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Couples Counselling

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Best Couples Therapy in India

It takes a lot of work to have a successful relationship. Sharing your life with someone else can be challenging no matter how much you love each other. There may be times when things aren't going as well as they used to be. You may find that you are fighting more often, not spending enough time together, or that you simply don't feel as in love as you did before. A great way to help resolve some of these issues is by going through couple's therapy. Couples therapy in India can benefit your relationship in a variety of ways.

It may reassure you to know you are not alone. It is common to experience these things in a relationship. However, just because it is common doesn't mean it is something that shouldn't be addressed. When you notice an issue in your relationship, you should work to resolve it as soon as you can. This is true whether you are dating, engaged, or married. Here are some reasons you might consider couples therapy.

Better Communicate 

Better Communicate 

One of the most important parts of a relationship is having proper communication skills. You can probably think of a few times when you had an argument due to poor communication. It might have been something simple, such as miscommunication about when your spouse was going to be home from work. Maybe it was something bigger, such as you feeling that your partner is never willing to tell you how he or she feels. These issues can make a relationship very difficult. It can be particularly challenging when you have different ways of communicating. Best couples counseling near you can help provide you with the tools you need to communicate more efficiently and effectively.

Resolve Conflict 

Our couples therapy in India can help you address conflicts, even ones that have been in your relationship for an extended amount of time. Sometimes, these conflicts can involve major life choices. Maybe you and your partner disagree on whether or not you want to have kids. Perhaps you can't figure out whether both of you should work and if one of you should stay home and take care of the children. It can be very helpful to have our therapist as a mediator who provides neutral feedback and helps you come to a peaceful resolution for even the deepest of issues.

Improve Your Relationship 

Something many people don't consider is that a couples psychologist near you isn't just for those who are struggling in their relationship. Even healthy relationships can benefit from couples therapy. Learning how to communicate before there is an issue and figuring out what your life goals are together can help prevent conflict in the future. You may also learn new things about your partner that you didn't know before.

Trust is Broken 

Trust is Broken

One of the most frequent causes of seeking the best online couples counsellor near you is the need for aid in overcoming a major breach of trust for a large number of reasons, whether it be via infidelity or consistent lies between you and your significant other. Really, the rebuilding of the relationship of trust could be aided by establishing a safe place where both parties feel free to express their issues and their own vulnerability.

Online couples therapy is coordinated in a way to work through the current "area and distance in your relationship" that you and your spouse are experiencing. The focus would be to discover each person's individual needs to help fill in the gaps that are increasingly developing through this violation of trust and to reestablish lost closeness.

Arguments are becoming more frequent 

Are you and your spouse shifting to a more conflict-orientated relationship? Your arguments may occasionally look small or, an explosive eruption of bickering and fallouts that casts substantial doubt on the security of your relationship. Either way, it's the pattern of those disagreements which are important. Perhaps, it's a short-term problem that one party is dealing with personally. But, it can also signal a risky trajectory into constant arguing. More crucially, it could be a tell-tale sign of significant underlying issues which have not been exposed.

The best online couples counseling provides the chance to address these problems at face value and comprehend why fraught dynamics are growing between you and your spouse. During our therapy sessions, we will help all of you in gaining insight into the relational dynamics keeping the problem while helping to understand your specific role in contributing to the relationship that is dysfunctional. The ultimate purpose is to shape the way both of you perceive your relationship and each other. A relationship flows when you discuss the identical perception.

Lacks Communication  

It might be the case that conflict is not a problem in your relationship. This, however, does not detract from the truth that you feel misunderstood, ignored, and/or neglected by your spouse in some way. Perhaps, everything he does as of late sounds alien to you, lacking the desired communication you once possessed.

Although obtaining insight into the personal dynamics of your partner through counseling is vital, another integral aspect of couples therapy is actually changing behaviors and ways of communication with each other.

We are able to offer you all the necessary tools to improve your communication skills to enable a more efficient channel to comprehend each other in your relationship. Many couples who received therapy from us have gained tremendous insight into relational patterns, improved emotional expression, and problem-solving abilities with their partners to attain the closeness they desire.

You are feeling stuck in bad patterns

There are a variety of patterns that you and your spouse may adhere to in your everyday life, ranging from who does the cooking and who does the cleaning up. Maybe a dysfunctional routine is as simple as one partner listening to another whine about work, but this ability to be cautious is not really reciprocated.

