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Hello Dear!

Warm wishes to the future of health fraternity. Your teacher suggested you appropriately to the take help.

So, let me help you understand your probably in a systematic way.

The symptoms mentioned you are:

1.fear of crowded places like :public transport or recreational ones 

2. Anxious feeling like palpitations, choking, sweating,  dizziness,  death even.

3 fear of working after getting job in hospital environment.


I would have appreciated if you have mentioned here since how long you are fighting with your state.


Dear, the symptoms are pointing that you are suffering from agoraphobia (fear of people),echolophobia ( fear of getting harmed if no escape turned out)


2. The feeling of anxious is pointing towards social anxiety and it's subordinate feelings .


My advice for you would be :

1. Book your session with the psychotherapist and get yourself assessed for  degree of phobia and anxiety.

2. Individual and behavioural therapies like systemic desensitization  and flooding will work wonders.

3.CBT and CDT sessions will be recommended too

4. Try to verbalize your problem to your family members and friends they will help to boost your negativity.

5. Psychiatric help , taking some antianxiolytics will  HELP

6. Keep yourself physically active by walk, meditation etc.

7.  Practice DEEP breathing exercises .


Rule is to fight with fear, not to find escape.

Seek help!! You will be fine soon.