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Career Counselling

Looking career counselling in india? My Fit Brain offer best career guidance & counselling for career related issues. Get help of career guidance counselor!

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What is Career Counselling?

What makes us? What is one of the guiding factors that determine our future? It is what we want to become later in life. A proper career is very important for success in life. Career counselling helps you in analyzing your abilities and skills and picking up the right career. How many times have you wondered what suits you or got confused while choosing courses in school or college? Proper career counselling gives you a clear picture and thus guides you in deciding your further strength. Even if you are working, in a job, or want a career change you can consult a career counsellor.

Why Do You Need Career Counselling? How Can Career Counselling Help You?

As far back as 1909, Frank Parsons deserves to be considered the father of modern career counseling. Like a friend and philosopher, personal tutor, and consultant, a career coach gives wings to professional dreams. Going from study and training to the demanding workforce can be tough on emotional and physical resources. Career counselling helps you find a suitable way to move through the path and choose your career.

Deciding on the right career is a crucial step that acts as a guiding factor for your future. Your future is the decision you are taking in the present. Hence, deciding what you want to make out of your life is crucial. Here, are some of the reasons why need career counselling and how can career counselling help you.

  • Counseling about careers may be necessary before taking up specialized training for the job. Understanding the world of work in advance would certainly help. That is one mighty decision to make if most of your life will be spent doing it.
  • Knowing aptitudes and interests, skills, and values helps make realistic and rational career and lifestyle decisions. Practice with interviews and resume preparation are so critically important. Ability and aptitude measurements too help in deciding the right career. These all are discussed in career counselling sessions.
  • Living amidst mega data, career information resources help achieve targets early. Specialized coaching and the right connections in time save a lot of wild goose chasing. Universities and industries are mighty structures where one can quickly lose their way. Counselors work as lighthouses in the dark seas.
  • Are you exploring new horizons, aiming for plush postings, or prized promotions? Even if years and decades down the road in a stupendous job role, counseling may still be required to discover more about the corporate world.
  • Career counselling is the bridge that lets you cross the confused stream of different careers.

Do You Need Online Career Counselling Sessions For Career Guidance?

Surely, online counseling can help you decide your correct career. Online counseling for career guidance is very important. With online counseling also you can analyze your strength and weaknesses.

With online counseling, you can contact your therapist from your house and seek guidance in any mode be it call, message, or video call. It gives you comfortability. In online career counseling.

  • Therapists work your making you know about your strength and weakness.
  • It helps you analyze your interest and passion and then pick a career.
  • With proper career counselling you can pick your career according to your abilities and skills.

How Can My Fit Brain Help You With Career Guidance?

My Fit Brain is a counselling platform that works online as well as offline mode. We give counselling sessions on many issues. My Fit Brain helps you decide what you want yourself to become and where to stand. Below are the ways by which My Fit Brain helps you with career guidance.

  • We make sure you land a career that suits you well and matches your personality.
  • We help you pick a career where your interest, passion, strength, abilities, and skills lie.
  • Our therapists make sure you are confident and find pleasure in what you choose.
  • We help you in overcoming obstacles that obstruct your path to achieving your goals.

Find Out How We Work

My Fit Brain works towards helping you know about your strength and weakness and charting out which career suits you the most. We also have an easy booking procedure that allows clients to easily contact us without any obstacles. You have to answer some questions, choose the therapist, book the session and start your therapy. Below is how our therapists work.

  • We help you analyze job roles and investigate obstacles, real or imagined.
  • Take a second look at job suitability because of your personal qualities, skills, and abilities.
  • Investigating your strengths and expertise brings a better understanding of the direction for the future.
  • Like being amidst the ocean of the job, look at the past, and the future options. Beginners have more complex problems along with youthful passions.
  • What personal problems could be interfering with the proper conduct of professional duties?
  • Getting rid of them is crucial, but how? Develop positive attitudes and a plan of action along with a network, perhaps based on social media.

Look For Your Career Counsellor Now

Choosing the right career counselors is the most basic yet important step. A correct career counsellor will guide you thoroughly and help you land the best place. Hence, you must choose them correctly.

My Fit Brain provides the best career counselors, who guide you to follow the right direction and reach the desired destination.

Choose them here.

Career guidance is something that is needed by almost everyone. Few people can tally out their weaknesses and strength and decide which they want for their life. Yet, some people are not able to decide and measure out their strengths. Career counselling helps these people to make out and pick which career is best for them. It also helps them in overcoming the obstacles that come their way. My Fit Brain helps you with proper career guidance. To book our therapist, contact us here.

FAQ's On Online Career Counselling

1. What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling refers to the services provided by educational experts to graduates and young scholars for their skill enhancement and personal growth that helps them to seek a perfect job role. Career counselling helps in career development and helps to build a strong foundation for our career. In career counselling, the experts or counsellors are there to suggest the best career and course based on your interest, abilities, educational background and type of personality. Career counselling helps you make important life decisions of choosing the best career for you. Career counselling helps you lifelong as counsellors make you work on your specific skills and improve knowledge in the domain in which you can move ahead faster. Now you know what is career counselling.

2. Why Do You Need Career Counselling?

Career guidance and counselling are needed due to various reasons. Firstly, young graduates and students are immature and don’t think analytically about their future. Mindlessly working for any goal will never help. we need to do some smart work that can be taught during counselling sessions only. Counselling sessions give proper guidance to students to match their skills with career profiles. Counselling helps graduates and students to get an expert who will guide them after the counselling period is over also. They tell whether the candidate has scope in a particular field or not. You should search for career guidance near you.

3. Does Career Counselling Makes A Difference?

Career counselling can make a great difference if you listen to your counsellors wisely. These sessions help you to set a goal in life and choose the career path in which you can show your brilliance and contribute your best. If you want a smooth life and an amazing lifestyle in future, better start implementing what counsellors say you to do. If you also want to earn a standard income, good friends, leisure time, a good work environment and relaxed evenings, then you have to choose a strategy for choosing the best career according to your aptitude. Career counselling in India can help young graduates in getting good jobs.

4. How Does Career Counselling Help To Choose A Course And Career?

If you don’t want to waste your time in choosing a career, then the counselling sessions are for you. Career counseling online in India is helping people a lot nowadays. It is a long process in general, but with an expert’s guidance, you can choose the best course and career in a short period. They tell you to plan things. They inquire about your stream, educational background, strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics. These sessions help you take up personalized courses, selective tests on core subjects, and research projects. After deep analysis and gauging your potential, the counselor suggests you best career option for you. The benefits of career counselling are many, you have to explore on your own.

5. When Should You Reach Out For Career Counselling?

The best time to take up counselling sessions would be whenever you are ready to work upon your skills and work to seek a particular job role. Many children also take sessions to start early. Counselling sessions help them choose the stream based on their aptitude. Career counselling online India is increasing day by day with digitalisation. After college, people like you become devoted to finding high paying and stable jobs. At this time also, you go through a career counselling process to know which skill should they work upon to get a good job. You can take up virtual training as career counselling online helps to understand the role of all professions and test yourself if you are ready for the job by spending some time in online sessions.

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