What is True Love? Does True Love Really Exists

Neha Mehta
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27 Nov 2020
What is True Love? Does True Love Really Exists

Some people think that true love is more of a dream than a true romantic relationship. So, true love: myth or reality? Ah, true love! We have heard about it since our earliest childhood. It is the theme of the truest classic tragedies or remains the Holy Grail that many women dream of reaching in adulthood. Let’s go in the footsteps of true love.

True love: the quest for the absolute

At each meeting, we believe in it. We are waiting for him. We hope so. And very often, we fall from above, because the search for ideal love is only a sweet dream which cannot be confronted with the harsh law of reality without fading on all sides. Because the myth of true love wants to be absolute. We dream of understanding the other perfectly in a single glance, of feeling the same emotions, of having identical thoughts. But we only dream of finding the person with whom we would have a perfect correspondence. The soul mate, like the romantics, likes to call the chosen one from their heart. However, this magnificent picture can only crack when we think of the diversity and multiple characteristics of the human species. It is a fact: we are all different. So certainly we can have commonalities, similarities, but most relationships are nourished more by differences than by similarities.

True love: in search of the chosen one

The myth of true love is based on the idea that there is someone in the world somewhere for us. The notion of destiny plays a major role in this concept and reinforces the desire for the absolute. Finding your other half is such a rare thing that it is extremely precious. People who believe in true love seek to create a symbiosis with the loved one, to the point of forming only one entity. But life in society is absolutely not compatible with such a merger between two individuals. This separation, which is impossible to fight, therefore generates suffering.

True love: why prefer a real relationship

By dint of placing many unrealistic hopes in each of your relationships, why not give them a real chance to exist for what they are, that is to say, stories that must be built little by little. Why live in the permanent illusion that the other will change to integrate perfectly into the mental schema that we have built since we were little? One day or another, you have to be aware of the truth: Prince Charming really does not exist. It may be hard to hear, but it's the truth! Say goodbye to the relationship, the ideal love, and all the concepts that have been put in your head and live your story day by day. Say hello to reality! In the end, it may be a lifetime spent alongside your almost charming prince! "

Does True Love Really Exist?

Knowing the truth, true Love is not given to everyone. Sometimes it even comes before us and we don't recognize it. Sometimes, we think we meet him, we invest ourselves completely in the relationship and everything ends suddenly because it was ultimately not the right one. Sometimes we idealize true love so much that we end up missing out on beautiful stories. Does True Love Really Exist? Isn't this a fantasy imagined by the authors of fairy tales? When we look around, it does not seem obvious that true love is the prerogative of the truest number. Separations, divorces, family tragedies are proof. But should we, however, renounce true love?

I would answer both no and yes

No, because it is difficult to give it up especially when you have experienced a romantic failure. It keeps you hoping. But living without the expectation that things will get better, will definitely improve, is difficult.

Yes, because to want to know true love at all costs is to give up living little love stories that can turn out to be very pleasant in the end. It may also be setting the bar too high and making demands too high, it is wanting to make your relationship something perfect. However, everyone knows that no one is perfect and that it is not because his companion or his companion has small faults that everything must be stopped. Things can change. By putting your own into it and trying to stop striving for perfection, harmony can be established within the couple. In this case, Love can evolve and transform, over time, into true Love.

Of course, there are people who know and live the truth, true Love. Sometimes they wait a long time, they don't even think about it anymore. They even gave it up. In this case, it can only be big and strong. It falls on them without really looking for it. This is perhaps the essential criterion for true love to really exist.

Indeed, if desired too much, we end up missing out. As it does not come early enough, we end up devaluing ourselves, by losing self-confidence, by telling ourselves that we suck, that we will never know love, and that's what will end up happening. Indeed, we are what we think. All of these negative thoughts will affect you, your character, your behavior and you will subconsciously run away from people.

So, to live the true Love, do not think about it, do not look for it at all costs, adopt a positive attitude, have confidence in yourself and you will attract attention. You can only be appreciated. And, finally, isn't that the only way to meet the person who will share your life and with whom you will build your future?

How to define love in a couple?

