Why Do Girls Hire Male Escorts

There are many differences between male prostitution and female prostitution. Here are some reasons why do girls hire male escorts.

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why do girls hire male escorts

Everyone knows about female prostitution but there is also male prostitution which is similar to female prostitution. But why do girls hire male escorts? There are many reasons why girls also go for male prostitution. Females have different desires and fantasies which are either fulfilled by their partners or their husbands. However, some women don't have a good sexual life even when they are married. Different aspects are responsible for making women hire male escorts. Many females feel incomplete with their partner and this is one of the reasons there is a preference for male prostitution. In the article we will be looking at the women who hire male escorts and what are the real reasons why women hire male prostitutes.

Why Do Girls Hire Male Escorts

There are different reasons why do girls hire male escorts. Many women have stressed sexual life and do not get any pleasure from their husbands or partners. Sexual desires are similar in both genders. This is why many females go for male prostitution. If it is a sexual issue that is hampering your relationship then you can also go for sex therapy which solves understanding and sexual misunderstandings and improves your sexual life. But the question is do women use male escorts or not? Here are some of the real reasons why women go for hiring male escorts. Let's know about it

1. Hired by Females Financially Strong But Sexual Life is Poor

Financially Strong Females

There is an overgrowing question that is do women use male escorts? Male escorts are usually hired by females who are financially strong and can afford to hire male escorts but their sexual life is not good. Their partners don't know how to satisfy women in bed. They usually don't have a peaceful sexual life. This is one of the reasons why do female hire male escorts. Females don't get satisfaction from their husbands. The feeling one has while having sex can only be felt by women when they are fully aroused and hence the lack of arousal makes them hire male escorts. They don't get the full pleasure or their husbands are unable to completely satisfy their wives and therefore they hire male escorts to get satisfaction.

2. Hired to Keep Emotional Attachment Above

Emotional Attachment

One of the other reasons why women hire male escorts is to have emotional attachment. There has always been one debate regarding who talks more about sex girls or boys. Both genders are equally invested in knowing about how sex works. However it is improving to know that women's sexual desires are aroused by the emotional attachment women form with their partners. Many times the males are sexually competent and can satisfy their partners but there is no emotional connection between them. This is one of the reasons why women hire escorts. They hire the male escort so that they have someone to talk to them and emotionally support them.

3. To Fulfill The Hunger For Sex

Hunger For Sex

The uprising query of do women use male escorts? One of the reasons is that some women are sexually hungry. They want to be sexually active and feel orgasm and this is why they hire male escorts. This is one of the ways how women can feel orgasm. They want to always engage in sexual activity as it is what they live for and also explore different aspects of sex. This can also be one of the reasons why do female hire male escorts. Just like males who have sexual hunger and always want to be sexually satisfied some females have the urge to keep themselves sexually engaged with their partners. They want someone to complete them.

4. Complete The Fantasies

The Fantasies

Among all other reasons why women hire male escorts, one of the reasons is that they want their fantasies to be fulfilled. At times there are certain awkward situations during sex like when the partners are unable to understand the fantasies of their partner. This creates a lot of trouble in the sexual life when the partners are unable to fulfill each other's desires. This is one of the reasons why women hire escorts because they want to fulfill their desires. Also at times the husbands or partners have the fantasy of doing a threesome. So, the couple together hires male escorts to fulfill their fantasies. Therefore, it can also be one of the reasons why females or males hire male escorts to complete their sexual lives.

5. To Avoid Relationship Tag But Get Pleasures

Avoid Relationship Tag

If you still wonder why do women use male escorts then one of the reasons for this is that they want sexual pleasures but don't want any relationship tag. This is one of the common reasons why do female hire male escorts. Many people want sexual pleasure but don't want to be bound in any relationship or commitment issues. In a relationship, people are bound by commitment, trust, and limitations and there is a category of people who don't want to be bound by a single person or in any commitments but want to be sexually active. So, these people hire male escorts to enjoy their sexual lives without any pressure of managing relationships. Further, it is done by women who are financially strong and capable of being able to hire male escorts.

