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Hello sir! Can understand the situations out there. Problems to the kids directly effects the parents. According to the previous encounter as you mentioned that your child fainted 15 days back after pertaining the complaints of pain abdomen. But medical records were normal after diagnosing done by paediatrician. As a psychologist, these symptoms are signaling towards conversion disorder probably HYSTERIA. ( Effect disorder where person starts putting his mental problems by turning into physical problems ) like in this case fainting. As the detailed present problems mentioned by you are: 1. Pain in abdomen leading to Fainting 2. Thoughts affected like talking of ghosts 3. Problems like dizziness, tired, lethargic 4.not able to recognize family members 5. Not having proper food. 6. Fear that ghost will kill him. Fear, phobia, loss of consciousness need to be assessed as psychotic symptoms are there. My devices for you would be: 1.Take him to the psychiatrist, or you can cal the doctor at home and get your child assessed. 2. Make the home environment soothing, sharps should be kept away. 3. Sit comfortably with the kid, and ask him if anything bothering him inside. Is there any particular demand he put ? 4. Visit to the child counselor and let her assess for behavioural symptoms. 5. Try to catch up with school counselor or teacher , is there any incident or problem happened in school last days ? 6. Give him the small frequent diet, like finger foods or food of his choice. Maintain nutritional balance. 7. Try to take him out for a movie or put his favorite movie or game at tv and try to notice the change in behaviour. 8. Try to convert his attention toward the power of god to overcome his fear. 9. Sometimes strict and confident parenting and not paying much attention to the symptoms will give answers automatically. 10. Meditation nd yoga will be the add-on in improvement Please get him assessed . I know he will be better soon. All the best !!!