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What is Lust? How to Overcome Lust

Do you want to know whether you or your partner is in lust or love? If yes, we will tell you here about what is lust, its signs, and how you can overcome it.

Dr. Neha Mehta General 26 Nov 2021
What is Lust? How to Overcome Lust
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Are you confused between what is love and what is lust? Do you want to know whether you or your partner is in lust or love? If yes, we will tell you here about what is lust, its signs, and how you can overcome it. So, keep reading this piece to have a better understanding. 

If you have recently entered a relationship, recognizing whether it is lust or love can be tough. But there are still signs that can give you an idea of the same. Many times people mistake lust love and ruin their life. This commonly happens when the younger generation. We will tell you here what lust actually is, which will help you in judging if you or your partner is in love or lust and we help to figure out your feelings and make a better judgment.

What is Lust?

Have you just entered a relationship? Lust or love are often seen as similar terms but they are quite different. Lust is a desire to have an intimate or physical relationship with your partners. It is least concerned with knowing your partner but fulfills any human's sexual happiness. It is normally hormones driven. If you are in lust, you might not have anything in common with your partner and might fight with your partner if you don't intimidate.

What is Lust

There are many types of lust like the lust of sexual desires, the lust of power, the lust of money, the lust of richness, etc. One of the other humans is driven by one or the other kind of lust. Physical signs of lust for a person are physically driven and fantasizing about having a person just to fulfill the hormonal desires. Just like you get addicted to drugs, lust is similar to it. It is very harmful to you and people around you, though it is normal to desire but letting it stay is not appropriate. Hence, you must work on overcoming it. Now that you know what love is lust love, we will tell you the signs of lust in a man or woman. Let's dig in.

Signs of Lust

Now that you know clearly what is lust, you might be thinking of you to recognize whether you are in lust or not. This is an important factor you need to think clearly about. Many different signs can help to recognize whether you love your partner or it is lust. Signs of lust in the eyes or behavior are quite visible and understood. You can also recognize it through physical signs of lust. Here are some hints or signs by which you can recognize it is for lust only and not something like love, attraction, or attachment.

Signs of Lust

1. A Sensation of Excitement

One of the common signs of lust is having a sense of excitement each time you see your partner or they touch you. You develop a kind of imagination and get excited. You smile limitlessly and think about being turned on. Your imagination goes far beyond what can give you goosebumps.

2. Heart Palpitations When Your Partner Touches You

Another common sign that it is lust is your heart starts beating fast when your partner touches you. You instantly start thinking of how both of you can serve one another. You want them to be close to you and think of them constantly.

3. Focus on The Body

Yet very prominent and accurate types of lust can be identified with the help of gaze. You always have a focus on your partner's body rather than their soul. Whenever you see them, all your gaze gets fixed to their outward beauty and body. You want to be intimate with them at the very moment you see them.

4. Only Sexual Attraction Towards Another

Lust is about having sexual desires, if you are attracted to your partner only because of sexual desires, it is very clear that there is the existence of lust and passion, nothing else. Even if you both aren't working well together or are not fit for each other you stick to them because of sexual desires.

5. You Don't Want to Spend Time Other Than Intimidating

If you are willing to sit with them, or think of a reason to stay away from them when you are not intimidating, then this is something you should think of as a signs of lust. You want to leave the room without trying to have a chat or another talk is an example of the same.

6. You Are Not Willing to Have Deeper Talks

You don't want to know about your partner's friends, family, or any details like what they like, what they do the whole day, or have any kind of deeper talk to know them, their likes, dislike. This is another sign of lust. You are not interested in your partner.

How to Overcome Lust?

After reading the signs of lust, do you think you were in lust rather than love? If you cannot relate with the signs, then you don't have to think much, you necessarily are not in lust but if by any chance you are unsure and think it is lust, we will help you out by telling you ways to overcome lust by the help of which you can easily overcome lust. There are many ways to overcome lust naturally, it is just that you have to strictly follow the points without any default. Let's check them out.

How to Overcome Lust

1. Stop Temptations

One of the most effective yet difficult ways to overcome lust is stopping all temptations. It will help you in managing your desires. Limit the time you spend with the person for whom you have the desire. Use your computer in parks, coffee shops, or other public places to restrict yourself from watching porn. This is one of the ways of how to overcome porn addiction.

2. Respect For The Other Person

One of the most important methods of how to overcome lust is to have respect for the other person and yourself. You should respect the other person's feelings and yours as well. Developing respect between the two can help you in suppressing your desires and overcoming them.

3. Identify The Triggers

There are always certain triggers that contribute to any situation. In lust as well there are triggers that can tempt you. Recognize those triggers and avoid them. For instance, if you are alone and then only the thought comes to your mind then try spending time with friends and family. 

4. Find The Reason to Resist Yourself

Yet another ways to overcome lust is by giving reasons to make yourself resist it at any cost. You may come up with reasons that remind you of ignoring the desires and getting back to the normal thought process such as you can let lust ruin your relationship or you will intimidate only when you get married. 

5. Have a Deeper Talk and Know Your Partner

Trying to have a deep talk with your partner and knowing what they want can help you overcome lust and passion may also lead to the generation of love for them. Knowing your partner and thoughts will let you know how they perceive you and you can work on it together. You can also take relationship counselling for better understanding.

6. Try to Shift Focus

Another effective method of overcoming lust is shifting your focus.  If you constantly think of your partner and let your desires take over you, it will only harm you. Try focusing on other things like work. Get yourself busy and do something that doesn't allow your mind to wander and this way you will be able to enjoy your relationship life even much better.

7. Practice Meditation

Practice Meditation

Doing mindfulness meditation is very useful in controlling desires. Meditation helps you have self-control over yourself and avoid unwanted thoughts. You can do yoga, walk a bit or listen to music even get in touch with a good therapist if needed to calm your mind and yourself. With the help of meditation and exercise, you can control your temptations to great extent.

8. Having Sexual Thoughts is Normal

Recognition or acknowledgment is very important to let go of anything. Know that having sexual desires is a normal thing and that doesn't make you different or bad. Even if they come don't ignore them just recognize them and pass them off by shifting your focus. Just like in meditation you let the thoughts come, acknowledge them, and then again concentrate on something else.

9. Stop The Use of Alcohol or Drugs

Alcohol or drugs can lead to increased stimulation or intense desires. That this time you lose control over yourself. Hence stop the use of alcohol or drugs. It also harms your body and makes your mind lose and wander. 

10. Start Seeing a Counsellor

If at some moment in your relationship you start feeling something is not good or love has turned to lust you can seek advice and help from a counselor and take couple counselling so that you can get to know what's wrong. Counselors help you to re-work your relationship and understand each other's love and problems equally.


When you know about what is lust, it is very easy to recognize and call for a decision to make your life better. Overcoming lust can be a very tough job, you may feel the urge to fulfill your desires but getting rid of it is the best reward you give to yourself. It is like any bad habit that develops with time so, it will take some time to overcome it. Many times lust may also develop into love with strong bonds and deep talk. If this does not happen try overcoming it.

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