A frequent pattern exemplified during treatment is deep-rooted routines from your family of origin. My Fit Brain therapy investigates the impact and influence of every "family of origin" and also the people's psychodynamics to detect where change can happen. By way of example, your spouse may have undergone an abusive family dynamic that has led to emotional disconnection in his/her adult life. It is vital to acknowledge these origins in order to comprehend each individual's dysfunctional behavior interfering with your connection.

Together we detect both of your expectations in your relationship, assessing whether they're being met and subsequently re-setting expectations to permit you to proceed in a happy, positive connection.

Couples therapy in India can be beneficial for all different kinds of couples. Whether you are still dating or have been married for many years, couples therapy may be just what your relationship needs. If you find you are having a hard time connecting with your partner or need to work through some issues in your relationship, this is especially true. Even if you aren't experiencing any issues, it can be something that strengthens an already great relationship.

Advantages of Couples Counseling Advice Near You

Advantages of Couples Counseling

Would you feel nervous about seeing a couples counsellor? It is natural.

The prospect of speaking to some complete stranger about your relationship might appear daunting. Although it might be scary to think about revealing the particulars of your relationship or marriage to a therapist, among the advantages is using someone with whom you can talk publicly about your own relationship. 

Discussing topics like money and sex is difficult enough with your spouse, let alone with friends and family. You may make this easier by talking with our professional who is accustomed to speaking about these subjects without judging you.

It can help you clarify your feelings in the relationship.

Relationships are challenging for everyone. One of the facets that makes them perplexed is sorting out how we feel about their partner. Some couples come in realizing that they want to remain together and work on issues, but others arrive confused about whether they wish to stay in the relationship. A set time and space each week for you and your partner to express your feelings can help paint the path to the direction you want to take. In couples counseling, our therapist can work as a guide throughout this process by shining a light on aspects of your relationship that you might not be seeing and providing an outside perspective.

It helps resolve relationship roadblocks before they become impasses. 

Arguing can be an experience that strengthens or weakens your relationship with your spouse. Frequently people come for couples counseling advice because they're fighting to address issues that have come up as their relationship has matured. For many, this may pertain to family planning, while for others, it may be around communication style. Having a safe place to tackle these topics in a private setting can help accelerate the growth of your connection by emphasizing and understanding both points of view and finding whether your values are aligned.

If you're constantly squabbling over minor issues, it could be that the spats are, in reality, about deeper issues that aren't being addressed. By choosing My Fit Brain's couples therapy in india, you can work through these possible roadblocks before they spiral out to control.

It can deepen intimacy and link

Maybe you're coming to therapy not because you argue too much but since you don't argue in any way. Perhaps you barely talk about anything other than what you're having for dinner or who's picking up the kids. You have not had sex in months, and staying late in the office looks more attractive than going home to spend some time with your spouse. The spark has fizzled out, and you're not sure whether it is possible to get it back again. Perhaps you feel that this is just how long-term relationships should be, so you resign yourself with someone whom you admire and reminisce about the passion the both of you once had.

Part of this reason relationships feels really exciting at first is because both parties make an honest effort. Dates and going out happen frequently, and they're planned ahead of time. As time passes, relaxation and routine dates turn into sitting at home and watching Netflix. The very act of coming to couples counseling near you can reinvigorate passion, if just because the connection is finally getting some attention. This is the reason why date nights are now so popular since it mimics what the relationship felt like in its early stages.

It helps encourage self-awareness and personal development. 

Meeting with our online therapist each week can help you learn about your unique character and what motivates you in life. Although the main focus of the therapy will be on your relationship, the way you relate to your spouse might correlate with how you relate to other individuals, like friends and colleagues. It is not only your principal relationship that can reap the advantages of couples counseling; the different areas of your life may also be changed. If you are interested in learning more about your relationship, contact the couples therapy counselor of My Fit Brain.

Whether you are trying to make a significant decision like to get married or have children, or if there has been an event and you also want to rebuild confidence, or if things are going relatively smoothly but you aspire to deepen intimacy and improved communication, couples counseling advice can be the path to help you attain these goals.

How Can The Best Couples Counseling Near you Help Affixing Your Relationship?

