Your Investment in Your Kids | Parent Coach

Nisha Ravishankar

28 Nov 2020
Your Investment in Your Kids | Parent Coach

Standing in queues of school window for form collection.

Want to choose the best school for your kids?

 Want to see your child “different” from others?

Can you pay a good amount for a better school?

I will show my friends and relatives that my kid is in this school.

Hold on! Is your Investment in Your Kids Worth?

Our Panelist, Child Psychologist has some views to share:

Firstly, as a parent, we should always think of giving them education, not a different education like music facility but Instrumental music; Dance but ‘hip-hop dance’; Playground but basketball ground.
Don’t go for distinction! Please! This is unnecessary stress. Yes, we all want to give our best to over children, but exceeding the line will only pain you. School is the primary teaching. Institute for your kid schools education, infrastructure environment, teacher’s facility is what we all look for before choosing appropriate for over kids.
But there are 2 other factors which we also look upon but never show:

  • Our Expenses:  Will I able to pay this much amount?
  • Social Status:   Half of us choose school by looking to our status and where other’s kids are studying?


Our Panel experts at My Fit Brain want to tell you that stop! Think and then act! Is your investment worth?
According to her our responsibility towards our kid is to teach them not to teach them differently. Yes, if they have the capacity they will definitely do differently in life.
Meena, house maker by profession visited me having a complaint about her daughter, 12 years+. “ She doesn’t have a single hobby. We, got her admission in such a prestigious school paying more than we can, still, she is weak in studies poor in games.” What to do?
Why? Parents? Knowing her is important rather than the fear of why she’s not. Many of us have fear, that if I will not give the school environment to my kid. I will regret or haters on my son will only blame me.
It is not always important to invest money for your kids investing the following things are at most necessary. 
Is it so?

Some Ways to Invest in Your Kids

Here in the blog My Fit Brain which we are sharing some ways to invest in your kids:

Let them enjoy:  If they make a mess with toys, throwing things, mixing vegetables together, coloring badly on a sheet of paper. Don’t worry in order on how to clean it or saying them bad about it. Give them time to learn, to go creative, and come up with something new. The more they mix and match, explore new inventions the happier they will be and learn problem-solving in a better way. Please, Mom! Don’t go perfect house maker be a perfect mother first.

Let them make the decision:   

 Give them time, your time is precious but more time invested in them will remain in their memories forever. Give them power even they want to enjoy their time with you? Which game they want to play? What activity they can do? Which cloth they want to wear on marriage? The power of decision making let them know the real desires they have and establish self-confidence. This self-confidence is the biggest investment for the future.

Play and Teach:  Playing with your kids is the biggest investment you can do in your kid. He will remember till the end. How beautiful moments you both spent together. Even the rules taught by you will be taken positively by them and increase the acceptability for failures. Playing with them will give a clear perception towards participation in life goals teach them the morals of life than winning or losing is not important but participation is. The morals you will teach them will become their nature and attitude which will be your major investment for them and you will be proud of it later on.

Proper food and eating habits:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Give your kids nutritious food with a variety of healthy ingredients in it. Learn new dishes serve them with love to know what they like best. Teach the importance of food. You should always tell them that wasting food is a bad habit as our farmers spend day and night to grow food for us.

We should always let them learn good table manners like eating with a spoon, sharing food, helping others to serve food, and a habit of having as much required. Mother should always take help from kids in kitchen works and cleaning dishes. So that they become self-independent. So, if you do not invest in food and eating habits of your kids, they might ill or immunocompromised in the future and all your money invest will go zero ‘0’, while treating them. May God bless you all!

  • Establish a routine:  Discipline is the biggest investment we can do in our kids. Follow a particular schedule is the biggest task any parent can do for maintaining a good future for their kids. Following the right time to get up in the morning, going for morning exercise, to bedtime sleep at the correct time is always on our topmost lists in teaching kids. Many of us fail in our life because we take time for granted. The people who are time bounded and disciplined achieve success very easily. Giving value to time is the biggest habit we can give to our future generation.
  • Investing yourself:  Your health is important too if you will only consider doing good parenting and ignoring. Your own health and wishes will make you either mentally or physically ill in later time periods and this way your kid will suffer financial as well as emotional loss. So, investing in your self has directly linked with investing in your kids. So, take care of yourself when you are ill. Enjoy your hobbies, go out on trips, make new friends, eat what you like, opt for relaxation techniques etc. you yourself are in charge of your happiness.
  • Check how you are speaking:  It is always said that children follow their parents in most of the activities they see how their parents do like the way they eat, solving problems, show anger, respect for others, dressing sense, the way of care, and loving someone. The way parents speak to them or elders in the house becomes their inner voice. So, a parent despite any situation should always speak a soft and calm manner to let their kid learn to fight with stress in a confident manner.
  • Celebrate:  Many of us still remember the times when our parents took us out on vacations. The last time they gifted you a favorite item you want. The beautiful dinner moments and cake cutting ceremonies you all attend together. This celebration means a very much important to teach your kids the spark of happiness. So, as a parent, we should give them a definition of happiness when you achieve something in life. Celebration should be more appreciable in terms of motivating kids. Not for building social status.

In case you feel any help regarding your kids and parenting feel free to consult our Child Psychologist or Parent Coach at  My Fit Brain. We are happy to help you!

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