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Sir, Don't loose hope. Your son don't need asylum , He needs proper care. So as the problems mentioned by you presently are: 1. Addiction to smoking, alcohol 2. language abuse 3. Destructive behaviour, hitting 4. Lost interest in studies 5. Disobeying and hyperactivity 6. After medical diagnosis, the situations worsened with affect disturbances. Before telling you, that how could you manage him, let me tell you about encephalitis Its a inflammation in the brain, it may be viral, fungal or bacterial infection, it puts the direct impact on the memory functioning and bring high affect on behaviour symptoms. These all problems are may be the consequences of encephalitis but addiction is self -choosen. My advices for you as follows: 1. Follow your medical treatment strictly including antibiotics. 2. Book appointment with psychiatrist and get him assessed. May be he will put him on psychotics. 3. Encourage him to withdraw addiction, with help of group therapy or counselling. 4. Behaviour and occupational therapy are highly recommended. But, I can understand you are the only bread earner and therapies will be for long duration nd costly You can search for special child clinics , and consult n.g.o for his treatment. 5.Turn his activity towards productivity, engage him in occupation, the physical works. 6. Supervise him, keep the sharp out of his reach , he can injure himself ( in extremes). Little efforts more, things will turn down in narrow range. I hope for his recovery!!