Your Environment is Your Health

Dr Abhishek Chugh

28 Nov 2020
Your Environment is Your Health


The natural environment comprises of all living and non-living things occurring naturally on the Earth. We, all living beings interact with one another. We are surrounded by air, water, sunlight, trees, birds, animals. These are very essential for our survival.  These are the gifts of god to us. We should preserve these. A lot of biodiversities can be observed on our Earth. Various types of species of animals, plants, birds, and insects can be seen on our planet Earth.

Now, if we talk about the human-environment then we can say that the human environment is developed from the natural environment with the adaption of human beings to their surroundings.

We can say that science has immensely changed the way of thinking and way of living. Science has benefitted mankind in countless ways. Its gifts are innumerable. Inventions and discoveries made by it have made our life—safe, easy, and comfortable. But science has been a curse also for all of us. It has made us lazy. But the most important thing to mention is – Pollution. The majority of the global population lives in cities and because of this reason urbanization has increased. Let’s talk about the pollution which has a lot of side- effects on human beings, animals and even on plants.  Pollution means the contamination of water, air, land around us.

Pollution can be of many types-

1) Air pollution

2) Water pollution

3) Soil pollution

4) Noise pollution

Let’s know about the above types of pollution and its ill effects on human beings.

Air Pollution -

The contamination of air is called air pollution.  This air pollution is caused by-

1) Burning fossil fuels

2) Mining operations

3) Exhaust gases from industries and factories

Impact of air pollution –

1) Problems in breathing which causes respiratory disease

2)  Cardiovascular diseases.

3) Skin diseases

4) Cancer problem

5) Ozone layer depletion

6) Acid rain problem

As we all know Air pollution is increasing day by day. Air pollution is mainly caused by various anthropogenic activities and due to industrialization. if we seriously think about it, then we get to know that it can cause harmful effects not only on our external environment but on our internal environment as well, the air we are inhaled daily is it fresh...? The environment and surroundings we are living in are healthy or not harmful? There are lots of questions in our minds but somewhere we are responsible for those questions.

2) Water pollution

The contamination of water bodies is known as water pollution.

Reasons of water pollution-

1) Toxic substances from factories

2) Humans and animals waste

3) Pesticides use in agriculture lands

Ill- effects of water pollution-

The contaminated water has disastrous effects on humans, animals, and plant’s health. When the contaminated water reaches to our food chain then all living being get affected by this.

The environment has a direct effect on our health. Cancer and all other deadly diseases are the results of bad contaminated environment.

3) Soil pollution

 The soil gets contaminated by many reasons. The polluted soil has many bad effects directly or indirectly on us.

Reasons of soil pollution-

1) Humans, animals waste directly through on soil.

2) Pesticides use in agricultural lands by farmers.

3) Mining activities done by people.

4) Use of pesticides by farmers.

Harmful effects of soil pollution 

1) Due to contamination, soil loses its nutrients.

2) With the use of pesticides, the salinity of soil increases, and due to this vegetation completely gets destroyed.

3) When pesticides mix with soils, they enter our food chain and this is the cause of many problems like- cancer, etc.

Because of the above reasons, organic fertilizers are recommended to use in the farms as these have no harmful chemicals which decreases the soil quality.

4) Noise pollution

 It is the type of pollution because of intense noise. Mostly, it occurs due to humans or we can say these are man-made but it is can be produced by natural factors also like – volcanic eruptions.

Reasons of Sound Pollution –

1) Sounds from Industries.

2) Sounds from Construction areas.

3) Sounds produced from transportation.

4) Sounds produced from household work (noise of TV etc)

5) Sounds produced due to social events like- birthday party, marriage party, etc

6) Natural reasons like sound produces from volcanic eruptions.

Due to sound pollution, various problems occur like –

1) Headache

2) Sleeping problem

3) Hearing loss

4) BP Problem

We should and must remember one thing that our environment is our health. If we want to live a happy, healthy, and long life, we need to understand that pollution can never provide us a nice place to live in.

If the air we breathe is not clean then we can’t live a healthy life. The use of public transport is recommended. Till the air is not clean, we can use air purifiers.

To make the soil always free from any pollution, the use of organic fertilizer is recommended. Open defecation should be banned. Especially in our country, it is a big problem. The government is taking every possible step but as a responsible citizen, we must stop these practices. Factories should stop the industry's waste as it badly affect not only human being but to aquatic plant and animal.

Water pollution is the other most important human beings concern. Industrial wastes, human and animal wastes, etc are the reasons for water contamination.  The people of every country should be banned to throw anything in the water.  We know what is the situation of our Ganga and Yamuna river.  The government is doing on its behalf but we should also take responsibility by pledge not to throw a single thing in water bodies.

Some people might think Noise pollution is not a big thing, but noise pollution is also a problem which is faced by all of us daily. It can lead to headaches, BP etc other problems, hearing problems.

Human being is an important part of the ecosystem, but do we care? It is well said human being is the only selfish living organism on this planet earth. But now we can easily see the consequences. But still, we are brutally harming our ecosystem.

We can only stay fit and fine when we feel ourselves close to nature. The depression, stress, anxiety, etc, the problems like these are due to the many reasons and one of the reasons is that we are not close to our mother earth. We must try to understand this thing.

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