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Hello Francis!! I welcome the young guest in the heart of our country,Delhi. Get assured,I will help you my best dear. Issues you are facing are: 1.harassment in public areas like metro,bus stand, college campus etc. 2. FEAR while going outside leading to anxiety. 3. Felt bad by Being called overtly . 4.history of getting beaten up by local gangs when complained. 5.Not comfortable with other people because of their behaviour towards you Dear Francis, India has people from various religion, caste, creed etc. minorities always need to suffer bit. It's only you but may be Muslims in India go through same problem. Let me help you by remembering an incident from history. Sir, Nelson Mandela from your country and Mahayana gandhiji from our country fought for racism. You and We,all are same. We are humans connected by love. The problem for social anxiety you are feeling is genuine as you developed the fear of mixing the people around. So let me help you to get out,suggestions are : 1. Don't hesitate,living with your friends only is just escape not the win. Go out with them,may be first 5 stranger might not be good,6th will surely be. 2. J.p duminy is the living example for the same, our respect for such all-rounder cricketer. Skills are what is important, you are doing great ,don't worry what people around you think . 3. Try to socialise , don't hide, start with online media, like facebook , Twitter. 4. As you mentioned,you came India on scholarship,you seems intelligent , work hard lad. It's important. 5. For anxiety,you can seek a friendly help from counsellors and go for cognitive therapy. Learn to love yourself in life first. 6. Self meditation,music and dance exercise in a day make you feel energetic in routine. 7. Share your feelings with new friend there,may be someelse else in your college campus needs a friend like you. 8. In public traveling,you can use headset and music stations to stay way from negativity. 9. Remember in life, you don't need certificate from all that they all like you,be an example . Work Hard and enjoy the life 10. You can also join gym and aerobics for working on appearance if you really want to work on yourself. Follow the suggestions,you will achieve heights.