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Hello dear! I can clearly see that you are fear related to living alone away from family. I must have appreciated if you mentioned since when you are feeling the same? It may be the reason that you are homesick and missing family members around. 

Your questions signaling towards 'Anxiety Situation' first of all, I recomend you to visit a Psychologist and get yourself assessed for 'Social anxiety'. My advice for you are as follow:

1. Go for CBT therapy. It helps you to forget with anxiety in positive manner.

2. Don't focus more on insecurity. Go out, make friends. Try to visit your parents more.

3. Keep picture of your collage. Parents and closed ones in your hostel room

4. Try making new friends, start with social media first, then to physical meetings.

5. Live in present, go for hobbies and morning walk or yoga sessions. Make yourself active,stop worrying. 

All the best!!!