What Is Edging In Sex

Benefits of edging is that it helps in improving your sex time. Here you will know what is edging in sex.

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what is edging in sex

Have you ever tried to stop your semen or orgasm from releasing? Do you know what this technique is? Many times  one often goes for different practices they are not aware of and remains unaware of their benefits or side effects. So, let's uncover this technique, what is edging in sex or the start and stop technique among the males?

In this article, we will be talking or discussing edging in sex or the start and stop technique, what are the benefits and side effects of practicing this technique, we will also have a look at whether or not this technique is good for males and how you can go for edging in sex. So, tighten your seat belts and let's go on a ride to unravel edging.

What Is Edging In Sex?

Do you know what is edging in sex? Edging in sex refers to the practice of stopping your ejaculation or orgasm just before or on the verge of releasing it. It is also known by the name of start and stop technique and that's because you start stimulating yourself, reaching the peak and then stopping it from getting released.

While there are many ways, one of the best ways to get harder erection in males is also at times the edging technique. This is practiced by many men to enjoy sex for a longer duration. There are various benefits of controlling orgasm and also there are some side effects. We will be looking at each of them and will tell you whether it's right to do it or not.

Benefits Of Edging

There are certain benefits of controlling orgasm which can help you make your sexual life pleasurable like:

1. It Increases Your Sex Time

One of the benefits of edging is that it helps in improving your sex time. Since you stop your orgasm at the peak moment, you get more time to enjoy the activity you were indulging in, be it watching porn or having sex. You can then go for more rounds and enjoy the feeling or the intensity alone or with your partner.

Knowing how to improve time and power in sex, helps in increasing sexual gratification for both partners. It increases the sex time and every power allowing you to explore and experiment while having sex in positions, foreplays, and techniques so that you can increase the intimacy, pleasure and spark in your relationship.

2. It Helps People With Premature Ejaculation Issues

There are many benefits of controlling orgasm, one of them is that it helps males who are suffering from premature ejaculation problems. Premature ejaculation refers to the problem of ejaculating before having sex or experiencing any sexual pleasure. It ruins the sexual gratification for both partners and hence, it is necessary to cure it.

There are many reasons why men face issues with erection, however, going for edging or stop-and-start technique helps in delaying the orgasm which gradually solves the issue of premature ejaculation. So, if you are suffering with the condition of premature ejaculation, practicing edging is one of the most helpful techniques.

3. It Is Good For People Who Watch Excessive Porn

Watch Excessive Porn

When it comes to the benefits of edging, one of the benefits of practicing edging in sex is that it is beneficial for people who are accessively addicted to porn. People who watch porn usually suffer from frequent ejaculation or cannot control themselves. Ejaculating frequently leads to fatigue and tiredness in them.

It is one of the things that reduce sex stamina and even does not allow you to properly experience the pleasure of sex. Edging allows you to delay the orgasm which helps you to go for more rounds of watching porn, feeling the intensity and enjoying it without feeling tired. However, it is not good to have an addiction towards porn.

4. Reduces Weakness And Prolonged Sexual Satisfaction

Yet among the other benefits of controlling orgasm, one of the benefits is it helps in reducing weakness and thus prolonging the sexual satisfaction and intimacy between the partners. As said above, delaying orgasm helps you reduce fatigue and tiredness as the release of orgasm causes tiredness, and laziness in the body which leads to weakness.

But when you stop the release or ejaculation then your body does not lose any energy and you are all set to go for another round. Do you know what happens when men don’t masturbate? The body repairs itself and males also feel more energy in them. Frequent ejaculation can cause a lot of harm to the body and hence edging is essential.

Harmful Effects Of Edging

However, there can be side effects of edging, which though not harmful, should be looked after:

1. Your Female Partner Might Become Uncomfortable Or Tried

Uncomfortable Or Tried

One of the harmful effects of edging is that with the excessive delay of orgasm, your female partner may find it very difficult or uncomfortable. There are various reasons for the same, like they may feel that, why they are unable to get you to the arousal of releasing, they may get tired by performing sex and still have no orgasm.

Delayed orgasm is one of the reasons why women say no to sex, continuous sex can get them tired and make them feel uncomfortable as to why they are not achieving orgasm. So this can be one of the harmful effects however this is not something to be serious about and you can communicate it with your partner.

2. The Post-ejaculation Time Increases A Lot

One of the side effects of edging is that it can increase your post-ejaculation time. When you practice edging you delay the release of orgasm which at first may not sound troublesome but with its continuous practice can prolong the ejaculation time a lot leading to delayed ejaculation and hence you might not have orgasm when needed.

Though it is not a serious problem and can be treated, you can seek sex therapy if you are unable to have ejaculation on time when you want to. It will help you understand the concept of edging and how many rounds you can go for. Seeking professional advice is very beneficial when it comes to improving your sexual life.

