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Hello sir!! I can empathise the situation you are dwelling in. winning and losing is a part of journey called life.

First of all, don't quit, stand firm. when your business go high, your family supports you  same when you went through some loss they will be there to support you.

Sharing makes you less burdened and helps you to move on fast.

 „Äč every person wants to invest money either in property or gold to have a safer future.

As the slump in property going on,  making the  investment zero.

Don't worry, falls are just ways to tell the person to always see the path where you are putting your steps.

 Don't go hopeless. Your kids are your hope.

Your father is your help.



 My advices for you as follows:

1. Share first: 

Disclose the loss to your family members, sit with them be brave on your capabilities and express in positive way like "I have done this wrong , I want your support , we will able to overcome it soon.

I know you all trust me."

2. Greediness is normal human nature, don't stress  yourself.

Talk to your friend or property dealer , take legal advice any possible way out, any further way of filling case and getting some way out.

3. Talk to family c.a and try to manage loss accounts , you yourself is business man you can understand, going up and down is part of business.

4. In extreme worry, take help from counselor nearby ,you can also involve any elder in family and sort help.


 Don't loose help

 All the best!!