What Is Gender Change Surgery

The benefits of gender surgery is that they can feel the same with the body they have. Here you will know what is gender change surgery.

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what is gender change surgery

Has this thought ever come to your mind that you're not made for the body you are in? Do you feel that your assigned gender at birth, your body does not match with your inner consciousness? Have you ever said that you should be born in a different body? This is what this article concerns, that is, what is gender change surgery?

In this article, we will be talking about sex change female to male or vice versa. We will tell you in detail all about the sex change operation, who can go for it, what is the process, the benefits and the risks involved in the process. So, if you are looking forward to knowing more about it, you are on the right page, let's begin.

What Is Gender Change Surgery?

When it comes to what is gender change surgery, it refers to the operation or surgery where your gender is usually changed to the one you want or there are certain corrections done to your body. Usually, those who are transgender male female or from LGBTQ go for these surgeries.

It is essential to understand whether you need the surgery or not. You can go for LGBTQ counseling to understand more about your identity and sexuality. The operation is usually of sex change male to female or female to male depending on how they are born.

Who Can Go For Gender Affirmation Surgery?

Just understanding what is gender change surgery isn't enough, you must also know about who can go for gender change surgery.

1. Those Who Do Not Feel The Same As Their Gender Assigned At Birth

Now have you ever considered why women say no to sex or the same with men, this may be because they cannot align themselves with their sexuality. There are times when you don't feel the same as your body. You may have the body of a male but you are more into feminine sexuality by your feelings and behavior.

These are the people who usually go through gender change surgery, that is, transgender males or females who are not able to feel themselves in the body they got by birth. The benefits of gender affirmation surgery for them are that they can feel aligned or the same with the body they have and live a more comfortable and easy life.

2. People Who Want To Correct The Appearance Of Their Genitals Are

Correct The Appearance

Another reason and category of people who go for sex change operation are the ones who want their genitals to be corrected. At times the genitals are not in good shape or there are certain issues with the body due to which the body is unable many people become conscious of their appearance and hence want to go for the change.

Have you ever heard of what is gynecomastia, it is a condition of enlarged breast tissue in males. Many males or females have certain issues in their body parts that they want to get corrected so that they can feel more confident in themselves and live life as they do without the feeling of embarrassment.

What Is The Process of Gender Affirmation Operation?

The process of gender affirmation operation mainly includes three stages, wherein the other stages are also submerged. These stages are:

1. You Need To Go For Counseling Session

Counseling Session

When you get to know what is gender change surgery, you may think that you can easily go for the surgery but there are certain stages to it. In them, the first step is going for counseling sessions. It is a necessary step to take counseling or therapy so that the doctor gives you a no-objection certificate such that you can go for surgery.

You may be asked for psychotherapy or other therapy where the doctor asks and validates whether you should go for the surgery or not. Your friends and family can also be called for sessions to check it is not just a wimp. You may ask questions about the surgery, the process and the risks to check whether you are aware or not.

2. Undergoing The Hormonal Plantation

The second step in the process of gender affirmation operation is undergoing hormonal therapy. Hormonal therapies refer to the placement of hormones in the body to balance it out. When your body is unable to produce essential hormones, hormonal therapy is given to balance it so that you can live normally.

In the case of sex change female to male or vice versa. Hormonal therapy is given so that you can have masculine or feminine developments in the body. Males are given estrogen hormone injections whereas females are given testosterone hormones and so. This process takes place before the surgery.

3. Going For Plastic Surgery Operation

Plastic Surgery Operation

The last step in the process of gender affirmation operation is going for the plastic surgery operation or the surgeries that will be undertaken to change your gender. Many surgeries are conducted under this and they differ from the kind of changes you want in your body and your gender and hence are done in steps.

The sex change operation includes different surgeries like if you are going from male to female there will be two surgeries and if you are going from female to male then there are possibly three surgeries however this depends on what changes you want. There are top surgery, bottom surgery and other part surgery like face.

Benefits Of Gender Affirmation Surgery

The success rate of gender affirmation surgery is usually high and people are very pleased with the life they live after going for it. Therefore, one encounters a lot of benefits of gender affirmation surgery. People start accepting themselves after the surgery which they were unable to do before it but it is you should understand that heating yourself is not an option.

