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Introduction to Music Therapy | How Does Music Therapy Work?

Music therapy used to treat patients suffering from a wide variety of ailments. It is not only used as technique to treat emotional or mental issues. Know how does music therapy works from the expert psychologist of My Fit Brain.

Jyoti Sharma Psychotherapy 20 May 2019
Introduction to Music Therapy | How Does Music Therapy Work?
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For most people, music is an important part of daily life. Some rely on music to get them through the morning commute while others turn up their favorite playlist to stay pumped during a workout. 

Many folks even have the stereo on when they are cooking the meal, taking a shower, or folding the laundry, music is often linked to mood. If you are sad, or tired, then anyone song which is your favorite can change your mood, after which you will feel very relaxed. For people who do not understand the language of music, music can also affect their minds.

If You want to say something but You can’t, then you can tell them through music. I'm not surprised if I say that music therapy is studied for use in the management of many medical conditions. It is useful because music triggers whole brain processes and functioning which directly affects cognition, emotional and physical functions, and abilities. Also, music therapy has become a core strategy used in leading rehabilitation, education, and wellness programs. It is useful to social and cultural perspectives also.

What is Music Therapy? | How Does it Work?


Music Therapy works on several different levels and in several different ways. It has been proven that music, especially pieces with strong rhythmic elements, can affect heart rate and breathing and promote the release of endorphins or natural painkillers. It has also been shown to reduce muscle tension and can be very helpful in releasing memories or negative feelings that may have been repressed, which can help to change behavior and affect behavioral issues. Playing music can also improve skills such as communication and physical coordination. It helps you to refresh the mood and it has been an unbelievable power to reduce your tension and stress.

Music therapy commonly used for:

  1. Autism
  2. Dementia
  3. Depression
  4. Infant Development
  5. Anxiety
  6. Insomnia
  7. Hypertension
  8. Personality Issues
  9. Substance Dependency
  10. Alzheimer
  11. Schizophrenia
  12. Stress

And other mental health disorders.

The Procedure of Music Therapy

an old man listening music happily

Music therapy is used to treat patients suffering from a wide variety of ailments. The use of music therapy is not only used to remove emotional and mental problems, but music therapy can also be used for physical treatment. Music can be used by doctors in the treatment of any of their patients, for example, if someone is physically, mentally, emotionally ill in any way, then music therapy can be used in their treatment.

  1. Religious Song: Early morning is the best time to listen to them so that you wake up in a fresh mood, calm, and peacefully collect your energy, and get ready for the running day. Also, it helps you in decreasing your stress level in the body
  2. Some Fast Music Tone: Either fast music or fast track of folk music, during your gym, aerobic it helps you to collect the power and strength and helps you to warm up for exercise.
  3. Mantras: During meditation always avoid phones and listen to mantras specially GAYATRI MANTRA to take yourself out of the world for a while and freshen up yourself. It is useful in the condition of depression. By music therapy, we can treat it.
  4. Soft & Happy Song: While doing your household you just listen to the soft and melodious song. So that you will feel happy and positive while doing your work, especially while cooking because we get frustrated while cooking several dishes especially in summers.
  5. Soft but Fast Folk Music: It will help you to boost up your power. The people who are having low self-esteem, anxiety, etc. will help them to boost the inner power and reduce the level of anxiety.
  6. Romantic Music: When you are with your partner listening to romantic music, feel them so that your love will be freshened up again and also it helps you to take out some of the tensions and you feel relaxed and alive.
  7. Bhajan & Light Music: When you are suffering from insomnia this type of music will help you to fall asleep. Listen to calm and light songs or bhajans. So that you get relaxed psychologically as well as physically.

Music is an important tool for motivation and encouragement in individuals. There are a variety of different approaches that are used for the treatment of the patients. Also, approaches are often used according to the age and patient's particular ailment.

Benefits of Music Therapy:

Music therapy involves making and listening to music tunes. You are involved in music discussions with other patients or with your therapist. Everyone likes music. Whether it is animals or plants, there should be no surprise that they can prove to be very effective in treating mental health.

Music therapy corrects many mental and physical problems. Mainly, the tension of muscles, feelings that arise in the mind after a breakup, get rid of the feeling of inferiority, get rid of self-aggrandizement, anxiety, relationship problems, problems in talking, being in relationship Ones, fights, etc. Music therapy can help in the effective treatment of these problems. Music therapists and music therapy centers can be found in almost every major city these days. Nowadays many big colleges, schools, corporate houses also take the services of music therapists.

So that their employees have better physical, mental health, and communication skills are improved. Music therapy can also improve your everyday routine. Music therapists also offer their services in mental health clinics, hospitals, psychiatry centers, senior citizen houses, prisons, and detention centers.

You have to accept that Music therapy has a special place in the Therapist's life. Even Medical science also accepts that music is a miracle. From older days music has a power of Human kinds. Hopefully, this article will provide you with an overview of Music therapy. There are many apps and books on Music Therapy. 

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