3. You May Have A Dry Orgasm

Dry Orgasm

Yet one of the harmful effects of edging can be a dry orgasm. Dry orgasm is the state when you have reached the peak of sexual gratification or stimulation and yet you cannot ejaculate or release your semen. When you release the fluid then it is known as ejaculation however if that does not take place it is considered to be a dry orgasm.

Practicing the start and stop technique helps you reach the state of dry orgasm. Though it is not essentially harmful to your sexual life or your body, taking care of the reasons that cause them is essential. To many males, it is a good option as they can feel the sensations but do not have to ejaculate frequently.

4. This Can Lead To Blue Balls

Blue Balls

Just knowing about what is edging in sex, is not enough, you should also look if there are any side effects of the same or not. One of the possible side effects you can have from edging is Blue balls or Epididymal Hypertension. It is a condition where the males remain aroused or stimulated without orgasm.

This can be one of the side effects of edging, but it is not harmful. This condition may cause discomfort to males, however, it can be cured later on. Blue balls usually take place because the blood accumulates over time in the testicles due to the prolonged period of sexual arousal without any sexual stimulation.

Is Edging Right Or Not?

Now that you know the benefits and side effects of edging it is essential to understand whether or not you should do it. After knowing what is edging in sex, it is essential to understand if practicing it is right or not. It is normal and fine if you want to go for edging. It is a beneficial practice men can go for to enhance their sexual life.

Though there are some of the harmful effects of edging, they are not serious or critical which can hamper your sexual life a lot. They can easily be treated and taken care of. There are also numerous benefits of edging which help male increase the sex timing and stamina, intimacy with their partner, adding spark to relationships and many more.

How To Do Edging?

So, you can practice edging, but how? Here are some of the ways to do edging. These methods are:

1. Pay Close Attention To The Signals Sent By Your Body

Pay Close Attention

When it comes to how to do edging, you must pay attention to your body and understand the signal it sends to you. Know the sensations of your body and when it is going to release or ejaculate so that you can stop it at that point of time when you are on the verge of releasing.

2. Try To Relax When You Feel You May Have An Orgasm

Among the other ways to do edging, the next step after you realize that you are going to ejaculate, try calming yourself down. Relax yourself, stop the activity that leads to orgasm and practice deep breathing. Work on making yourself calm so that the urge to release passes down and you don't ejaculate.

3. Hold Your Penis To Stop The Flow

Now the next step in how to do edging is to hold your penis from the tips to stop the orgasm or discharge. While you are relaxing your body at the same time try to close the tips of your penis so that you don't end up releasing it. Hold your penis firmly but tightly to avoid orgasm and relax yourself.

4. Repeating The Steps Until You Want To Release

Now, one cannot do that in a day, however, if you can stop the ejaculation you can try going for different rounds. This is one of the ways to do edging, after you stop the ejaculation you can resume the activity again, enjoy the pleasure and feel orgasm again, and go for edging again. You can do this for a few rounds.


So, wrapping up the article, you are now aware of what is edging in sex. It is the practice where you stop the ejaculation when you are just on the verge of releasing it. It is also popularly known as the start and stop technique. It is fine to practice edging as it has as such no severe harmful effects and provides a lot of benefits especially premature ejaculation issues.

You can practice it alone or go for it with your partner. If your partner is unable to understand it or feels uncomfortable it is necessary to communicate to them about it or you can also go for couples therapy to work your relationship amidst sexual tension. Thus, you must cautiously practice edging as it is a safer option if you want to enjoy extended periods of sexual satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1 Are there any side effects of practicing edging?

    Though there can be some of the side effects of edging, they are not harmful or severe. These are Epididymal Hypertension, your female partner feeling uncomfortable or tired, having a dry orgasm or experiencing more time in post-ejaculation. You can still practice edging as it has many benefits.

    Though many people consider semen retention and edging to be similar, there's a slight difference between them. It is retaining or stopping the ejaculation however in semen retention you do not ejaculate in the entire act or after that but in edging you just delay and ejaculate later.

    There are many ways to do edging, either you can do it alone or you can do it with your partner. To do edging with your partner you must first get consent from them, and go for stimulation using foreplay or sex toys. Then change the intensity of going slow as you near climax and wait for a short time, then again repeat.

    Knowing how to do edging is good but also knowing for how long you can practice this or dealing with orgasm is important. If you are a beginner, starting with a few rounds like 4 to 5 times is better to go and then you can increase these rounds as soon as you become aware of your body.

    First, it is important to understand that, unlike means, not all females ejaculate to achieve the climate. They also don't have any recovery period to gain the energy like males so they can go for repeated orgasms. So there is no need for women to stop the orgasm however if they want they need a lot of practice.

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