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Couples Counselling

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Couple Therapy

Give your relationship a new vibe from our couple therapy!

What is Couple Therapy?

It takes a lot of work to have a successful relationship. Sharing your life with someone else can be challenging no matter how much you love each other. There may be times when things aren't going as well as they used to be. You may find that you are fighting more often, not spending enough time together, or that you simply don't feel as in love as you did before. A great way to help resolve some of these issues is by going through couple's therapy. Couples therapy in India can benefit your relationship in a variety of ways.

It may reassure you to know you are not alone. It is common to experience issues in a relationship. However, just because it is common doesn't mean it is something that shouldn't be addressed. When you notice an issue in your relationship, you should work to resolve it as soon as you can. This is true whether you are dating, engaged, or married. Couples therapy can help you ignite love again and get back to a happy and loving couple.

What are the issues that weaken relationships?

There are many reasons why a relationship comes to the verge of ending. These prevailing issues and conflicts deteriorate the relationship if they are not resolved. Here are some of the issues which can weaken your relationship.

  • Absence of trust or getting cheated by your partner.
  • If arguments are becoming more frequent.
  • Lack of communication between you and your partners.
  • Lack of understanding between both the partners.
  • Presence of misunderstandings that are not cleared.
  • Absence of respect for each other in a relationship.

Benefits of taking couple therapy

People may feel couple therapy is not necessary but certain issues cannot be dealt with alone. There are many benefits of taking couples therapy. If you sense any issue in your relationship then seeking couples therapy is very necessary. Here are some reasons you might consider couples therapy.

  • It let you have better communication with your partner.
  • Couples therapy helps you resolve the conflicts and issues that are persisting.
  • Couples therapy helps you in improving your relationship.
  • It lets you understand your partner better and know their perspective.
  • It results in a strong and healthy relationship.
  • It recognizes the main point of arguments and helps you in finding solutions to resolve them.
  • Couples therapy helps the partners in accepting each other as they are and live peacefully.

Can online counseling help you with couples therapy? Do you need counselling sessions to strengthen your relationship?

Online counselling can surely help you in resolving your issues and making your relationship strong. If you witness any issues in your relationship don't wait for time to heal them up, maybe with time, it worsens more. Seek the help of online counselling. Online counselling is safe and secure and it keeps your sessions private. Moreover, you can contact the therapist from any mode and from anywhere. Online counselling sessions provide you same comfort level and security. 

Here are some of the ways in which online counselling can help you resolve the problems in your relationships.

  • It can help you clarify your feelings in the relationship.
  • It helps resolve relationship roadblocks before they become impasses. 
  • It can deepen intimacy and link
  • It helps encourage self-awareness and personal development. 

How can My Fit Brain help you fix your relationship?

My Fit Brain is a platform that provides both online and walk-in counseling sessions to help you resolve your issues. It deals with many psychological and mental health issues.

Our therapy sessions offer a secure environment where you can talk about your relationship issues. We intend to teach couples to enjoy the significance of not internally competing, of pinpointing everyday life goals, rather than sharing responsibilities within your relationship for positive working companionships - whether it be together or finally apart.

We know that city life will be synonymous with long working hours that could impact your ability to attend various counseling sessions. Therefore, we offer couples counseling online in India that can easily accommodate your busy schedules to provide you with the appropriate therapy session you need.

Features of My Fit Brain's Therapy: 

  • Concentrating on a specific problem.
  • Active contribution from our therapist's side in treating the relationship as a whole and involving both of them.
  • Focussing on a solution.
  • Establishing the clear purpose of treatment.

Find out how we work

My Fit Brain follows a very simple booking procedure. Just you have to answer a few questions, then choose and book your therapist from the given list, and at last start your therapy. Here, we are telling you how our therapist works and resolves your issues.

  • It starts with a set of standard questions regarding the insight of the relationship, individual's viewpoint, family history, and background.
  • Then, our therapist will help the couple to ascertain the issue and proceed with the treatment based on that. With this, our therapist also shares their viewpoints about the strengths of their relationship and binds the spirit.
  • When the treatment is on, couples' online counseling in India tries to help the couple get an understanding of the relationship and its changing aspects keeping in focus the main issue.
  • The last step is to modify the behavior of the couple, improve the communication, and help them interact differently, and for this, they even designate some sort of task for the couple that they need to apply while interacting daily.

Look for your therapist

My Fit Brain provides an experienced therapist, with whom you can match your comfort level and share your problems. Our counselors are well-trained and professional.


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Relationships are complex and very delicate. They need to be cared for, adored, and handled with love. With our couples online counselling you can resolve your issues and get back to your happy living life. If you wish to strengthen your relationship, you can contact us from here.

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    Dr. Neha Mehta

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    Anujaa Navaratnaa

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    Tamanna Sachdeva

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    Tushar Vimala Balakrishna

    Consultant Psychologist

    Location: Bangalore, India

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