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Why a Girl Refuse To Get Physical - Best Tips To Know

Sometimes a girl wants to be in a relationship, but her head isn't yet ready for a physical one. Here are some time on why a girl refuse to get physical.

Dr. Neha Mehta Sexology 17 Jan 2023
Why a girl refuse to get physical
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A million dollar question - why a girl refuse to get physical? She has all the qualities of a perfect girlfriend—empathy, intelligence, wit, and thoughtfulness. However, there is a catch. The one girl you've always fantasized about rejects you when it comes to sexual intimacy. The two of you have explosive chemistry in the bedroom, but your girlfriend won't let you advance to third base—so you're stuck with second and then back to Netflix. Then you start thinking of how to respond when someone is not talking to you or behaving awkwardly.

Many men have been in this position before and have no idea how to handle it. Is maintaining a mutually satisfying romantic connection feasible without engaging in sexual activity? Maybe you're worried that if you ask for sex, others will view you as a savage. Some of the reasons why she won't go there are listed below. Fortunately, it's usually just her and not you.

Why a Girl Refuse to Get Physical

Here are some of the major problem a girl has with getting physical which we will discuss here.

1. Emotional Bond is Missing

Sometimes emotional bonds could be the issue and we end up looking for ways of how to respond when someone is not talking to you. Relationships between males and females thrive on open lines of communication. Can you tell me if you're talking to your girlfriend right now?

Spend some quality time together in close physical contact and use the opportunity to share your sentiments. Learn what she requires. Keep in mind that talking is an integral element of having fantastic sex. To make communication more enhanced, one can go for relationship counseling also. Being not connected emotionally could be one of the major reasons why a girl does not do sex with you.

2. During The Initial Stage of The Relationship, Girls Dont Want to Have Sex

Stage of The Relationship

Relationships go through several stages. Maybe you're just starting, and she's not ready to get into an intimate relationship with you. This could indicate that she wants to get to know you better first. An integral part of every healthy relationship, she may not be prepared for sexual intimacy with you. This is where you can put a full stop to does marriage counseling work, and actually go for it.

It's also possible that the two have known each other for quite some time. Physical intimacy was thrilling at first, and you two had sex frequently. But now she seems to be easing up. Perhaps if she behaves differently now, she is going through something in her life. Hence, stage acts as one of the primary reasons why a girl does not do sex with you.

Another factor that could prevent your girlfriend from engaging in sexual activity with you is the presence of children in the relationship. It would be wise to find out whether she is using contraception, as this may diminish her libido. This is indeed one of the major problem a girl has with getting physical.

3. She is Seeking Attention From You, And You Are Ignoring Here

Seeking Attention From You

A woman's desire to spend time with you indicates that she likes you. Of course, she expects that time to be well spent. She'll need your undivided attention when she's with you. She will want you to pay her some attention even though she is not physically present. When woman do not get time, then it becomes one of the important issues why women does not do sex with you.

It's impossible to generalize how much time a woman anticipates from you. Some women could have unreasonable expectations regarding how much time they should spend with them. They may also expect instantaneous responses to their texts and calls, even if they're at work. Sometimes she also asks questions like Is it ok to have sex before marriage which are normal

Many women, though, will be somewhere in the middle. If you need to spend more time with her, she may start to feel less committed to you, whether or not she has fair expectations about how often you should see her. And she may grow resentful if she concludes that you don't value or care about her because of the time you're not spending with her.

4. It's Clear You're Falling Short of Her Hopes


Women have high standards that they expect males to fulfil. Communication presents, time and attention, vacations, levels of commitment, compliments, etc., are just some examples of areas in which people's expectations may be unrealistically high. There will be occasions when she shares these with you. Sometimes she'll assume you "just know" what she means. This is when she might get questions like Is it ok to have sex before marriage.