Even though you have undertaken the sex change surgery you should know how to stop hating yourself and embrace yourself. The sex change male to female or vice versa helps the individual to embrace themselves and helps them align their feelings with that of the body. It allows them to come out of their shells and be confident about themselves, and how they are and present themselves with their new, accepted, and wanted identity.

Risks in Sex Change Surgery

There can be minor inconveniences or sex change operation risks that you can encounter and knowing about them is essential before you proceed with it.

1. You May Face Certain Problems In Your Sexual Life

While the gender change operation comes with various benefits there are certain sex change operation risks as well. You need to understand that a sex change operation is a very huge and critical operation where there can be certain risks. One of the risks or outcomes you can face is experiencing certain problems in your sexual life.

Certain sex change male to female operations or vice versa, can lead to infertility and hence the doctor warns the patients about and recommends freezing their eggs or sperm. You may also face problems in your sexual life as you may not have the same vitality or pleasure in having sex. However, this may happen or may not.

2. There Are Certain Possibilities Of Infection Or Bleeding

Infection Or Bleeding

One of the sex change operation risks is encountering infections or bleeding from the wounds. A proper period of recovery is suggested after you go for a sex change operation. Where a new undergo counseling sessions with a therapist and even consult with a doctor regarding your wounds and other issues to avoid infection or bleeding.

However many times when proper care is not taken or due to some other reasons there are chances that you may acquire an infection or have been beyond the tentative period. In such cases, it is essential to consult your doctors immediately and seek treatment so that you don't have any problems later in your physical or sexual life.

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3. You May Have To Take Hormonal Injections Regularly

Many times when you go for a sex change male to female or vice versa, it happens that you have to continuously go for hormonal injections even after the surgery. This is common and takes place usually because your body is not made in the manner to release these hormones and to continue living the new identity you need those hormones.

Yes after the surgery you may have the growth of hair and other body features but to continue living that life you need a dose of hormones. In gender affirmation surgery, if you have converted from female to male you may suffer from a decrease in testosterone hormones, so you may need hormonal injections regularly to keep the balance.

4. You May Face Problems While Some Daily Activities Or Phases

Some other sex change operation risks can be that you may face some issues in your normal phases of life or certain other activities. There can be certain issues like if you are converting yourself from a male to female you may see that you might not get pregnant as your uterus is not capable of conceiving.

However, there are other ways by which you can try becoming a parent. Just like this, there are certainly other issues that you may face like adjusting to your new body and experiencing the changes, at first it may be difficult but later you will get habituated to the same. So, these are certain risks, which with proper treatment and care can be reduced and avoided.

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Wrapping up, now that you know what is gender change surgery, it is essential to understand that gender change operation is a big decision and you need proper mental preparation to undergo this. It is essential that from the beginning only you talk to your children about their sexual identities so that they can acknowledge it and accept themselves. Knowing how to talk to children about sex isn't enough.

Showing your support to them is equally necessary. There are many benefits of gender affirmation surgery as it helps you align your body with your feelings. Going for the sex change female to male or vice versa or even having your genitals shape corrected requires a lot of thinking. So, if you feel suffocated with your body, proceed with it and live the life the way you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1 What Is The Cost Of Gender Affirmation Surgery?

    The average cost of a sex change operation ranges from 3 to 4 lakhs. Further, it depends upon the kind of surgery you are going for, whether it is male to female or female to male, how many surgeries are involved and other factors. As male to female requires less surgeries it costs less than that of female to male.


    The doctors who are involved in sex change female to male or male to female cupboards and a lot of departments and doctors, for example, you may be required to consult a therapist, plastic surgeon, gynecologist, urologist, anaesthesiologist, nurses and other practice nurse and if it requires your language surgery them may be other doctors.

    The success rate of gender affirmation surgery is usually found to be around 94% to 100% success. The patients are usually satisfied with the results and have found improved quality of life. They have long-term benefits and can live the life how they have wanted to.

    Societal viewpoints can help people facing gender crisis by showing more support regarding the gender option present for people and allowing them to be as they are without making them feel that they don't belong in society. They can also motivate or encourage them for gender affirmation surgery.

    There are different process of gender affirmation operation which undertake different surgeries and even therapies like voice therapy and hormonal therapy. There are surgeries like Vaginectomy, Metoidioplasty, Hysterectomy, Phalloplasty, Scrotoplasty, top surgery, bottom surgery, facial surgery and others.

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