Is Hiring Male Escorts Wrong?

There are many reasons why do girls hire male escorts. Usually, the reasons behind hiring male escorts are not looked at or understood because the women who hire male escorts are not considered good and are labeled with different names. Many times it is even considered to be cheating on your partner. Many people even argue over whether is relationship after marriage right. Because mainly people get into extramarital affairs due to sexual issues in their relationship. However, extramarital affairs are not at all right. If you are having sexual issues with your partner you can communicate with them express your thoughts and desires and try to make things work. But if things don't go well then you go for hiring escorts. You can move out of the relationship if you are worried about your sexual life rather than cheating on your partner. Also, understanding that if males can have sexual desires then why not females?


Understanding the reasons why women hire male escorts is important before judging anyone. There can be many issues that one might be facing and hence it is important to know why people choose to do certain things. Just as mental stability, and desires are important, sexual desires and stability in sexual life are equally important. Thus, you must realize that hiring a male escort is not at all wrong until and unless you are not harming someone else, lying to someone, or cheating on someone.



There are many reasons why do girls hire male escorts. Some of the reasons are sexual satisfaction which females might not get from their male partners. Another reason why women hire escorts is that they don't get any emotional attachment from their partners. There are many relationship issues which couples face due to which their sexual life is also destroyed and it can be one of the reasons why women visit male escorts. Visiting a male escort is not wrong however if you want to mend your relationship you can go for relationship counseling. Usually, the women who hire male escorts are not considered good. They are labeled with disgusting names because they have sex outside the boundaries of their relationship. However, an open mind is needed to understand that sexual desires are something that must be addressed. There is no harm in fulfilling your sexual desires, pleasures, and fantasies by hiring male escorts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1 Why do many boys hire female escorts?

    There are controversies over whether should men take service from call girls or not. Female prostitution is common and males hire or visit women to take services from them. Males usually hire female escorts to fulfill their sexual desires and pleasures. Many times males cannot fulfill their sexual fantasies and are not satisfied with their partners because of this they hire female escorts. There are different reasons why males visit female escorts. Among them, few are to release their stress and have sexual pleasures without having the tag of being in a relationship. Furthermore, another reason can be their urge to have sex frequently.

    Visiting or hiring escorts has always been considered a taboo in society especially when it is hiring male escorts. There are many reasons why women hire male escorts or vice-versa. There is nothing wrong with hiring escorts. It is an individual's choice whether or not to hire escorts or not. Hiring escorts is not at all wrong; it is all about individual sexual pleasures. One wrong thing is cheating on your partner. If you are not sexually satisfied in the relationship, you can communicate with your partner if nothing happens then go for hiring escorts by letting them know but you should not cheat on them.

    There are many different types of women. The women who hire male escorts are often not considered good for society since it is considered a taboo and shameful thing. If you are wondering: is hiring male escorts wrong? Then there is nothing wrong with it. There can be different reasons why a woman hires a male escort. It can be because a female is not sexually satisfied in a relationship or her partner does not understand her desires, pleasures, and fantasies. One of the reasons can also be because there is no emotional attachment between the couple. So if the person is not cheating on their partner then there is nothing wrong in hiring a male escort.

    There are many difficulties in the sex industry be it in male prostitution or female prostitution. First of all, the sex industry is not at all considered a noble industry in society. It is always seen with the eyes of shame and stain on honor. Further, in the case of female escorts females are often oppressed, dominated, and tormented as well. In the male sex industry, males also have to overcome many difficulties like being a slave to their mistress, fulfilling foot fetish, and other desires. Females also dominate their escorts and suppress them. They take their dominant side in full mood with their escorts.

    There are many differences between male prostitution and female prostitution. However, both of them involve the sexual satisfaction of the partner. Many people question: is hiring male escorts wrong or is visiting female escorts wrong? However, things can be different between male and female escorts. There are some visible differences like age differences, women in female escorts are usually younger than the male employed in male escort businesses. The range of difficulties also varies for both genders. Although it is uncommon for males to become escorts in India, it is common in Western countries. But both of the escort services are considered illegal in society.

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