Who Has More Sex Fantasy, Girls or Women

There are many different kinds of sexual fantasies which can either differ in males and females. Here we will see who has more sex fantasy, girls or women.

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who has more sex fantasy girls or women

Fantasy is something that we imagine and create in our heads. These are some of the impossible or improbable things that one imagines. Among all the fantasies one creates there are sexual fantasies. Everybody has different sexual fantasies. Many people go for mindfulness therapy to accurately access their thoughts and emotions to realize their desires. Males and females, both equally have sexual desires. This can be astonishing to hear that females also have sexual desires. But who has more sex fantasy, girls or women? In this article, we will be looking at what is sex fantasy and who has more sex fantasy male or female.

What is Sex Fantasy?

Before moving on to the question: who has more sex fantasy, girls or women? Let us define what is sex fantasy. Sexual fantasy is the mental pattern or desire that develops with time and arouses the person. It is the source that urges the person to have sex. It develops out of the different sources available to children or adults and what they read or see. It also often leads to the stimulation of wrong sexual desires. Knowing how to talk to children about sex helps in proper sexual development of the child which raises the sexual desires in the right manner.

Imagine yourself clutching the sheets, with a heartbeat raised. Even imagining sexual fantasies can arouse people and living them puts you into a whole new world. It is a whole new set of desires one wants to live rather than just dream of it. There are different kinds of sexual fantasies women have, among them are doing threesomes, being dominated, playing with vibrators, rinming, oral sex, etc. Some women even want their breasts to be enlarged to be able to live their dreams. For this, you can use the cup-up capsule by Nature Mania. It helps in enlarging the breast size. Living in the world of fantasies in reality gives up a new experience. But the question is in females who have more sexual fantasies, girls or women. Let's find out.


Who Has More Sex Fantasy, Girls or Women

Let's know who has more sex fantasy, girls or women? Any fantasy requires a bit of knowledge or experience of the same to be able to turn into a fantasy. To inquire about who has more sexual fantasy is to know whether they have any knowledge of the same or not or whether they have had any relationship or not. It cannot be said for sure about who has more fantasies but we will be looking at which points are the deciding factors of whether: do girls have less sexual fantasy or women. There are certain which give rise to sexual fantasy and are also determining factors of who has more sexual fantasy.

1. Women With Pleasurable Intimacy or Have Done Sex

Pleasurable Intimacy

The most common question when sexual fantasy is talked about is: do girls have less sexual fantasy? There are different types of sex energy and these sexual energies are also responsible for sexual fantasies that develop. Women also have different sexual energies and they are fully realized with sexual intimacy. There are many different sexual fantasies women have, especially those who have had pleasurable intimacy or have had sex. Usually, women who had sex before have various fantasies. From this point of view, the answer seems yes to do women have more sex fantasy. Having a successful sexual life helps enable women to practice and live their fantasies. Usually, girls with no such experiences lack any sexual fantasy.

2. Girls With no Knowledge of Sex Have no or Little Fantasies

Knowledge of Sex

Usually, people ask if can girls have sexual fantasies. Girls are usually not aware of many of the things about intimacy or sex. They usually have more fear than women as they are new to such things. Amidst the conflict between who talks more about sex girls or boys, it is usually both genders but between women and girls, girls with no knowledge of sex have no fantasies. From this perspective the opinion as to: do girls have less sexual fantasy is positive. Sexual fantasies develop with inherent experiences and images that occur and recur to become a fantasy. Many circumstances contribute to the development of sexual fantasies. Girls don't usually have such experiences or knowledge about porn or sex fantasy and therefore they don't have any kind of sexual fantasy.

3. Women With Mental Distraction Suppress Their Desires

Women With Mental Distraction

There are different types of sexual fantasies women have but there are times when some women have little fantasy or have suppressed their fantasies due to different circumstances. Some women are mentally drained, have no respect in the house, don't receive love from their partners, or are present elsewhere mentally either in their child, past trauma, family, household chores, or other activities. These women have either no sexual fantasies or have suppressed their sexual desires. This is also one of the reasons why women say no to sex. If you look at a situation like this then the argument of whether do women have more sex fantasy or not ends up with maybe or not. This is also because a female's sexual desire is connected with their heart or brain and therefore if her mind does not respond there is no sexual desire.

