What is Positive thinking?

Megha Panwar

23 Jan 2021
what is positive thinking

Positive thinking is the idea when a person thinks in a positive way to make his life better in a difficult situation. It can be a professional or personal problem but positive thinking can gives support to deal with it. But some people do not agree with this, they think by thinking in a good way does not change their  present situation. However, scientific research shows that thinking in a positive way does not affect or change the world but it will give a direction to the unsettled mind to think calmly regarding yourself and others in an unsettled business. Positive thinking does not give solutions but it gives you ways to rethink your past mistakes and give you mental peace so you try to make decisions in a present situation to make your future better. Sometimes because of our mistakes or decisions we made in the past make us  incapable of thinking  about the present or better future which is one of the main causes which make us depressed. positive thinking help us fight with depression and gives us peace of mind but you know positive thinking does not mean you always look happy always give smile even without reason , it means make your surrounding peaceful as well as improve your skills which ever skill you have so basically it is for your better judgement and help to make decisions for your betterment with the hopes of better future. It is a fact that positive thinking does heal our mind and body but as well as improve our immunity system help us to fight with many Diseases . As well as it gives positive vibration to fight with negative feelings for example sadness, and motive to do something creative in life . Make us close to true relation.

How to think positive thinking?

There are ways which can help you to think in positive ways by doing small activities . You can start by doing meditation which helps to reduce stress, heal your emotions as well as bring kindness to forgive others for their mistakes.

You can also start taking slow walks which help to clear your mind as well as give quality time with yourself to think only about you which is difficult in present situations because of hectic day to day life schedule.

If you don't able to express yourself because you don't know whom to talk why don't you listen music or start reading something of taste but not about your issue because it will make you more worried regarding your problems, sometime better to leave everything just relax for few hour because tension and overthinking will not help it ,will only push you toward the negative thoughts.

You can go for counselling for motivation because sometimes  it’s better to talk to strangers as compared  to a person you know Because strangers do not judge you can freely talk to them regarding your fears.

Effect of negative thinking?

When a person starts thinking in a negative way he/She feels like everything in life is wrong. The people surrounded him thinking negatively about him even if they were not talking about him. Suddenly he starts abdicating towards the negativity of life like smoking, Alcohol, drugs, etc.Because of which he/ she starts losing hope and his relation and well wisher as well as. Negative thinking also push him towards the mental illness like Depression,Stress self-pity, hatered  and make him lose all the hope towards the life and He becomes isolated in the presence of the family and friends because which he losses hopes  stop looking happiness and think about Suicide or other crimes which indirectly or directly affect life of his love one.

So my dear friends start observing your love  once and take time to  make sure they are in the right path even if you stay with them or far away from them always remember if they need help or you support, try to help them because every life is Precious to someone and after losing someone you can only regret because life doesn't give anyone second chance to correct their mistake it can only help overcome your problem 
To make the better future we take the right decision toward the right direction with lots of positivity as well as with the right intention because the past can only teach us about our mistakes. It's present who helps us to build a bright future with the right guidance.  
Always remember positive approach creates positive thinking and positive thinking creates a better environment not only for us also for our family, Friends as well as  society. Because what we give that only we get.

Scientific fact about positive thinking…

Study proving the power of positive visualizations.
Study proves that happiness makes you successful rather than success makes you happy.
Study that proves that short-term stress strengthens the immune system, but long-term stress ravages the body.
The Nun Study proved that positive thoughts lead to longer life.
It strengthens your immune system.
It keeps your heart healthy.
Positive thinking reduces stress and its negative effects.
It improves fertility for both men and women.
You know friends if there are facts about positive thinking then are myths also like a coin has 2 sides. So I’m going to share some interesting myths about positive thinking.

Myth #1: Positive Thinking Is a Cure-All That Changes Your Life Forever - This is totally wrong positive thinking only gives hope and right direction toward better understanding to face the problem.

Myth #2: When There Is Positive Thinking, There Is No More Negativity-This is absolutely Wrong idea because positive thinking and negative are 2 sides of coin practically is not to be positive in all problems.

Myth #3: Positive Thinking Is All About Positive Affirmations.

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