when to approach counselor ?

Sejal Davey

28 Nov 2020
when to approach counselor

When should I approach a Counselor?

It was Saturday morning; I was having a workshop organized by an institution for teacher’s training. Young enthusiastic trainees were sitting facing me. I had chosen to do a workshop on awareness on counseling. It was for about an hour’s presentation; comprising of basic information like symptoms and causes and effects on one; who is suffering from any kind of emotional and mental issues. I had designed a PowerPoint presentation for that session. I was running slide by slide and was explaining to trainees. I was also talking on various issues and situations related to mental health and how counseling does really helps. I had also spoken on a few cases to give them insight into counseling and the therapies. While I was taking the workshop; I could see few who were really interested; while other few were just physically present.

After the presentation was over; I had opened the question and answer session for trainees to ask queries and get themselves cleared with answers. I had very first question from a trainee; she said many times that she feels very lonely even though being with her family; she feels low in her energy level without any health problems; at that time she even ends up crying without reason; she doesn’t feel to eat during that period of time; she gets lost in her own thoughts and the worst part is that she couldn’t express her emotions and feeling to anyone; not even her husband because she gets scared of being misunderstood or being foolish.

When this first trainee just finished her saying another trainee joined her saying her sister also has similar issues but it happens very often and she finds it very difficult to manage. After listening to both; I then generally asked other trainees; if any one of them or someone known to them also experiences the same kind of issues. Three more trainees raised their hands, but I could see the hesitation on their faces; so I did not call them out to speak more about it. I was wondering and was glad too on seeing this. After the presentation, they have at least developed the courage to talk about their issues and get some help.

I now started talking on; when should they need to take a call to approach the counselor and how. I told them it’s equally important for them to check on themselves. They should keep watch on their flow of emotions and behavior changes. Yes; it is true when a girl grows up; she takes care of her parents as a daughter; she takes care of her siblings as a good sister; when she gets married she takes care of her husband and when she becomes a mother she takes care of her children. Her whole life is only about taking care of her family; she never considers herself in the first place and hence she becomes quiet sufferer of emotional and mental problems. This isn’t correct; she should take care of herself equally and in fact more because her family is dependent on her for their every need and living. So; if you find any kind of mental and emotional breakdown or changes which is affecting your day to day activities then it’s high time you should approach the counselor to seek help. There might be or might not be any major issue but you will have someone to talk to. You need not worry about being judged by counselors; they will hear you without making any remarks or correcting you in the middle. You will be given proper guidance and even therapy if required. You might need a few sessions to go and meet them and get yourself free from any kind of psychological issues.

Now, the next question is how to find a good reliable counselor. You can find from your doctor who might recommend you any good counselor. Or in this world at present social media is a wide platform to get any kind of information. You can also Google and find it. But best is finding a good counselor from someone known if possible or you can attend any such kind of awareness workshops and also come to know more from the host and seek help. Once you find a counselor you have to fix an appointment and go and meet her.

You should talk to the counselor without hiding anything so that you can be best benefitted from the session. You should clear all your doubts with the counselor. Plan your sessions and please complete all the required planned sessions for your own benefits. Once, you have the confidence that the sessions are helping you; try to spread words of awareness among your family and friends. Who knows you might be helping others to come out of their mental problems. Don’t have a taboo in your mind of being tagged or being judged by others if they come to know about you attending counseling sessions. Everything you do is for your own good. So be wise and take decisions that will be best for you and your family. Finally, that day’s workshop was successful as I could see a few trainees deciding to meet counselors.

But one thing, I would definitely like to say to you that it is not a matter of shame if you think you need a counselor. If you want to talk to someone about your emotions, your feelings but you think none of your friends, your family member will understand you then immediately you should book an appointment with a counselor. You might be suffering from anxiety or depression. There is a problem for every solution so your problem can also be solved. If you suffering from any kind of symptoms like- sadness for continuously many days, worry, Insomnia, pain in chest, suicidal thoughts, etc then you should consult with a physiologist. You might need some counseling sessions or medicines. This will be beneficial not only for you but for your loved ones also!  

Sejal Davey
Special educator, child & career counselor and parenting coach.

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