4. Girls With Early Relationships or Know Sex

Girls With Early Relationships

It is difficult to say whether girls or women have more sexual fantasies. Many people support the question do girls have less sexual fantasy with a yes as girls are usually thought to not know sex but some girls have had early relationships or have knowledge of sex through various sources which give them the space to create sexual fantasies. Many girls even fantasize about masturbating. Learning how to stop masturbating while watching porn and about sex education can help them to regulate their desires. It is a yes to can girls have sexual fantasies as the world has become small and information in everything is at the fingertips which provides a lot of knowledge and also adds to sexual fantasy.

There are various kinds of sexual fantasies women have. It is not limited only to casual touching but different foreplay techniques as well as the process and intimacy level. Women usually have more fantasies than girls, however, it is directly connected to thoughts as well. Any female's sexual desires are directly connected to their thoughts, emotions, mind, and mood. If a woman has the desire to get intimate or have sexual fantasies then it means her mind is stable and at peace. However if not it means she is not mentally prepared. Sexual fantasy is one of the ways how women can feel orgasm and this lets us answer the question: do women have more sex fantasy yes but that depends on the situation.


Is It Wrong To Have Sexual Fantasies?

No, it is not at all wrong to have sexual fantasies. The understanding of whether it is right or not comes with the knowledge about what is sex fantasy and that everybody at some stage of their life experiences certain fantasies. People often come up with the question: is it wrong to have sexual fantasies? No, you can have sexual fantasies and you have full right to fulfill those fantasies but that too with the consent of your partner. Also frequently asked is: can girls have sexual fantasies? Yes, girls can also have fantasies and there is nothing wrong with it. Communicate about your fantasies so that you can have a good sexual life. You can also go for sex therapy to understand your and your partner's ideas about sex.



To sum up, now it has already been clear about who has more sex fantasy, girls or women. Sexual fantasies depend upon your previous sexual histories and interests. Also, females who have had pleasurable relationships develop sexual fantasies on the way they perceive them. Many people argue: can girls have sexual fantasies? Yes, girls can also have sexual fantasies. Girls who have had relationships before or have the knowledge of sex and desire develop sexual fantasies. To be able to live and fully experience the fantasies you need to get relaxed. You can use the soothe-up capsule by Nature Mania to relax and sort your mind. It will help you realize your potential then there will be no question of who has more sexual fantasy. It all depends on your sexual experience and how pleasurable it was for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1 Do males also have sexual fantasies?

    Yes, males also have sexual fantasies. When there is a comparison between who has more sexual fantasy men or women, the usual idea goes to males. However, both have sexual fantasies. Some have fantasies like doing a threesome or foursome with their partner. Males have different types of sexual fantasies either wanting to dominate or wanting to be dominated, using different techniques or new positions or toys to experiment with new styles. It ranges from tiny kisses to different sex positions. So, both genders equally have sex fantasies.

    There are many different kinds of sexual fantasies which can either differ in males and females or even coincide with them. The different sexual fantasies are using vibrators, watching each other masturbate, doing threesomes or foursomes, oral sex, rimming, foot fetish, role-playing, and many more. Many people even have fantasies like watching others have sex or perform it in public or unusual places. Some people fantasize about having sex while bathing. So there are many different types of sexual fantasies.

    Many people frequently question: whether is it wrong to have sexual fantasies especially when their fantasies are not fulfilled. Just like people have some desires and wishes which when remain unfulfilled their lifestyle and mental peace rest in distress. Similarly when sexual fantasies are not fulfilled their mental health is disrupted and they look for it somewhere else where they are fulfilled which often results in extramarital affairs. Also, the relationship between the partners is disturbed due to an unhappy sexual life.

    Though there is nothing wrong with having sexual fantasies being excessively headstrong about it can cause problems sometimes. One of the most frequent questions is: is it wrong to have sexual fantasies? Anything in excess is harmful. It can cause problems related to health, your job, and your life. It is also termed as compulsive sexual behavior. There is a need to communicate with your partner about your and their sexual fantasies so that both partners can have their sexual fantasies fulfilled.

    Sexual fantasies develop and take a definite form with time. It develops from childhood and fixes the mind on it by adolescence. Among the frequently asked questions, one is: who has more sexual fantasy? Both boys and girls have sexual fantasies that develop based on their sexual histories and are also connected with the personality of the person. It also depends on the sexual energy of the person. Further, it is shaped and captured by different fantasies you hear, read, or watch.

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