When I met her on her first day at playschool

Sejal Davey

28 Nov 2020
 When I met her on her first day at playschool

I had met this child, she was my student when I used to work as a preschool teacher; some 4 years back. It was her first day to the school. She was accompained by her mother and her maternal grandmother. She was a very pretty looking child. Fair skin, chubby pink cheeks, rosy lips, curly short hairs clipped with two clips on one side, walking holding her mother's and grandmother's hands-on either side; walking through the gate happily and slowly as she saw playing area and also the school decorated with colorful balloons. There were other kids too; few were crying and not letting their parents go and few were running around and exploring the premises happily leaving their parents outside.

This pretty girl was in her own world, laughing and giggling to herself; enjoying what she was seeing outside the school building in the open ground. As she was told by her that it was time for her to enter the school classroom without them, made her happiness disappeared; replaced with fear and anxiety on her cute little face. Her eyes were already filled with tears. She started running towards the out gate to escape from entering the school, but she was caught hold by her mother and was made understood. I was noticing her from the time she had entered the school; now I went forward and took the charge of bringing her inside the classroom. On seeing me she started crying loudly and screaming too; I somehow managed to carry her to the classroom. In the classroom, she was just running towards the door. I let her do that as it was her and others first day to school. Among other kids, there were few who were still crying and others were happy. We had a short prayer with the day and then followed by rhymes and puppet shows. Of course, we had only a few audiences as others were busy crying. It was just half an hour session. We started sending children to their parents. Few were going happily while others had swollen their eyes red just by crying continously. This child was the first to run out and hug her mother. She didn't even turn to say bye on repeated calling. Like this few days passed. Slowly the kids started settling; very few were now crying; who then later settled along with other children. This child never settled; she was not wanting to enter the classroom. It was of the daily chores of carrying her to class screaming and crying; she used only to sit near the door; rolling over the ground sometimes and sometimes talking to herself. She never made eye contact nor responded on being call; she even refused to eat her snacks during break time and play games when taken outdoors. We left her to be herself for a few days as we wanted her to settle. 

Days, weeks, and months passed. It was towards the end of the first semester. But this child didn't settle yet. So principal madam decided to call and speak to her parents. Her mother came the next day. She was informed about the child's behavior in the classroom. To which she immediately denied that the girl is perfectly fine at home. She said the child even talks about the school when she returns home and then she left. Weekly we started calling the mother; it took 3 weeks for her to tell us the truth; but not completely. She said the child keeps talking to herself all the time; she even wakes at night and screams; she is scared of red color and has anxiety for music. She cannot hear birthday songs. The had been taken to many doctors but they found her normal. To this, we had difficulties in believing her. But she was as stubborn as her daughter. We left calling her anymore then. 

I really wanted to work for that child's betterment; so I took more effort and started taking more care of her. It took another 2 months for her to trust me. She then slowly started settling in the class. She was singing rhymes and also started doing her activities but only sitting next to me. She had developed a special bond with me. It used to be difficult for her when I used to take off from work on some occasions. We all were seeing changes in the child. She no more feared music nor that birthday song. In fact one day we had called her mother who saw her daughter enjoying the music session and dancing on the tune without the daughter's knowledge. She was astonished to see but was happy too. The school was nearing to the end of the academic year. We had an Annual day coming and so the preparations were going on. Dance performance were there for children. The practice was started. Each and every child was participating including that child. In a week we had our Annual Day celebration. The dress was designed based on the songs. Background themes and prompts were ready. Everybody including children along with their parents were excited. On the day of celebrations, children started coming at the given time. I was eagerly waiting for that girl to come; she did not come. I waited for long and then tried calling the mother. Initially, I didn't get a response from her but finally, she attended the call and said she is not bringing the child for the performance. She was scared to bring her on stage. In spite of me assuring her of nothing will happen she denied and disconnected the call. The day went on wonderful. All kids had performed very well. Parents were very happy to see their kids perform live on stage. 

The next day was the last working day of the school before the summer vacation. All children came except that child. Her mother came and informed us that she is moving her child to another school and doesn't want to continue. It came as shock for me and others as well. She left without mentioning any reason and could never see her again. In this child's case, I really couldn't understand who needed intervention for the child or mother?

 I hope you all will like my blog. Do read and let me know according to you who had issues.

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