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Child Counselling

Searching "Child Counselling near me"? My Fit Brain provides the best child counselling online in India. Book an appointment with child psychologist online!

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Your child is not alone!

Counseling for Children

Help your Child with Child Counseling! 

Many times parents don't understand that their child is suffering from some problem rather they think they are being notorious or rude. It is important to understand that children also have different issues to deal with. Child Counselling helps the children to deal with these issues and also monitors the cognitive, behavioral, mental, emotional, physical development of the child. It helps children overcome the confusing feelings and fear that lie within them.

Child therapist provides children an environment where they can freely speak and open up about their emotions. They hear the children and understand them. Moreover, they help them change their approach towards life. A child therapist treats different issues that children face like anxiety, death of a loved one, grief, abuse, mental trauma, divorce of parents, change in school or residence, accidents, phobias, and many more. Moreover, a child counsellor keeps an eye on the overall development of children.

Signs that your child needs counselling

You may not see any issues with your child, or you may be doing mischief. But at times it is not true. Children also have different issues and emotional breakdowns. Here are some signs that suggest your child may need counselling.

  • If your child is too aggressive.
  • If your child is no longer playing with their friends or stopped doing things they love.
  • If you notice a loss of appetite in your child.
  • If your child is having academic decline though he is good.
  • If your child is having a urine leak.
  • If the child is having sleep disturbance.
  • If your child is having constant fear.

Types of child therapy

There are different types of child therapies available for different issues. All the therapies help your child in overcoming the issues faced by the children and also aim in supervising parents about child development. Here go some of the therapies.

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

It helps children who approach life and other events negatively.

2. Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 

It helps the children deal with the aftermath of the trauma and pain.

3. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

It deals with helping the child accept their feelings and reality.

4. Dialectical Behavior Therapy 

It helps children who have suicidal thoughts and other harmful intentions.

5. Child Anger Management Therapy 

It is for children who have a lot of anger issues.

6. Other Important Therapies

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Group therapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Child-Centered Play Therapy, etc.

Can Online Child Counseling help your child?

Online counselling has become very effective these days. During lockdown when everyone was locked up it was online counselling that provided relief. If the question lies about can online counselling help your child or not? Then we would like to tell you that online counselling can surely help your child overcome their issues.

Reasons why Online Child Counselling has gained too much popularity.

  • Online Counselling is safe and secure which means the identity of the client is kept secret.
  • If your child hesitates in going to the center, you can attend the session from your house itself.
  • You can attend the session in any mode you are comfortable with - call, message, or video call.
  • The therapist contacts your child in the same manner as in other offline modes.

Online Child Counselling is as effective as conventional counseling methods. It helps your child get over any issue they are facing.

How can My Fit Brain help you with Child Counselling?

Let your child fight their issues with My Fit Brain.

My Fit Brain is a counselling platform that works in both online and offline mode. We provide online therapy for different issues and mental health conditions. Some of them are stress, chronic disease, depression, anxiety, and also other issues like loneliness, parenting, relationships, etc. We have the best therapists who focus on giving their clients full support and helping them recover from their issues. My Fit Brain also gives child counselling sessions to help your child deal with the issues they are facing and overcome them.

Is your child facing Learning Disability? Give him the right Learning Disability Counseling Now.

 Here is how our therapists help your child deal with their issues!

  • Our therapists help your child in working over their emotions and understanding them better.
  • They help the child to understand and interpret their issues.
  • It helps your child deal with the death of their loved ones and overcome grief.
  • Also, treat the child who is suffering from the aftermath of abuse.
  • Helps the child with any mental illness and any serious disorder
  • Tell the parents and supervise them about child development and behavior.
  • Conduct the counselling sessions and other tests and research.

Our child psychologists are highly trained and experienced so that your child receives proper care and treatment.

Find out how we work

My Fit Brain believes in working smoothly and efficiently. We focus on giving the best from our side and giving you positive results. Our booking process goes as well. 

  • Fill in the questionnaire provided.
  • Select the therapist from the list.
  • Book the session and start the therapy.

We work on giving your child the best care and provide quality counselling services to help your child deal with their issues and get back to normal living.

Look for your therapist

Consult with the best child psychologist and child counselor. We provide the Best Therapists for your child and discuss the issues your child is facing with the best child therapist. We have Child Therapists who are experienced in understanding child issues and problems in terms of mental, emotional, physical health, etc. Our best child counselors provide quality services to help your child overcome their issues.

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FAQS on Child Counselling

What does a child counsellor do?

Child counsellors are a type of counsellors or therapists who offer you treatment for a wider variety of issues or disorders badly affecting the child's behaviour. Child counsellors usually perform their practices by having private clinics or in schools, hospitals, and government agencies. Child counselors work primarily with children, administer tests, conduct various research and also get engaged in therapy sessions with individuals, families, and groups.  The basic Job of child counselors is to deal with the mental issues faced by children maybe because of some bad life events.

Which type of Counselling is good for Child Behaviour? 

According to the research made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), it is being found that there are few types of therapies that can be used for counselling for child behaviour that are Psychodynamic therapy, Behavior therapy, Cognitive therapy, Humanistic therapy, etc. Well, talking about the best type of therapy from the above-mentioned therapies for child behaviour is Cognitive therapy. This type of therapy is based on the belief that situations or events activate distorted thinking and hence result in maladaptive behaviors and negative emotions.

How can I find Child anxiety counseling near me?

Finding a child with anxiety counseling near you is not at all a complicated task. You can go and research in your locality, ask your friends, family, colleagues, or your family doctor. Talk to them, make suggestions regarding which counsellor can be best for your child. And one thing you should make sure of is that whichever Counsellor you are going to consent to should be a licensed, certified, and experienced person in his field. As it plays a very important role to resolve your issues. You always go for good Child anxiety counselling near you.

Can I get a Child Counsellor Online? 

Well, absolutely yes you can get your Child Counselling done online. My Fit Brain offers you a variety of Counsellors providing all kinds of therapy sessions and all are licensed, certified, and very experienced in their fields. My fit brain is one of the best platforms offering you more than 3000 therapists online. You can go for choosing therapists according to your availability, convenience, and affordability. And there's no need to worry about the effectiveness because online therapies offer similar effects to that of in-person.

How to Become a Child counsellor?

To become a Child counsellor firstly, you need to do a Diploma in Child & Adolescent Psychology Counselling online training course, and then only you are eligible to be a Child counsellor. You can even go for masters and then you can do internships and then you must get licensed or certified as it is very very important to be a licensed therapist for practicing your services. And then you can practice or be ready to become a child counsellor.

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    Dr. Neha Mehta

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    Anujaa Navaratnaa

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    Tamanna Sachdeva

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    Tushar Vimala Balakrishna

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