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What is OCD? Best ways to deal with OCD

Do you overthink a lot? Or feel the urge to do something over and over? Let us now know what OCD is all about? What is OCD and ways to deal with OCD?

Dr. Neha Mehta General 27 Mar 2022
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Do you overthink a lot? Or feel the urge to do something over and over? If yes then I suggest you check for OCDs. Let's first discuss What is OCD? It is a mental illness that causes unnecessary thinking over thoughts or sensations and you also get an urge to do something over and over. Many people have misconceptions about OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) that it is about having bad habits like biting nails but it is not. OCD is about having compulsions and obsessions. There are so many people in this world who are suffering from OCD but are not aware of it. But, it is very necessary to know and get your treatment done timely because it may lead to very serious issues. So, let us now know what OCD is all about?

What is OCD?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a kind of mental disorder that causes recurring unwanted thoughts and doing things on a repeated basis like washing hands again and again. Many people think negative thoughts which are not realistic. This disorder is very common, chronic, and long-lasting. The symptoms of OCD can interface with all types of aspects of life it may be at the workplace, school, or personal aspects. You should always maintain calmness and patience while dealing with people with OCD. Let us know what are the signs that say you have OCD.

Signs That You Have OCD

1. You Get so Many Obsessive Thoughts That Are Difficult to Resist

People with OCD get so many obsessive and negative thoughts that are very difficult to resist. They are always in deep thinking and try to stay away from everyone. There are full of stress and anxiety for no reason. Sometimes, the thoughts they are thinking are not even realistic. So, if you have the same problem that there are very high chances that you have Anxiety that makes your life worse, if you also suffer from anxiety, you should find different ways to deal with anxiety.  The best way to deal with OCD thoughts is to get your OCD treatment as soon as possible.

2. You Keep on Doing Things on a Repeated Basis

This is one of the biggest symptoms that say you have Obsessive-compulsive disorder. People with OCD have a habit of doing things on a repeated basis like washing hands, again and again, you feel doubtful whether you have locked the door or not, checking things again and again, etc. So, if you also have a habit of doing things on a repeated basis then do check for OCD.


3. You Have Fears For Everything

People with OCD hold fears for everything like they have fear of contamination like dirt, being touched by anyone, and a lot more. So, if you have fears of so many things then you may have problems with OCD. 

4. You May Feel Guilty And Doubtful Most of The Time

One of the symptoms that say you have OCD is that you may feel guilty and doubtful most of the time. For example-  If you have committed a mistake and you feel sorry for it and the next person has forgiven you but you still keep on living with a sense of guilt and stay doubtful all the time that whether the next person has forgiven you or not? Will your relationship be the same or not? If you suffer from the same problem then there's a higher possibility that you have OCD.


5. You Avoid People And Often Sit Alone

You always overthink the negative thoughts and stay full of stress and anxiety and this makes you live away from people. This may also lead to the ruin of your relationships. So, if you too avoid people and often stay alone then there's a possibility you have OCD.

How to Deal With OCD?

Living with OCD is very destructive. So, one should get the treatment done timely. There are so many types of treatments done for overcoming OCD but out of them, behavioural cognitive therapy is considered to be one of the best therapy treatments. There are a few steps you should do before getting your OCD treatment.

1. Go For a Physical Exam

The first way to deal with OCD, while getting diagnosed with OCD firstly you should have a physical exam as it will help you to find out about the other problems having similar symptoms and you can also get to know if you have any other complications. 

2. Know About The Proper Criteria Before Getting Diagnosed

Your doctor will use some kind of criteria for your treatment. So, know about the criteria and the statistical manual of mental disorders.


3. Get Psychological Evaluation Done

Go to your psychologist to share all of your thoughts, symptoms, habits, behavior changes, and feelings. This will help your psychologist to understand your behavior which is being destructive and disturbing your quality of life. These are the best ways to deal with OCD.

So, this is all about a few steps that should be done before getting diagnosed with OCD. Let us know a few tips to overcome OCD.

Tips to Overcome OCD

Let's discuss, what are the best way to deal with OCD?

1. Do Exercise

The best way to deal with OCD is to practice exercise. It helps you to deal with your day-to-day anxiety and stress and also helps you to bring back your focus from all the destructive thoughts that arise due to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. We should practice at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. While practicing mindfulness slowly all the negative thoughts, behaviors will fade away very easily. So, you should practice Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.


2. Have a Good Sleeping Routine

Having a good sleeping routine is very necessary to live a happy and peaceful life. It can also help you to deal with OCD. When you don't have a proper sleep routine. You stay stressed and get a lot of anxiety and hence leading to various psychological disorders like OCD. You should have a proper sleep routine to avoid problems like OCD. And to have good sleep you need to limit your screen time, make your body understand that it is sleep time and you can also take sleep disorder counseling.

3. Stay Connected With Your Friends And Family

Sometimes the consequences or symptoms of OCD can be very intensive and destructive. And it may not be easy for you to overcome them all alone. So, you should go with your friends, family. Discuss with them how to deal with OCD thoughts. The problem with most people is if they are suffering from something despite sharing their problems with friends, family, etc. They start being alone and this is what makes their situation even worse. You should stay connected with the people who love you, who care about you. You will get the strength to deal with your problems when you discuss them with your closest ones. So, be open with your friends, family. It will be helpful to you to overcome Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and you should always motivate yourself.


4. Find Out a Good Therapist

Finding out a good therapist is one of the best ways to deal with OCD. Because therapists are the ones who are specialists in dealing with such kinds of disorders. Dealing with OCD without consulting a therapist is very difficult and it may lead to serious consequences if not treated timely. You can go for finding an ERP therapist. This is the first step to overcoming OCD. Having Therapy is very important to deal with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. So, do not hesitate to consult with a therapist.


So, in this article, we have discussed what is OCD? What are the signs that say you have OCD? How to deal with OCD and a few tips to overcome OCD.  I hope with this information all your queries are being resolved and you can even consult a therapist online. There are so many online counseling platforms and one of these platforms is My Fit brain. It is considered to be one of the best online counseling platforms. You should always know how to deal with people with OCD. Stop worrying and start living. Thank you!

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