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Hello dear! As you mentioned. You are going through same since 15-18 years and it affected you badly.

Issues facing are:

1. Lost of intrest in studying and doing something new.

2. Forgets old memories

3. Confused nervous and weak

4. Lost power of fighting and appears sure all the lime. Don't panic! Be related and follow the tips.

1.Live in present. I know its difficult to forget past but try to live in present by engaging yourself in new hobbies, meditation classes and yoga session.

2. Visit Psychologist and Counselor nearby, go for therapies like CBT, CDT and Anger Management.

3. Evaluate the negatives, share your problems with you friends and support group.

4. Develop good memories. Make new friends, join parties, go out for trip. The only way to forget bad memories is to make new good ones.

I hope my advice will work for you. 

         All the best!!