season, emphasize attaining a cohesive look, and decide the outfits accordingly that will enable the images to have a timeless approach. The most significant part of a family picture is to express the inner love that the family members have for each other. The photographer will handle the rest. Here are some family picture related outfit ideas that will allow you to get a detailed illustration of what to wear for a  family picture.

* Plan it in advance

Planning the clothing can give an individual the privilege to notice other aspects carefully. The more time one allows planning the outfits, the less stressed he'll be. In addition to this, he can have more choices, especially dressing the kids of his family.

* Select the color scheme

To select coordinating colors is the most critical task. Coordination doesn't mean matching.  Deciding the proper colors for a perfect family photo is not only complicated but also quite confusing. You must, in advance, think of some relative colors that tend to coordinate adequately. You can achieve a quite rationally beautiful look even the family members deviate from the exact prescribed colors. By choosing a color strategy and utilizing shades that complement each other, you can accomplish a more realistic look. Pluck two primary colors and then use some different shades of those colors to obtain a distinctive color technique.

* Evaluate the home decor

You must examine the home decor while deciding the outfit for your family photoshoot. Most people prefer to hang pictures at walls and keep them displaying for long. So one must remember that the outfit he selects should harmonize perfectly with the wall colors and decors of the residence.

* Study the location

The location of the photoshoot is one of the prime concerns. What is the exact location? Is it a beach where the blue dominates mostly? Or a specific place where neutral tones prevail? Or a green eye-soothing place surrounded by natural falls? Or an occasion full of grandeur? So specifying a color palette for your outfits that can complement the setting is very important. But select items carefully so that the pieces only complement the context or environment and not overpower it.

* The season is a factor

The season is a matter of concern regarding the color strategies when you decide your outfits. Each season has it's own flavor, color temperature, and topography, which are the vital elements to consider while determining the dresses.

* A pragmatic selection of clothing items is always essential.

It is necessary for all of the members, including the little ones. If the kids feel uncomfortable, the photoshoot will be unnecessarily prolonged and hazardous. So you must be cautious not to make the photoshoot problematic for your family along with your photographer to obtain an excellent shot. The comfort is very crucial in terms of clothing to ensure the happiness that reflects on faces.

* Choose the right accessories to enhance texture to your family pictures.

In your family picture, accessories can add style statements to personal outfits and may weave the family members in a pattern. For example, if mom is wearing a pearl necklace, then giving a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet to the daughter will maintain a distinct pattern for enhancing a cohesive touch.  Moreover, the accessories will provide variations in the photo. You can think of hats, dupattas, scarves, belts, and watches.

* Stay classic or fashionable. It’s your choice.

Select outfits prudently so that they can bring about an ageless and timeless portrait. Staying classic is a unique strategy to make your photos timeless. Styles remain for the time being, but your memories remain timeless. But some opines that the pictures also tell the tale of time, it's passion, fashion, and fascinations. So dressing up, keeping in mind the styles of your time can add a story element in your family photos. But the choice is entirely yours whether you want to make a timeless portrait or a picture full of story elements of a specific time. You can select from both options.

* Avoid multiple patterns or large logos.

That can become a severe distraction in a family photo. Dominant prints and abstract designs can overshadow the theme of a family photo. Avoid conflicting items to retain the decided pattern for your photography session.

* Check the outfits

Accumulate and lay the outfits together to get a clear idea regarding color scheme and pattern while planning. You can change or modify your plan if necessary, as you can get a better impression of what synchronizes and what doesn’t. In addition to this, you can be sure whether you forget any essential item or accessory or not.

Some tips to remember regarding what to wear for family pictures

* If you want a sure shot formula, put maximum family members in various neutral hues (like ivory,  beige, grey) and then enhance with few pops of mixed colors.

* It’s easier to fix the whole dilemma if you start with one person when you think about what to wear for a family picture.

* Stick to one outfit as changing dresses will unnecessarily linger the shoot, causing mood fluctuations of older people and the kids.

* If you’re scheduling an outdoor photoshoot in the winter season, think about warm clothes and gloves. In the summer, choose comfortable cotton outfits that you can easily manage despite having a sweat.
* Shoes are one of the crucial elements to add some wow factor in someone's personality. If you are not able to find the right pair of shoes, it is better to go barefoot. Please stay away from sports shoes and sneakers.

* Wear your clothing's and view them from all angles in the mirror to check whether they can give comfort in various positions. (sitting, leaning, etc.)

* Take the opinions of the kids as well and don’t force them to wear ones that they dislike most.

To Sum Up

* Select cloths are thinking of comfort.
* Choose camera-friendly fabrics.
* Stay away from complicated and small patterns and stripes. Use big ones in moderation.
* Use accessories to add some spices.
* Don't wear formal dresses or short sleeves T-shirts.
* Stop wearing dresses with logos and texts.
* Avoid very saturated colors.
* Don't wear dark colors.
* Try to avoid white, use off white or ivory instead.

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