Happiness and sorrow are two sides of a coin. They say love is blind, and it is easier to fall into it than to rise. People do commit and get into a relationship; however, many times are not able to maintain it for too long. Over the period of time, distress and sadness start flowing in, and things start becoming worse. It has been seen that two people living under the same roof do not interact with each other for a long time which often leads to severe problems, and they start breaking a relationship.

Relationships are precious, and they should be taken care of in a sensitive manner.

Like we take care of our favorite things, be it a car or a gadget, and provide them regular maintenance and fuel or service, so are our relationships which we mostly take for granted. We only start working on improving our relationships when the major damage has been done. It is said that when a problem erupts, it is best to solve it then and there, but strangely in a relationship, we do exactly the opposite.

Since proper care is not taken at the start, they need to then resort to counseling which in simple words is couples therapy where they are assisted and counseled by our professional counselor, a therapist, and a psychologist in order to settle the conflicts between the two. Our Online couples counselling is suitable for any sort of relationship, whether it is young, old, dating, married, engaged, etc.

The therapy may be different for all couples depending on the nature of problems and areas they need help; however, it has its salient features, and they are-

Features of My Fit Brain's Therapy: 

  • Concentrating on a specific problem
  • Active contribution from our therapist's side in treating the relationship as a whole and involving both of them.
  • Focussing on a solution.
  • Establishing the clear purpose of treatment.

Steps Followed by My Fit Brain Therapists: 

  • It starts with a set of standard questions regarding the insight of the relationship, individual's viewpoint, family history, and background.
  • Then, our therapist will help the couple to ascertain the issue and proceed with the treatment based on that. With this, our therapist also shares their viewpoints about the strengths of their relationship and binds the spirit.
  • When the treatment is on, couples counseling online India tries to help the couple get an understanding of the relationship and its changing aspects keeping in focus the main issue.
  • The last step is to modify the behavior of the couple, improve the communication, and help them interact in a different manner, and for this, they even designate some sort of task for the couple which they need to apply while interacting on a daily basis.

Why Choose My Fit Brain's Online Couples Counseling?


Online couples counseling allows a client to virtually book a session that fits into their schedule. It does not matter if you're on vacation, work trip, or simply wanting to call during your lunch break. Many people like the idea of saving money on the commute and tend to stay in touch with the therapist.


To have the ability to connect with our couples counselor from your home, office, car, etc., is very comforting for many. Many are nervous about seeing a therapist face to face at first. They feel more at home when they are secure in their environment. The only requirement for you is a good internet signal, quiet space, and privacy.


Internet therapy and phone counseling are forms of distance counseling. It has been in existence since the internet started. Over 10 years of studies show that distance therapy works just as well as face-to-face.


The cost of our online counseling is budget-friendly. Also, it is convenient and money-saving for both parties. It is also much easier to discuss hard and difficult topics. Many worries they will be judged when coming to therapy. There is a stigma for many that states seeking help are for the weak. This is far from true. You still need help, so you may find it more appealing to seek couples counseling online in India from the comfort of your home. Research shows that individuals tend to open up more when they are able to talk to the therapist via phone and/or facetime online.


No longer wait for a person to call you back to set the appointment that is weeks out. No more leaving messages waiting for a therapist to call back. Now you can jump online and book the appointment yourself. The next step is to start therapy at the time set. Our approach eliminates a lot of time.

Ask For Professional Help

If you have been wondering if couples therapy near me is for you, then give it a try. When emotions run high, the reaction is almost unavoidable. Sometimes all your efforts might not be enough to change the patterns you and your partner have gotten yourself into. If you have not yet found the courage to ask for help, it is time to do it now with My Fit Brain.

Why My Fit Brain Couples Counseling?

Our therapy sessions offer a secure environment where you can talk about your relationship issues. Our intention is to teach couples to enjoy the significance of not internally competing, of pinpointing everyday life goals, rather than sharing responsibilities within your relationship for positive working companionships - whether it be together or finally apart.

We know that city life will be synonymous with long working hours that could impact your ability to attend various counseling sessions. Therefore, we offer couples counseling online India that can easily accommodate your busy schedules to provide you with the appropriate therapy session you need.

Various psychologists and therapists work with My Fit Brain. We will help you match with the perfect therapist that fits your needs and requirements. Our psychologists are also registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today.

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