Anyone who has ever fallen in love more than once in their life knows that the definition of love in a relationship can often vary from relationship to relationship. In a couple, the origin and the evolution of the feeling of love can also differ from one duo to another. How would you define the love of your couple? OSDT gives you some answers to help you clarify the subject. Love in a couple is above all the ability to understand the other

The story begins with a simple look and continues with flirtations, dating, then, we get together as a couple if we get on well. We already know that! Going beyond sexual relations and physical attraction, love in a couple above all knows the needs and desires of the other. In the life of two, the happiness of the other comes before yours; respect, trust, and affection begin to take hold. When you are in love, a feeling of security and vulnerability are born at the same time.

Love is giving your presence and helping the person to be better than before

Beyond all expectations, love is the only weapon that gives you the courage to help another person bring out the best in themselves. No matter what happens, this feeling somehow forces you to give your presence no matter the price or the situation. The most wonderful thing is that this gesture requires no consideration.

Love in a couple is to imagine and see the future with his / her beloved

When you're in love, the idea of spending the rest of your life with this person doesn't scare you at all. On the contrary, you are enchanted by it and you have no fear of seeing and facing the future with confidence. And if difficulties arise, you will have the assurance that you are facing these problems with the right person.

Love is accepting the person with their faults and qualities

Love in a couple allows you to see and accept faults, qualities, weaknesses, in short, everything that concerns your partner. To love is also to see someone for what he really is no matter what other people say or think. When you are in love, you do not want to change this person in any way and even in the trials; you will enjoy the moments together.

Love is the bond that changes your life forever

Even though love is perceived and felt differently by everyone, that feeling is a bond that can change your life and make it even better than before. When you are in love with someone and you are in a relationship, you have the impression of being reborn from the ashes, your world changes and so do your habits. At first, it may sound scary, but the more time passes, the more you will feel like you are in tune with someone in every way:

  • Physical,
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Finally, when you're in love, you feel like you've known your partner forever. Love is expressing to each other how you feel about each other. Love in a couple is a feeling that you feel for someone beyond love at first sight, need affection, friendship, attraction, or even lust. It’s also trust, respect, honesty, integrity, intimacy, partnership, and chemistry. In a couple, love is the desire and the will to live together. Finally, everything is said, at least almost! We invite you to share your vision on the subject in the comments. Can we live without love? How can you recognize your soul mate?

True love: 5 signs that don't deceive

Mystery, fear, adventure, desire, the feeling of fully existing: five criteria to help better understand what true love is. But why do you stay with him (with her)? How many times have we asked this question of our friends stuck in painful stories? How many times have we asked ourselves what made them persevere in unsatisfactory relationships? No, that’s for sure, that does not love. What is it, then? A feeling that would make us steadfastly happy? Certainly not, psychoanalysis tells us. Love, the "real", has nothing to do with serenity. Even after the beginning of the fusion, and contrary to what one might imagine, love is not cushy; it capsizes, it shakes, it mysteriously links us to the other in an epic that escapes all rationality. Exploration of some telltale signs.

Find the other mysterious

Love is a mystery for those who experience it, a mystery for those who watch it. We notice, but we don't understand. Why? Because what links us to the other is inexplicable. To really love is to go towards someone, not only for their image, but for its secret. There is a void in us that can cause our loss, pushing us to kill ourselves. Well, love is the meeting of two wounds, two flaws, sharing with someone of what we radically miss and that we can never say. True love is not "Show me what you have" or "Give me what you have to fill what I miss", but rather "I like the way you try to heal, I like your scar. " Be afraid of losing it

(1). Explains it this Way

We become dependent because the other will have to always support us in existence. Hence the fear of losing it.

(2). Philosopher and psychoanalyst

"Love implies taking risks. It causes vertigo, sometimes even rejection: you can break love because you are too afraid of it, sabotage it while trying to confide, reduce its importance by focusing on an activity where everything rests about yourself. It all comes down to protecting yourself from the exorbitant power of the other over us. " I destroy you. Eros, is it our desire to bond lovingly with each other? It is the death drive that drives us to break the bond so that our ego remains all-powerful. Love pushes out of self, self fights it.

(3). We feel good when we love that something is tugging at us.

Love touches our being, what we are in the world. Few people realize it. They find themselves alone and feel good in this loneliness since they are now safe from this death drive. But when, in love, we have survived tears, conflicts, we reach a wonderful area where the feeling is reflected. True love is not a business contract: it is a violent feeling that puts both partners in danger.

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