She missed out on the afternoon with you because your flight home from a business trip was delayed. You must ditch your plans with the guys and spend the evening with her. You've now been together for six months. She may have told you she doesn't want anything, but jewelry keeps popping up in her conversations. Of course, she anticipates that you will be able to buy it for her.

She's all dolled up for your date with a fresh haircut and a new dress. Of course, you're going to tell her that her hair looks great and that she looks beautiful in that dress.

5. She is Suffering From Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

Your girlfriend's lack of interest in having sexual relations with you could result from mental health issues such as stress, sadness, or anxiety. One possible explanation for her decreased libido is that she is taking medicine for mental health issues, such as antidepressants, which can have that impact.

It will help her mood if you take care of her for a while. Hence, in case she is not very mentally sound then this could lead to one of the major Issues why women does not do sex with you. 

6. She is Very Stressed Out With Life

Lack of desire for sexual activity is another effect of stress. She may be stressed about her family, career, or bank account. She probably won't be in the mood for a passionate encounter if she's feeling overwhelmed. If anxiety is to blame for her lack of libido, she must learn how to relax and deal with difficult situations. It's not just boys who should know, there are Things girls should be aware about Boys in a relationship.

Be a part of her stress management by talking to her and seeing if you can eliminate the things causing her tension. A sex therapist is another option if you find yourself overwhelmed. If you can keep the relationship going, it may be the key to awakening and restoring her.

7. She Is Very Exhausted


When you're exhausted, it can be hard to get close to someone. Nonetheless, you shouldn't let this stop you from making love to your lover. See the root of the problem if your girlfriend's sudden lack of energy prevents you from having sexual relations with her. Her routine and day-to-day activities at work and home would be the primary sources of fatigue. Partners who say they are too sleepy for sex should not be taken personally.

Give your girlfriend a massage, snuggle with her, or give her a hot shower if she complains of fatigue. If this cure does the trick, she might feel romantic later that day or the next. Sometimes you might also want to know about how to talk to a girl for the first time, which might make her feel comfortable. 

8. Her Sex Drive Has Reduced Drastically

A low sex drive or one that does not match your high sex drive can also be why your girlfriend does not want to have sex with you. Nonetheless, that is no guarantee that she won't develop in some way. 

Several variables, including aging and low self-esteem, contribute to diminished sexual desire. You can't decide how to fix the problem of her poor sex drive until you know the cause.


If you want to know what your female companion is thinking about when it comes to sexuality, you can use the information above as a guide. There are some very prominent weakness of girls every guy should know, which will help her get more comfortable. As such, it can facilitate discussion between partners on a topic that may otherwise be taboo.

Hence, there could be multiple reason a girl refuses to get physical, but as a boy it is your duty to make her feel good.


1. Why she is not ready for sex with me?

Perhaps she wants to be in a relationship with you, but her head isn't yet ready for a physical one. It's possible she was naturally timid. There could be an issue with her that you're not aware of. Therefore, if you two are close, you should approach her and ask her.

2. How can you tell if a girl wants to get physical?

When one body responds positively to another, a physical desire to be close to them is triggered. Her body language is alluring if she is grinding or pressing herself into you, seeking to embrace or hug you. Toes that curl inward are another tell, but you need to catch a peek while passing.

3. Is it possible to love someone without touching them?

It's normal for some people to go their entire lives without feeling a spark of love or sexual interest. Family and friends are a surefire way to provide you with the unconditional affection you crave. Some people do best when they have a mix of platonic and romantic relationships.

4. How can you tell if a woman is avoiding her emotions?

She may try to disguise her love for you if she sets plans with you, knows everything there is to know about you, and acts bashful around you. The fact that she has told her friends about you shows how important she considers your friendship.

5. How long do sexless partnerships often last?

A sexless marriage can last, but it may not be without difficulties. If one partner wants sexual activity but isn't interested, it can cause tension, resentment, and even cheating. One can take proper sex therapy from an expert to sort this problem.

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