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Family Counselling

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Family Counselling

Start Your Online Family Counseling Now For A Happier Future

Are there constant fights, arguments, disrespect, and growing distances between your family? Are you willing to improve and act upon these family problems? If you answered yes and want to resolve family issues and talk everything out between kids and parents then read on and discover the magic of family counseling.

What Is Family Counseling?

Family counseling is a type of treatment that focuses on issues that influence the mental health and functioning of families. It can be used by individual family members to enhance their relationships, improve communication, and settle issues within the family system. Changes in one family member, according to family systems theory, will influence changes in other family members because a family always functions as a team when push comes to shove.

Creating a healthier home environment, resolving family conflicts, and understanding the unique issues that a family may encounter are some of the key goals and roles of family counseling.

Do You Need Family Counseling?

It Is A Big Step Forward And The Right One

Signs that your family might need counseling:

  • Communication amongst family members has reduced substantially.
  • Family members are prone to having strong emotional outbursts.
  • Family members are distancing themselves from one another.
  • There are signs of violence or the danger of violence towards self or others in the family.
  • The family has been through a traumatic event, and individuals are struggling to cope.
  • Changes in children's conduct have occurred at home and at school.
  • Substance abuse is a concern in the family.

Are any of these symptoms experienced by you and your family? Then it's probably time to seek the help of a skilled professional family therapist.

Benefits Of Family Counseling

  • Learn how to better communicate views and wants
  • Resolve problems in a way that is less likely to harm relationships.
  • Family members can help the one who is experiencing tougher challenges.
  • Family counseling can help members of the family learn more about how to support a family member with a mental illness while sustaining their own mental health.

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The Techniques We Use

Our Techniques + Your Dedication = A Happier Family

  • Behavioral Techniques - To assist family members in addressing specific difficulties, these strategies frequently focus on skill training and psychoeducation. Modeling and role-playing, for example, could be utilized to assist family members in resolving communication issues.
  • Psychodynamic Techniques - These techniques entail evaluating how each family member perceives and responds to the issues they are dealing with. The therapist works with the family to get real emotional insights and create more beneficial ways of responding.
  • Structural Techniques - These techniques are aimed at assisting family members to manage family boundaries and power dynamics. These approaches can assist families in establishing new boundaries and routines that will improve how the family functions and deals with problems and differences.

How Can My Fit Brain Help You With Family Counseling?

Choose your family's happiness today for a better future and cherished relationships

My Fit Brain is an online counseling platform that helps people suffering from mental health issues, anxiety, marital issues, anger management, and many other issues. My Fit Brain also offers affordable Online Family Counseling, which you can easily access through our website and connect with one of our expert therapists for assistance with any family problems and differences to strengthen your relationships with our focus on the Family Counseling:

  • You talk and we listen, question, and decipher the issues that led your family to counsel. Once we get acquainted with the family and their issues, it's time to curate strategies and solutions and we help you get through it together.
  • Open communication is the name of the game and to ensure that our therapist provides the safest and most confidential environment for the family to share, talk, and express disappointments and open your eyes to a new outlook.
  • Only the best and thoroughly researched techniques are used by the therapist to understand you and your family. We use science and emotions together to combat each and every issue and help the family emerge happier than ever.

You can easily schedule appointments by looking for a family counseling center near me and we will help you work everything between the family and be the best team again.

Find Your Family’s Therapist

  • Relationships should be cherished and nurtured. Even if there are disagreements within the family, resolving them and attempting to understand each other's perspectives can lead to the formation of a healthy, loving, and happy family.
  • My Fit Brain helps you to rebuild your relationships and rekindle the love and warmth that used to exist.
  • Here are a few of our top therapists who work hard to provide high-quality counseling services so that you can get to the bottom of your problems.
  • We have experienced individuals who have been trained and qualified. You can schedule your sessions right here!

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  • Recommended

    Dr. Neha Mehta

    Consultant Psychologist

    Location: Hisar, India

    Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi

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    Anujaa Navaratnaa

    Counseling Psychologist

    Location: Mumbai, India

    Language: English, Hindi, Marathi

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    Tushar Vimala Balakrishna

    Consultant Psychologist

    Location: Bangalore, India

    Language: English, Hindi, Kannada

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    Dr. Abhishek Chugh

    Neuro Psychiatrist

    Location: Rohtak, India

    Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi

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    Rs. 1,500.00/30min*