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Hello sir, I really appreciate your efforts and immense love towards your daughter that made you quit smoking. The issues mentioned by you are: 1. Anxious ,heart beat pounding fast. 2. Perspiration,hands shaking. 3. Moods nd energy changes. 4 . irritations and sleep issues 5. Urge/ crave to take again. Sir, all the problems you mentioned as NICOTINE- WITHDRAWL symptoms, They will make you feel uncomfortable for some days and few week,later on it will be easy and you will achieve a feeling of 'win win' over you addiction. You are already doing great!!! My suggestions will help you to get out of it easily as follows: 1. Make a list of reason, why you quitting it, paste it in your room, office board and vallet. Read them, when you feel anxious and crave ,read it ,self talk and motivate yourself. 2. Try to give attention with whom you smoke,where,what factors effect you or some place, Make plan for alternatives,what to do at that time of stress or avoid that friend . 3. Tell you family members and friends that you are quitting, don't worry,let them accept and make your journey easier 4.in case of severe anxiety, take frequent deep breaths , take cool water or milk , drink Or Rush outside and start doing physical activity. 5.make support group: list of people, who support you.either you can sit with your daughter at uncomfortable hours and talk. 6. Feel no shame , in taking help of doctor and share your deaddiction decision,psychologist will help you to withdraw in a pre planned and relatively easy manner . 7. Ascorbic acid like sour fruits and vegetables are good supplements to avoid craving, You can also opt for tea,coffee if you feel so. 8. Some people also opt for Nicotex gum in initials available in market,you can also try on that, if not able to control much. 9. You can download apps in your phones,that helps to keep your record of progress as well as delay your urge. 10. Let me tell you activity,write on a paper,how much money you are saving by quitting it,you can also make that and get motivated. 11. If your smoking is associated with alcohol, being alone or some place of some habit, quit that too. 12.reward yourself : small one like buying some gadget, bigger ones like:outing with family. You know better what make you and people around you happy. 13. Meditation, exercise,hobby indulgement are also good measures for divertion. 14. Group therapy also work in addiction to help individual develop motivation by talking to the people who did it . Sir, you are going perfectly right,don't loose control,you are about to win. Your health will be the biggest gift to your daughter. Stay blessed!